Top 10 Best Buy Water Hose Reels

Water Hose Reels

Undertaking your gardening chores is fun and enjoyable especially when you are using the right tools and equipment. Watering your garden is made easy and possible by a water hose but the trouble comes when you want to store them. Improper storage may damage your water hose because they are long and may get entangled in other farm equipment leading to damage. However, this problem can be solved by buying the best hose water reels and ensure your water hose is safe at all times. Hose reels are cylindrical in shape and have a spindle which allows easy storage and moving of water hoses.

There are a number of hose reels that are available in the market today and choosing the best out of them is a Knut to crack. There are those which are driven manually and there are those powered by a motor. The choice of the type of reel to buy for your garden depends on how often you water your garden or yard. It’s evident that water hose reels help to prolong the lifespan of your water horse while at the same time aiding in preventing accidents. This article will outline the top water hose reel brands, their features, specs, and even their importance to help you in making your buying decision. They include:

SaleBestseller No. 1 Liberty Garden 712 Single Arm Navigator Multi-Directional Garden Hose Reel, Holds 125-Feet of, 5/8-Inch, Bronz
SaleBestseller No. 2 Liberty Garden 708 Steel Decorative Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel, Holds 125-Feet of 5/8-Inch Hose - Bronz

10. Teknor Apex 8844-100 Series 4000 Garden Water Hose Reel

Teknor Apex 8844-100 Series 4000 Garden Hose

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If you are after a hose water reel that will ensure no tangles and kink while using or storing, then the Teknor Apex is the best for you. It is crafted with a heavy power coil gauge and comes in a variety of lengths for you to choose from. It is considered as the most flexible reel where it can go down to as far as 45 degrees allowing you to store your water hose with ease.

This water hose reel is designed with reflex mesh technology which is perfect for easy maneuvering especially where there is a lot of trees, buildings, or even other objects. In order to make it more stronger, this reel is made of lead-free aluminum that makes it last long and crush-resistant. With this strength coupling, it also makes this reel leak-proof.

9. Suncast JNF175BD Bronze/Taupe Garden Hose Reel Cart

Suncast JNF175BD Bronze/Taupe Garden Hose Reel Cart

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This type of water hose reel guarantees a watertight connection with the hose and reel thanks to the EasyLink system that is equipped with this reel. This will ensure there is no leakage which will save you a lot of water and water bills due to loss. It is also equipped with hose hooks that help to hold the end of the garden hose or leader hose.

The Suncast water hose reel has a hose capacity of 175 foot which makes it the best alternative for those people who have a number of water hoses because it can accommodate them at once. With its bronze look, this reel perfectly matches with other outdoor items. If you are looking for a multipurpose hose water reel, the Suncast brand is perfect for you because it can be used for both industrial use and domestic use.

8. General Pump D30002 4000 PSI Steel Hose Reel

General Pump D30002 4000 PSI Steel Hose Reel

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If you are looking for a water hose reel that is hard, strong, and durable, then the General pump D30002 4000 water hose reel is the best pick for you. This hose water reel is designed with solid steel which guarantees enhanced durability and improved performance. This type of reel is suited for industrial use where there is a lot of knocking and falling because with its tough steel body it will withstand any force that comes it’s way. Alternatively, it can also be used in stony or rocky gardens and it will withstand the environment.

This water hose reel brand has protective rolled edges which safeguards the hands from any possible accidents while using it. This is a perfect feature which many other reels do not have. Another outstanding feature of this reel is the rewind hand crank that allows easy and effortless water hose loading. With this reel, you will be able to set the hose length using the locking mechanism that locks the reel. Read More: Best Pressure Washers Reviews & Buying Guides. 

7. Suncast CPLPTW175 Mocha Brown Hose Hideaway

 Suncast Resin Wicker Outdoor Hose Hideaway with Hose Guide - Durable Hose Storage Reel with Crank Handle, Slide Trak Hose Guide, and Garden

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This is a water hose reel with an outstanding design and a stunning mocha brown finish. With this dazzling brownish look, the Suncast CPLPTW175 reel is designed for the lawn, backyard or the garden. It will greatly blend with your outdoor decorations and make your yard look amazing. This reel features a slide trak which is a hose guide that makes unwinding of the hose easy, convenient, and effortless.

You will not have to worry about installing or assembling this reel because it comes fully installed and ready to use. Additionally, this reel is able to store water hose as long as 175 feet of the 5/8 vinyl hose. It is crafted with a sturdy resin which makes it durable and long lasting for you to enjoy its benefits for longer. Another augmented feature of this reel is the modern design which incorporates well into your landscape and makes it look attractive always.

6. Liberty Garden Products 704 Bronze Garden Hose Reel

Liberty Garden Products 704 Bronze Garden Hose Reel

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Liberty garden product is home to impressive and variety of garden products that have been helpful to many gardeners both home and commercial for over 15 years. Among these products is the outstanding 704 water hose reel which is able to hold up to 125 feet of the 5/8-inch garden hose. The reel is designed with a cast aluminum and brass that makes it rust-proof. It is also crafted with a durable powder coat finish that makes the reel weather resistant and able to withstand any type of weather.

The 704 Bronze water hose reel comes fully assembled and has a shelf where you can put necessary tools like screws, nozzles, and many other tools that can be used together with the hose reel. With its design, it is easy to pull out the hose and also to rewind it back during storage. It can be secured to walls for ease of storage.

5. Suncast SWA100 Taupe Hose Reel

Suncast SWA100 Taupe Hose Reel

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For a perfect storage experience of your water hose, discover the Suncast SWA 100 hose reel which comes with a number of helpful features that allows you to store your water hose perfectly and with ease. It comes with a sidewinder wall mount where it can be fixed to the wall for the convenience of storing and unwinding the water hose. It has a capacity of 100 feet with a leader hose. Another outstanding feature of this reel is the removable reel which is ideal for winter hose storage.

This reel brand is crafted with EasyLink system which ensures a watertight connection with the reel and hose that prevents any leak. With these exceptional features, it makes this reel ideal for both domestic and industrial uses. It comes fully assembled meaning you will not have to worry about assembling it as you can use directly upon acquiring. Read More:  Best Lawn Sprinklers Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Suncast CPLSSM200B Hose Hideaway

Suncast CPLSSM200B Hose Hideaway

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The Suncast CPLSSM200B is a striking water hose reel that is crafted with unique features that makes it top the list of the top hose reels of 2018. Among the features it has include the swivel base that presents you with an easy opportunity to unravel your hose while in the garden or on your lawn. This swivel base is also important in ensuring the reel swivels to your direction to guarantee an even unrolling motion.

You will not require a lot of effort in tracking your hose because this reel is equipped with a system which automatically tracks the water hose on to the reel for storage. This is a unique feature that many reels do not have. Its stake base is also ideal for making this reel stable because it securely holds it to the ground. It has an extended reel storage capacity of 225 feet hose, making it one of the largest in the market.

3. Liberty Garden Products 870-M1-2 Tan Garden Hose Reel Cart

Liberty Garden Products 870-M1-2 Tan Garden Hose Reel Cart

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If you are a professional or commercial gardener looking for a perfect hose reel, then the 870-M Garden Tan hose reel is a perfect choice for you. It is durable and functional which makes is also best for all your landscaping needs. It is able to hold up to 300 feet hose which is enough for your garden or lawn. This reel is expertly built to withstand any type of weather or force. It is constructed with 13 gauge steel with an additional powder coat finish to make it rust-proof and durable.

This reel brand is stable thanks to the low center of gravity which prevents possible tripping and accidents while using the hose reel. It comes with four pneumatic tires that make movement easy and effortless.

2. RL FLOMASTER 65HR8 Hose Reel with 8 Spray Pattern Nozzle

RL FLOMASTER 65HR8 Hose Reel with 8 Spray Pattern Nozzle

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This is among the perfectly build hose reel of 2018 where it has a deliberate retractable spring with a stopper for ease of unraveling. The stopper will keep the water hose in position and prevent it from entangling inside the reel. It features an automatic guide which ensures the hose doesn’t overlap during retracing. The reel also features a mounting bracket and a mounting hardware which enhances 180 degrees swivel.

It has a carrying which makes it easy and convenient to move from one place to another. The best thing about this reel is that it is detachable from the bracket which makes it portable. It is powered with automatic winding reel and 8-pattern nozzle for effortless unravel. Read More: Best Motion Sensor Sprinklers Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Best Choice Products 300 FT Hose Reel Cart – Best Water Hose Reels

Best Choice Products 300 FT Hose Reel Cart – Best Water Hose Reels

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This is a highly crafted water hose reel that is manufactured by the Best Choice Products. It is a premium rate high performing reel made from tubular steel frame which not only makes it durable but also stylish and elegant. This is a feature that will be a great addition to your lovely landscape and blend well with your yard.

The reel has a hose capacity of 300 feet with a heavy duty hose reel that comes with a storage compartment to keep gardening tools and other equipment you might use together with the water hose reel. It is designed with steel solid axles for ease of movement even on a rugged ground or landscape. It has foam-padded handles that protect and safeguards your hands as well as make it easy to push around.

Water Hose Reels Buying Guide

When settling for a perfect hose reel to buy, there are several considerations that you need to put into focus to ensure you are buying the best reel that will be helpful to you. These include:
Operation Mechanism

Water hose reels have three major operational mechanisms that are spring driven, hand crank, and motor. Your choice will depend on how often you use your water hose reel. For example for commercial purposes settle for motor driven and for the domestic use you can go for the hand crank.

Price of the Reel-  Price is a major factor that needs to be considered before buying. Different reels have different prices and it is, therefore, important to consider your budget to ensure you are getting value for your money.

The Size of Water Hose it Holds-  Different hose reels hold different lengths and sizes. You need to determine the size and length of your water hose to ensure you are buying the right reel that will fit your hose.

Built Material-  The type of material used to build the water hose reel will greatly determine its quality, strength, and durability. Choose a high-quality hose reel that will last and which cannot be affected by weather patterns or any other element.

Ease of Use-  You need to buy a hose that you are able to use it correctly and efficiently. Don’t go for a reel that is complicated and which you can’t understand how to operate it.

Portability-  Portability is another aspect that needs to be considered when buying a hose reel. Look for a reel that is easy to carry, for example, one that has a handle or the one that is foldable. You also need to consider the size of the reel because the bigger the reel the heavier it gets and the difficulties it will be to carry.

The Type of the Reel-  There are different types and models of reels with varied sizes and shapes. Determine which type of reel best suits your garden before buying it. This will ensure you buy a reel that will benefit your gardening needs.

Safety-  You do not need to buy equipment that will be disastrous in your compound than its benefits. Consider the safety of your family members especially children before buying the hose reel. For example, it will be ideal to buy a wall mounted reel so that children will not reach and therefore will stay safe.


These are the reviews of the topwater hose reels that are available on the market currently. These reviews are paramount in choosing an excellent water hose reel that will suit you. With these leading water hose reel brands, you will be assured of the best performance.

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