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Weight Lifting Belt

Powerlifting is an exercise that many people love doing nowadays because it makes one fit and the body to function well. It makes the muscles lean and firm giving you that nice look that you always admire. But what you should be careful about is the fact that this exercise can sometimes be dangerous leading to injuries that may be hard to treat.

Therefore, it is advisable to always protect yourself especially the spinal cord to avoid any pressure or strain that may cause severe damage. The only way to do this is to use powerlifting belts which help to eliminate muscle stress and pain for healthy and safe exercising.

Despite the fact that they are simple gadgets that you can use every day, many people ignore this important product which should be every powerlifter’s first thing to buy before going to the gym. There are a number of brands in the market nowadays that you can use to safeguard your spinal cord and reduce muscle tension. For you to make an informed purchase decision, here are ten of the leading powerlifting belt brands in the market currently to assists you in choosing the best one that will meet your needs. They include:

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10. LIFT Weightlifting/Powerlifting Belts

LIFT Powerlifting/Weightlifting Belt – Weight Lifting Belts

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Do not just work into a fitness store and buy any powerlifting belt that you come across on the shelve because it might not be of the right quality and type you are looking for. Ensure you look for this amazing brand that is able to give you perfect support that will impress you. It comes from high-quality material that you will use for a long period of time ensuring you get the opportunity to enjoy its benefits for an extended period of time. Again, it is strong and durable where it can endure long use without easily wearing off which is a great advantage because it will be value for your money.

This powerlifting belt brand is 4 inches wide which is able to support your entire upper body to eliminate any possible injuries and muscle retention. With these, your back and abdomen will get the best support that will keep you safe no matter the weight you will lift. One other thing you will love about this product is the soft and smooth texture that will be easy on your back without causing any irritation. Even if you use it for a long period you will still be comfortable all the time.

9. Serious Steel Fitness Powerlifting Belt

Serious Steel Fitness Weight Lifting Belt

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Exercising is a daily practice that requires the best tools and gadgets that will not only keep you safe and secure but also comfortable. It is sometimes hard to find a product that has these two components until you come across the Serious Steel Fitness Powerlifting Belt. This is among the finest brands of powerlifting belts that you will find in the market and which will give you a reason to exercise at the gym for as long as it will take without feeling any tiredness or exhaustion. It will give you the best practice and ensure you enjoy every bit of your powerlifting at any given time.

Coming from high-quality genuine leather, this powerlifting belt brand will perform according to expectation ensuring you lift a high weight without worrying of its strength to support your back and abdomen. In addition, the genuine leather material will not only last long but looks stylish and appealing making it a leader in the industry. It measures 10 millimetres thick which will give you the best support and ensure you are comfortable every time you are exercising using this brand. Most importantly, you will get this belt in a variety of online stores without having to spend a lot of your valuable time looking for it.

8. ProFitness Workout Powerlifting Belts

ProFitness Weightlifting Workout Belt, Weight Lifting Belts

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This is among the leading powerlifting belts that you will come across in the market that will give you effective and safe exercising without any hitch or problem. It fits well to your waist giving you the best support that you will never find in any other product. Hence, it is a brand that every lifter whether professional or a starter should have in order to experience safe and effective exercising all the time. This is a strong brand that will not easily tear or wear off no matter the weight you are lifting. Also, it will not slip or cause any irritation while you are working out.

Featuring adjustable double prong roller buckle, this is a brand that will fit any powerlifter because you can adjust it to suit the measure of your waist. Consequently, this feature will help to give you the best support during different powerlifting postures and also while you are squatting, bending or lifting. The belt offers proper support to every lifter ensuring you don’t lose morale or spirit in your powerlifting goals. Upon purchasing this belt, you will get 6-days money-back guarantee which means that you will be buying a quality item. Read More: Best Gait Belts Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. Iron Bull Strength Powerlifting Belt

Iron Bull Strength Weight Lifting Belt

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Before commencing your powerlifting exercise, safety and protection of your vital body parts should be the first thing you need to consider. It will not be advisable to undertake an exercise that will end up damaging your body or causing life-threatening injuries that you will not be able to live with. The Iron Bull Strength Powerlifting Belt is a product that both the starters and professional powerlifters can use to enhance their safety and wellbeing while exercising. When wearing this belt you will be sure that nothing will go wrong and that you will always be safe and secure.

Apart from keeping you safe from injuries and other calamities, it will also increase your stability and performance while undertaking the exercise so that it is always effective and successful. It measures 6 inches in width which is a perfect size that will cover your entire abdomen and back for a successful exercise. What is more, the inner part that comes in contact with your body is smooth and soft whereby you will feel comfortable and at ease all the time you will be wearing a powerlifting belt. It offers maximum protection, comfort, stability and durability making this belt the most soughed-after brand in the market currently.

6. Master of Muscle Powerlifting Belt

Master of Muscle Weight Lifting Belt

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If you are that powerlifter who carries out numerous and vigorous workouts daily, this is the best product for you to buy. It is a belt that is ideal for both men women and gives you enhanced support on your back, abdomen and the upper body ensuring that nothing goes wrong while you are exercising. The belt comes in a contoured design that effectively supports the lower back to protect your entire body from possible injuries and strain when you lift heavy weights for a long time. If you intend to use different techniques while lifting, this brand will offer you the support you need in every method you are using.

It is made from high-quality genuine leather that will last for a long period of time giving you a chance to protect and support your back for long. Even if you will be using this powerlifting belt brand every day it will give you the perfect support that you deserve without subjecting you to injuries or damage that will cause accidents. You can use this powerlifting belt for a variety of workouts that include overhead squats, back squats, deadlifts, clean and jerks, power cleans, and many others.

5. Flexz Fitness Powerlifting Belt

Flexz Fitness Weight Lifting Belt

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This is yet another effective model of powerlifting belts that offers the best support and protection that you will need while undertaking any type of exercise. It is a strong and durable brand that comes from heavy-duty leather so that you will be able to use it for an extended period of time. No matter how vigorous you will get at the gym or how many times you use it in a day, it will not easily wear out or tear. Instead, it will offer you stability and the best support so that you will undertake your exercise without any problem.

The Flexz Fitness powerlifting Belt will keep your back straight while lifting the weight which is a perfect posture training for your body. This will help to reduce stress and strain that you may encounter while undertaking your exercise and preventing hyperextension that a variety of lifters always suffer from due to failure to safeguard and protect their bodies while lifting weights. The brand offers a high satisfaction guarantee for the best buying experience. Read More:Best Electric Wheelchairs Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. FITGIRL Weight Lifting Belts

FITGIRL Weight Lifting Belts

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Women are among the greatest powerlifter which is the reason why FITGIRL offers them a reason to go to the gym at any given time and undertake their powerlifting exercise with safety and protection. This belt is 5 inches wide which is able to give support to the entire upper and lower body to ensure nothing wrong will happen while exercising. It has two pink support straps which are ideal for those women who would like to lift heavy weights because this brand will be able to give you extra support.

It is the most comfortable belt that you will find in the market all thanks to the soft and smooth interior that will eliminate any irritation or exhaustion giving you the opportunity to work out without any disturbance. Besides, it is the most stylish powerlifting belt where it comes in attractive pink and black colours giving you a chance to match your best outfits with the workout gear. You can use this belt in a variety of sports activities and workouts to give you the best posture and lean muscles.

3. Harbinger Powerlifting Belt

Harbinger Weight Lifting Belts

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Taking the third position among the leading powerlifting belts in the market is this fantastic brand that has been in the industry for the longest time possible. It is a unique belt that comes with interior cushioning that will give every weight lifter enhanced support and comfort all the time you are exercising. The cushioning is smooth and soft on your body and will eliminate any bad feeling or exhaustion that you may encounter while exercising. Even if the belt comes in contact with your skin while working out it will not irritate you in any way.

It comes from genuine leather with a contoured design and suede lining that will create a nice fit for any body type so that everybody will get the opportunity to enjoy comfortable exercising. It offers support to your core and the abdomen protecting the lower body from any injuries you might get in case of accidents at the gym while undertaking the powerlifting. The best thing about this belt is that it features a split leather design that combines support and long-lasting quality.

2. The 6-Inch Fire Team Powerlifting Belt

Fire Team Fit 6-inch Weightlifting Belt, Weight Lifting Belts

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Whether you want to undertake your powerlifting at the gym or at the cross fit, this is the best brand that you need to consider buying. It offers the best support that no other belt will manage making it the leading brand in the market. It comes from heavy-duty leather with a contoured design that helps to promote effective support and eliminate injuries that can occur while lifting the weights. Most importantly, the belt has a cushioned interior that goes a long way in enhancing comfort and relaxation while exercising.

For the powerlifters who love style and fashion, this brand offers you the opportunity to match your outfit with the best belt you can get. This is because it comes in a variety of attractive colours including blue, pink, black, and many others. Therefore, you can choose your favourite colour that will go well with your style and that of your workout gear. Read More: Best Posture Braces Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Dark Iron Fitness Powerlifting Belts

Dark Iron Fitness Weight Lifting Belts

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If you are looking for powerlifting belts that you will use for a long time without wearing off easily, this is the best pick for you. It boasts of high-quality leather material that does not only last long but is also stylish and appealing to look at. This brand will serve you many years no matter how vigorous you are while using it or the number of hours you wear it per day. The reinforced premium construction is the reason why this brand has good ratings and numerous positive reviews on Amazon making it the number one powerlifting belt in the market today.

Despite having a high-quality and the best construction, this brand is light in weight and you will not feel any weight or exhaustion while using it. It is light and comfortable where it has interior cushioning that will create a conducive environment while exercising. Even if this belt comes in contact with your bare skin, it will not cause any irritation or skin reaction because it is smooth and soft. Anybody can use this belt all thanks to the heavy-duty metal buckle and extra adjustment holes that give you the opportunity to select your perfect fit.

Powerlifting Belts Buying Guide

Shopping for powerlifting belts can sometimes prove to be a daunting task because there are numerous brands and models in the market today. To ensure you get the best product it is important to follow the following buying guide:

Safety: Powerlifting can sometimes go wrong leading to injuries and damages that may be severe and serious. Therefore, before making a purchase decision to ensure that the belt you are buying will be able to eliminate any possibility of an injury and make you safe and secure every time you are exercising.

Size: Just like the waist belt you use to adjust your outfits, powerlifting belts come in different sizes. Hence, you need to select the right size that will fit you well and give you the best support. If you buy a small size it may not work well with you which is the same as buying an oversize belt.

Comfort: Comfort is another important feature that should be on top of your list before making a purchase decision. You need to select a belt that will offer you the best support without causing irritation and skin reactions because this will not give you peace of mind while in the gym. Choose a brand with a cushioned interior and that which fits you well for enhanced comfort all the time.

Price: Just like any other product, powerlifting belts come with varied price tags making it an essential consideration. Compare the price of different brands and models and settle for one that will go well with your budget and needs. Do not buy an expensive belt that will drain your accounts but look for a cheap and affordable brand but with all the qualities you want.


Do not let back and muscle pain restrains you from exercising again because you fear to injure your back and cause more pain. Buy powerlifting belts that will offer you the best support and eliminate any injuries and pain you may suffer. Select one from the ten brands above and undertake your powerlifting without any worry.

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