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As you enjoy the taste of that yummy and delicious waffle every time you take a bite, the question you should ask yourself is how to prepare this finger-licking bite. Before baking it into a complete dish, a waffle will undergo several steps that might take a substantial amount of time before you finally sit down and enjoy this crispy snack. The best way to prepare it is to use thin waffle makers which are the best tool that will deliver a delicious waffle that you can enjoy with your favorite drink or just take it on its own.

This device is not just any other tool on the market, but it is a sophisticated iron plate that encloses the waffle for enhanced baking ability. What you need to do is butter the two plates and place your waffle in between before putting it on fire. Within very few minutes you will be enjoying your delicacy which exactly resembles those from high-end restaurants and eateries. There are many types of thin waffle makers in the market today which becomes a great challenge when trying to buy the best brand that suits you. The following are the ten best thin waffle makers that are currently ruling the market. They include:

SaleBestseller No. 1 Oster Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel (CKSTWF2000) 10 Inch

10. The Belgian Waffle Hamilton Beach Waffle Maker, 26009

Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker (26009)

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The best way to wake your children during the weekends or those chilly mornings when nobody wants to leave their bed is for them to feel the appealing smell of the browning waffles. This Belgian-style thin waffle maker gives you the opportunity to bake your favorite bite with a difference. It comes with easy to understand features that even young children can understand. Once you receive this product after acquiring, you don’t need a comprehensive study to understand how it functions.

This thin waffle maker comes with a non-stick interior that allows you to bake this delicious bite without sticking for ease of cleaning and maintenance. Also, you will get quality baking with waffles that will take a good shape. The Belgian Waffle Hamilton Beach thin waffle maker comes with stainless steel which makes it strong and durable. On the other hand, this material is able to endure any amount of heating or temperatures to maintain its quality and performance.

9. Non-stick T-fal SW6100 EZ Sandwich and Waffle Maker

T-fal SW6100 EZ Nonstick Sandwich and Waffle Maker

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Nobody likes to eat a waffle that is not well cooked or that with coloring and smell that is not appealing and tasty. Such waffles come from sub-standard products that do not deliver good results. To avoid these, you need to acquire the Non-stick T-fal SW6100 EZ Sandwich and thin waffle maker and change the way you make your waffles. Most importantly, this product comes with two functions where you can as well use to prepare your sandwich.

If you would like to prepare different snacks for your family every time, the best thing is to order this fantastic thin waffle maker brand which is versatile and flexible. It comes with two plates for a sandwich and one for a waffle so that you can choose which type you want to prepare. As a result, you will get the benefit of using it for two functions which are not only cost-efficient but also space-saving.

8. The Flip Belgian Hamilton Beach Waffle Maker

Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian, Waffle Makers

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These thin waffle makers come with a number of outstanding and helpful features that give you the opportunity to prepare your waffles quickly and fast. It comes with easy to use controls that give a chance to every member of the family to operate. You can simply teach your kids to use this device so that they enjoy their favorite snack every time they want even though you are not around.

The Flip Belgian Hamilton Beach thin waffle maker browns your waffles with a difference to give it that arousing and appetizing color that you will not wait to take a bite once you remove them from the fire. Another crucial feature of this model is the drip tray that eliminates any drips to ensure it doesn’t ruin your baking. Additionally, it comes with metal grids that effectively pop out for ease and convenience of cleaning. Consequently, the handles are collapsible for easy storage. Read More: Best Electric Grills Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. The Belgian Oster CKSTWF2000 Waffle Maker

Oster CKSTWF2000 Belgian, Waffle Makers

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If you want to prepare the best waffles that will have everybody trooping to your kitchen for a taste of it, you need to select a waffle maker with a thick plate. It might be a difficult task for you and a wrong choice will definitely ruin the taste of your delicacy. Therefore, buy the Belgian Oster CKSTWF2000 thin waffle maker which comes with thick plates that allows you to bake brown waffles that are yummy and delicious.

This model comes with stainless steel construction which makes it strong and durable giving you extended use. On the other hand, this material makes it easy to clean and able to withstand any amount of temperature or heating without compromising the quality and performance of this waffle maker. Unlike other brands, this thin waffle maker has a control knob that you can use to regulate the heat for either crispy, brown, or any other type you want.

6. The GRP4842R George Foreman Waffle Makers

George Foreman GRP4842R-Waffle Makers

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When shopping for ideal thin waffle makers, among the features and specs that most users look for include the ability to cook other dishes, delicacies, or snacks. Most people want a product that will give them a variety of functions and uses under one roof. The GRP4842R George Foreman thin waffle makers is a flexible product that you can use it to prepare a number of meals and delicacies. This is essential because it will save you some money and space in your kitchen.

Among the functions of the GRP4842R George Foreman thin waffle maker include grilling meat, pressing some Panini and vegetables, and other functions. With this model, you can decide whether you want thick or thin bites all thanks to adjustable hinges that it has. Most importantly, it comes with all the safety features that will not hurt you or the kids in any way.

5. The Double Belgian WAF-F20 Cuisinart Waffle Makers

Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian, Waffle Makers

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If you walk to any store with kitchen appliances, you will never fail to notice this attractive thin waffle maker that will definitely excite you. But what will excite you more are the many functional features that this brand has. First, this model comes from a stainless steel material which makes it strong and durable for extended use. This means that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this product for a long period of time.

Secondly, the Double Belgian WAF-F20 Cuisinart thin waffle maker comes with a browning knob control that lets you select the best color and state that you want your waffles to adopt. You can either choose to have a brown, slightly brown, crispy, or any other type you want. Read More: Best Electric Milk Frothers and Steamers Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The Double Belgian WMK600 Waring Waffle Maker

Waring WMK600 Double Belgian, Waffle Makers

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It is evident that waffles are among the most delicious and tasty snacks that everybody would not like to miss their taste for even a single day. If you have a waffle loving family, there is no better way to revamp their mornings than to bake their favorite delicacy. As a result, the Double Belgian WMK600 Waring thin waffle makers will definitely be a must-have appliance in your kitchen.

Among the best features of this thin waffle maker is the ability to rotate the waffle to ensure even distribution of heat and butter for a uniform cook. It is easy and simple to cook your waffles using this model because it comes with LED lights that will indicate when the baking is complete. Also, it has a control knob that allows you to select the browning of your cook.

3. G48TD 3-in-1 BLACK+DECKER Waffle Makers

BLACK+DECKER G48TD 3-in-1 – Waffle Makers

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If you are after functional thin waffle makers on a price, this is definitely the best pick for you. It is a 3-in-1 maker that comes with a foldable top to give you a chance to prepare several other dishes with this brand. The foldable top lies flat so that you get the opportunity to cook your bacon and omelets at the same time.

The G48TD 3-in-1 BLACK+DECKER thin waffle maker heats from both top and the bottom side for even baking. This means that both sides of your waffle or bacon will ripe at the same eliminating different browning ability. Also, it has controllable heat levels for you to manage well your grilling or sandwich making. Finally, its plates are non-sticky for easy cleaning and maintenance.

2. The Round Classic Cuisinart WMR-CA Waffle Maker

Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic – Waffle Makers

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Coming second among the best thin waffle makers in the market today is the Round Classic Cuisinart WMR-CA Waffle Makers which comes with an attractive and eye-catchy design. In addition, it has a nice and shiny finish that is a great addition to every kitchen because it will blend well with the décor. To keep the top part in place even if the waffle rises, it is slightly weighted to endure the force of the cooking waffle.

The Round Classic Cuisinart WMR-CA thin waffle maker comes with 5-setting shading control giving you the opportunity to customize the browning of your waffles to suit your needs. Moreover, this model has rubber feet to effectively grip any surface on your kitchen and make it stable. Also, the rubber stands to ensure the waffle maker doesn’t leave any unnecessary marks or scratches on your kitchen top or surface. Read More: Best Convection Ovens Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The Belgian 03510 Presto FlipSide Waffle Makers

Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian – Best Thin Waffle Makers

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Topping the list of the leading thin waffle makers in the market today is The Belgian 03510 Presto FlipSide Waffle Makers which is Amazons bestselling brand due to its functional features and specs. It is a favorite brand among many users which is evident by the good ratings and many positive reviews in a number of online stores.

It has a baking ability of 1350 watts which ensures quick and fast cooking so that you can enjoy your waffle within the shortest time possible. Consequently, it has deep pockets that conveniently hold your waffle and tapered grids that smoothly release the waffle when the baking is complete. The Belgian 03510 Presto FlipSide thin waffle maker comes with coated grid plates that are non-sticky and easy to clean. For easy storage, this brand has an upright storage lock that helps to hold the two plates together.

Thin Waffle Makers Buying Guide

Before buying waffle makers, you will come across numerous brands, types, and models that are in the market. This is very challenging because you might buy the wrong device that doesn’t meet your needs especially if you are buying it for the first time. To give you an insight into buying the best thin waffle maker, there are factors you need to consider:

Number of Waffles: The number of waffles you want to produce per day or per hour is an important factor that you need to consider. There are double and single waffle makers which dictate the number of waffles you want to make.

Temperature Range and Timers: To ensure you get even browning of your waffles you need to monitor the heating very well. But if you are a busy person, this might be a problem. Therefore, consider buying a thin waffle maker with a timer that will let you manage the time or duration of your baking and will automatically shut off when the baking is complete.

Heat Control: If you want to prepare the best waffles, you need a maker with heat controls for you to make waffles that browns evenly. Also, it will offer you the chance to control the temperature depending on the type of dish you are preparing.

Ease of Cleaning : Every kitchen appliance needs elaborate cleaning in order to make it free from any dirt and stains. Therefore, choose a brand that comes with easy to clean features so that you don’t take a lot of time or effort when cleaning it.


Do not make your mornings dull and uninteresting because you can’t get the best thin waffle maker to prepare your favorite delicacy. Choose one from the leading brands above and enjoy the taste of your waffles every day.

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