Top 10 Best Cheap VR Headsets

VR Headset

Gaming is a new trend that is exciting and enjoyable which explains the reason why many people are engaging in it. At first, gaming was only synonymous with the young generation, but things are now changing. You would always see kids with video games and consoles enjoying their free time by playing. But nowadays even adults are into gaming because it is not only a good pastime activity but also the best entertainment during those dull days or evenings. What gaming enthusiasts should know is that gaming will never be exciting without the use of the best cheap VR headset.

These gadgets are the best technological innovations that come with exceptional features that make every gaming worthwhile. They are among the most popular products on the market nowadays because their demand is above the roof. Many people are having fun with these best cheap VR headset all thanks to the relevant and state-of-the-art features it has. For quality gaming experience, it is advisable to find the best cheap VR headsets to ensure you enjoy your moments with a difference. Due to their rising demand and consumption, there are numerous brands of these gadgets on the market.

The following is a list of the ten most soughed-after and the best cheap VR headset brands in the market. They include:

Bestseller No. 2 Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset
SaleBestseller No. 3 Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset – 64GB

10. The 9 Axles PANNOVO 3 D Gyrometer Headset Glasses with Sensor Virtual

PANNOVO 3D VR Headset Glasses with 9 axles Gyrometer Sensor Virtual

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This is a gaming expert that is compatible with most devices including Android phones, laptops, and many other gaming consoles. It has a built-in nine-axis gyrometer which gives you the best experience in gaming. Additionally, it is compact and light in weight and doesn’t exert pressure on your face while playing. This one of the best cheap VR headsets will give you the opportunity to play for an extended period of time without getting tired or exhausted.

This best cheap VR headset features a quality outer body that makes it strong and durable. As a result, it can withstand any abuse such that even if it falls on a hard surface, it will not break or compromise the quality of gaming. To enhance its quality, it features an infrared proximity sensor that enables effective light detection for any facial location so that you don’t have to position your head in the exact straight-ahead direction.

9. The BOBOVR Z4 3D Xiaozhai Virtual Reality Headset

Xiaozhai BOBOVR Z4 3D VR Virtual Reality Headset

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If you want your free time to be worthwhile and enjoy the best gaming experience without spending a fortune, you need to consider the best cheap VR headsets. With this in mind, you can’t find the best apart from BOBOVR Z4 3D Xiaozhai Virtual Reality Headset which is the latest brand in the market. This headset has an attractive and impressive design that looks outstanding on everybody.

This best cheap VR headset boasts of 120-degree FOV and comes with integrated headphones that let you capture every moment of your gaming. When you put on these VR headsets, it will seem like you are in a large theater or room with numerous sound effects. In addition, it is light in weight which gives you enhanced viewing and gaming without exerting a lot of pressure on your face.

8. The 3D VR Headset VICTONY Virtual Reality Glasses

VICTONY 3D VR headset, 3D VR virtual reality Glasses

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If you have Android and iOS, this is the best cheap VR headsets for you to use. This is because it is compatible with all Android phones and you can enjoy your gaming wherever you are without any restrictions. It is a multi-functional device that has all the features a good headset has to allow you to enjoy your gaming.

Weighing only 13.6 oz, the 3D VR Headset VICTONY Virtual Reality Glasses is comfortable to use for extended period of time without feeling exhausted. Additionally, it has a padded facial touch which makes it comfortable and convenient to wear. What is more, this best cheap VR headset comes with a low price which allows even the young people to afford it. With all the features and specs of these highly-rated VR headsets, you will afford it without spending so much. Read More: Best Camcorders Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. The 2.0 VR BOX Virtual Reality Glasses

VR BOX 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses

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This product comes in dimensions of 5.9 by 8.1 inches by 5.1 inches which is perfect for everybody to handle and use. Also, it comes in lightweight of 1.4 pounds where it can fit your backpack or handbag making it portable and easy to carry. Hence, you can comfortably carry this best cheap VR headset to any place you are going and enjoy the best gaming experience wherever you go.

This best cheap VR headset brand works well with all android phones and iOS which is a perfect feature because those are the devices that are easy to access. Additionally, it has a comfortable sponge that is cushioned all over the rim. This cushion is soft and smooth on your skin and will not cause any irritations or reactions. Therefore you will get enhanced gaming without hurting your face in any way. Another high-end feature of this best cheap VR headset is the optical adjustments that give you a good view without hurting your eyes or subjecting it to harmful lighting.

6. The 3D NSInew VR Headsets

NSInew 3D – VR Headsets

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If you are going on a journey or traveling, you need to beat that boredom by carrying VR headsets that will keep you entertained all through the journey. With this in mind, you will never find any other perfect brand for your trip than the 3D NSInew best cheap VR headset. This brand has a sleek and compact design that will look impressive on your face. Additionally, it weighs only 13.1 oz, which gives you a chance to carry it anywhere you want with ease.

This innovative design is comfortable to use all thanks to the cushioned rim it has. This enhances extended gaming without feeling exhausted or feeling the pressure of the headset against your skin. In addition, this best cheap VR headset comes with fasteners that ensure the device fits well to your head and only leaves you to concentrate on the gaming.

5. Remote Controlled IncrediSonic VR Headsets

IncrediSonic VR Headset and Remote Control

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There is no better way you can watch your TV and enjoy all the programs than using this reliable IncrediSonic best cheap VR headsets. It gives you an uncensored view with quality sound and pictures which feel like you are watching it on the huge screens. This product has a great design and is compatible with many devices giving you the opportunity to enjoy video games in any format.

The IncrediSonic best cheap VR headset comes with an attractive look that will definitely tempt you to buy it the instant you lay your eyes on this brand. Its sleek design is a great addition to your gadget collection, and you can remove it anywhere in front of people without feeling outdated or without any fear. Besides, this best cheap VR headset brand weighs 12.8 oz which is light enough for you to carry it anywhere you want without feeling any pressure. Read More: Enjoy Clear Night Driving With The 9 Leading Night Vision Glasses Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Revolution 3D VR Headset Glasses with Built-In Headphones, Volume Control Dial and Flexible Lenses

VR Headset Revolution Rare 120 FOV (Frame of View) Best 3D Virtual Reality Glasses/Goggles for iPhone & Android Phones. Comes with Built-in Headphones, Volume & Control Dial, Adjustable Lenses!

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If you are in need of a product that you can spend your bucks without any worry, this best cheap VR headset brand exactly fits that description. You get a money-back guarantee so that if you purchase it and find out that it doesn’t meet your expectation, you can return it to the manufacturer. What is more, the product works well with nearly all Android phones including Samsung, HTC, LG, iPhones, and all smartphones.

This brand has an adjustable lens width which gives you the opportunity to decide the width that you like best. Additionally, it comes with straps that easily fits your head and ensure it doesn’t fall off your head while gaming is in progress. Also, this best cheap VR headset has comfortable cushioning along the rim to give you the much-needed comfort while enjoying your gaming.

3. The SM-R323NBKAXAR Gear Samsung Virtual Reality 2016

Samsung Gear VR - Auriculares de realidad virtual, auriculares para realidad virtual

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Coming in third place among the best cheap VR headsets in the market is this brand from Samsung which gives you enhanced gaming beyond expectation. With Samsung being an iconic name in the technology industry and having years of experience in manufacturing high-end products, it makes this product the best bet for every gaming enthusiast. You can use this best cheap VR headset together with a variety of Samsung Galaxy smartphones for the best experience.

The SM-R323NBKAXAR Gear Samsung best cheap VR headset features an accelerometer, proximity, and pyrometer which help you to bring the best in your gaming prowess. This headset is light and portable which suits those tedious long journeys so that you get the best entertainment while traveling. With its size, it will not take much space in your luggage. Additionally, it is comfortable and easy to use where even someone who has never used it before can learn in a very short time.

2. Virtual Reality 3D VR Headset Glasses for Android and iPhone

3D VR Headset Virtual Reality Glasses for iPhone & Android

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If you want endless entertainment and gaming experience without any interruptions, trust Virtual Reality 3D VR Headset Glasses for Android and iPhone to give you exactly that. This best cheap VR headset brand is among the bestselling products on Amazon and has numerous positive reviews and good ratings all thanks to its high-end features. It works well with a number of devices that include iPhone, Android smartphones, and many others.

This brand comes from a high-quality material which makes it strong and durable and able to last long. With this best cheap VR headset, you can enjoy extended use without breaking or getting damaged easily. Also, it is light in weight and has easy to use features that allow even learners to enjoy its benefits without taking long to learn. This will also give a chance to kids and young children to enjoy the best gaming of their time. Read More: Best Buy Looping DJ Controllers Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Virtual Reality Merge VR Headsets For Android and iPhone

Merge VR – best cheap VR headset for iPhone and Android

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Topping the list of the best cheap VR headsets in the market is the Virtual Reality Merge VR Headset for Android and iPhone which comes with a number of high-end features and the best functionality. It is a portable device that is light in weight giving you the opportunity to carry and transport it with ease. Whether you are going to spend a humble time in the woods or want to tour the beach, this device will be your best companion.

Virtual Reality Merge best cheap VR headset comes with two inputs that enhance additional controls and for you to manage your viewing. When you spot any dirt or dust in this brand, you don’t have to worry much because cleaning it is simple and easy. It has a shiny body where you can just wipe it to clean.

Best Cheap VR Headsets Buying Guide

Despite being a new gadget in the market, there are many cheap VR headset brands and models available for you to choose from. The problem comes where they all have nearly the same features making it hard to choose the right one. Therefore, here is what you need to consider for you buy the appropriate brand that meets your needs:

Video Quality: For the best gaming experience, you need to ascertain the video quality of the headset so that you get a good product you will enjoy. A poor quality video will be dull, and you might not enjoy it in the long run.

Accessories: VR headsets use different accessories that enhance the best quality. Because it might be hard for you to look for these accessories in the market, consider buying a brand that comes complete with the essential accessories.

Comfort: Sometimes the headset may come with thin cushioning that may cause discomfort and irritations. This will affect your gaming to the extent that you may end up disliking the headset. Therefore, consider the comfort of the product before buying it.

Controllers: For enhanced gaming enjoyment, choose a headset with effective controllers that let you manage your gaming easily.

Compatibility: It is evident that some headsets may not be compatible with all the devices in the market. Therefore, before buying ensure it works well with the device you intend to use with.


Gaming is nice and, but it only gets joyful when you are using the right gadgets and devices. With the changing technology, there is the introduction of different gaming consoles that will bring a difference to the industry. To change your dull evening into pleasant ones, select the best cheap VR headsets from the list above and enjoy your gaming experience with a difference.

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