Top 10 Best Buy Wireless Security Cameras Review And Buying Guide

Wireless Security Cameras

1. The 720 HD YI Dome Surveillance System Wireless Security Cameras

YI Dome Camera Wireless Security Surveillance System 720p HD

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Securing your home is not an easy task especially if you don’t know or have no idea of what you will do or gadgets you need to use in your surveillance. This is now where the wireless security cameras come in place to give you the best surveillance that you will not find anywhere else. It is a highly-built camera system that is able to capture greater coverage so that you get to know what is happening in your entire compound or room. Even if you have an expansive room or compound this brand will offer you the best coverage and ensure you don’t miss any activity that is going on at home or in your business.

It comes with a professional-grade lens that can clearly spot any image or object to give you a clear view. Therefore, you will be able to know who is approaching or who is at your home for you to ascertain whether he/she is friendly or not. Moreover, the device features a directional rotation range that can conveniently give you a view of any corner of your home or compound by rotating. Another feature that you will love about this brand is the simple set up that will not take a lot of time to make it functional. You can do the installation yourself without having to call an expert.

2. The VVMC3040 Q-1080P Netgear Arlo HD Security Cameras

Netgear Arlo VMC3040 Q-1080P HD Security Camera

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This Netgear Arlo brand is the best solution to all your worries and doubts about the security of your home if you are away on a business trip or in the office. It gives you real updates of what is happening at home, in your business, warehouse, or any other place you want to keep an eye on. It comes with all the features that you will need in wireless security cameras making it among the leading brands in the market currently. It covers every angle all thanks to the rotational feature that allows you to get full coverage of the entire area you want to monitor.

Another feature that makes this brand to be the leading in the industry is the fact that it has a clear audio reception that can transmit sound even if the subject is far away from the camera. This makes it a perfect spy camera because you will be able to get everything they are talking about in the office or at home. Furthermore, it features a 1080p which is able to capture all the actions and images you need to ascertain the safety of your home. Despite being a small device, it gives you great videos and quality image that are perfect in identifying the enemies that might break to your home.

3. The 1080P HD Wireless YI Dome IP Security Surveillance System
YI Dome Camera 1080P HD Wireless IP Security Surveillance System

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When you need complete home coverage without missing a single activity, trust this model to offer you exactly that without spending a lot. It is a cheap and affordable brand that is a favorite among many users due to the many features it has. First, it is energy-efficient which means that it will not increase the electricity bills at home or in the office and you will not even feel a pinch when it comes to paying for the electricity bills. Most importantly, it allows you to control and monitor any place you want wherever you are. This is because you can connect it to your Smartphone or tablet so that you get real updates of what is happening.

Having 112-degree wide angle lens, this a perfect feature that ensures you capture a wide area ensuring you don’t miss even a single activity that is taking place. Hence, you will get the opportunity to ascertain whether your home is safe or someone is trying to break into by just looking at the image of the people approaching. Most impotently, this brand has a night vision which is capable of clearly transmitting images of up to 3 meters. This means that you will get clear pictures even during the dark so that you will not miss any single activity that is going on at home. Read More: Best Home Security Cameras Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The PHYLINK Weatherproof PLC-336PW Bullet Pro Wireless Security Camera

PHYLINK Bullet Pro Wireless Security Weatherproof PLC-336PW

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This is a professional home and business security camera that gives you a chance to secure your property wherever you are. It comes with all the functions that allow you to know exactly what is going on at home or in your office. Among the features you will love in this wireless security cameras include excellent camera and signal that you will not find in any other brand. The pictures and videos that this model transmits are very clear such you will be able to spot and know the exact people in your home or office. This will be easy to determine whether you will need to raise an alarm or they are friendly people.

Other notable features and functions of this product include infrared IR filters that allow you to view high definition videos without any scratch or hitch. Also, it is able to filter the background noise in order to give you a clear voice and conversation that will give you a glimpse of what the people in your office were discussing. It is compatible with a number of technological devices giving you the opportunity to connect it to any device that you have. You can choose to connect it with your Smartphone, PC, laptop or any other device you can come across.

5. ProxEye Wireless Smart Surveillance Camera

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Appearing in the fifth position among the leading wireless security cameras is this ProxEye brand that comes with all the features that will make your compound safe and secure all the time. When you install this gadget, you will be able to monitor any activity that is going on at home or in the office making you aware of all the happenings. With this, you will get the opportunity to know whether it is something good or not.

One thing that stands out from this brand is the fact that it has two-way audio which means that you will be able to converse with the person on the other side. This feature makes it a perfect brand for home monitoring where you can talk with the nanny or the children for you to know what they need and how they are fairing on. It is compatible with nearly all the devices that include laptops, PC, tablets, and many others.

6. The EZVision Megapixel IP Security Wireless Surveillance System

EZVision MegaPixel Wireless IP Security Surveillance System

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If you are looking for wireless security cameras that are easy to set up, this is the right brand for you to consider buying. It comes with simple installation features that will not take much of your time or require expert and professional fixing that will not only be expensive but also time-consuming. You will only need simple knowledge or follow the instructions on the manual that you will get upon purchasing this brand. It uses the latest technology that ensures you get clear pictures and videos without any hitch.

Coming with a wide camera view, you will be able to enjoy a wide coverage that will give you the opportunity to spot every activity that is going on in any part of the compound or office. With this product in your possession, you will enjoy seamless connectivity and clear streaming because you can connect it to the available gadgets you have. These include Smartphone, laptops, PC, and many others. Lastly, you will be able to acquire this brand without having to spend a lot of your bucks because it is cheap and affordable. Therefore, many people can afford it and enjoy a secure home all the time. Read More: Best Nanny Cams Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. The Smart Home Security JTD CAM 720P HD Surveillance Camera

JTD CAM 720p HD Smart Home Security Surveillance Camera

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You will never talk about the best wireless security cameras without mentioning this amazing brand that offers wide coverage and clear pictures. It features an innovative sound wave that automatically connects to the device you want to use in keeping track of any happenings at home. It is small an portable such that it will be hard for anybody to spot ensuring that they don’t know you are watching them.

Upon purchasing this brand you will get everything you will need to start surveilling your property right away. A full pack of this device includes 32GB SanDisk that will store all your videos and ensure you don’t miss a single activity. This is an important feature because it will allow you to review the happenings. It has a night vision capability that will give you great images and videos even during the dark or during the night so that you don’t struggle while trying to read videos and images at night.

8. The HD Pan Tilt Amgaze IP Wireless Security Camera

Amgaze HD Pan Tilt IP Wireless Security Camera

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This is an intelligent brand of wireless security cameras that makes video monitoring to be easy and affordable by the use of Wi-Fi or network camera. It is the finest brand that will stream clear high definition videos of what is happening in your home or in office. Therefore, you will not have to hire a watchman or any alarm system because this brand will get the job done in the most intelligent way.

It comes with smart motion detection that can sense and react to any movement so that it gives you real-time video coverage of any happening. When it detects any movement, it will give you a notification so that you will start to monitor what is going on giving you the opportunity to alert security forces if it is a threat. This model is easy to use and set up where you will only need to read the instructions from the manual which gives you all the instructions and requirements to make it functioning.

9. The 1280 X 750P SDESTER Wireless Security Surveillance Camera

SDETER Security Wireless Camera 1280x750P Surveillance

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This is yet another highly intelligent brand of wireless security cameras that comes with all the best functions that will help you monitor your home with a difference. It allows you to connect it to a Wi-Fi and use a variety of other technological gadgets that will help you in the monitoring. With this brand, you will be able to get a clear update of every activity that is going on at home without necessarily having to be there physically.

Setting up this camera is easy and simple and it will not take much of your time before you start to stream videos of your home or business using your phone. Most importantly, you can easily control the direction of the camera even if you are miles away. It comes with CamHi app that lets you adjust the direction of the camera using your phone screen. Other features of this brand include motion detection, two-way audio, instant notification, and many others. Read More: Best Nanny Cams Reviews & Buying Guides.

10. Blink XT Home Camera Security System with Motion Detector, HD Video, Wall Mount, Cloud Storage, and 2-Year Battery Life

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The only way to stop worrying about your kids at home, your property, your business or happenings in your office, the best solution is to install these fantastic wireless security cameras. It is fit for both indoor and outdoor use all thanks to its weatherproof feature that makes it resistant to both sunlight and rain. It functions well without letting in water that might damage it. Again, it is able to stream clear videos at night or when it is dark all thanks to the night vision capability.

It has a motion detector that alerts you in case there is any movement in the compound or anywhere with the camera. It is self-installing which means that you will not spend your extra bucks or time installing it. The model boasts of free cloud storage that does not come with any monthly or hidden charges giving you a reason to include this product in shopping list the next time you go shopping.

Wireless Security Cameras Buying Guide

Before buying wireless security cameras you need to look at all the features you need for you to get the right brand. Among the factors you should consider include:

Video Resolution: The quality of videos you will receive in your camera will dictate whether you will get clear pictures or not. There will be no point of buying security cameras if you will not be able to clearly look at what is happening at home or at the office. Therefore, choose a camera with high video resolution for clear pictures.

Field of View: This is the coverage that your camera is able to project and bring you pictures and videos from a certain field of view. If you buy a camera with a larger field of view you will be able to get a larger coverage. Determine the degree of the view that the brand has for you to buy the right product.

Purpose of the Security Camera: Before buying the wireless security cameras you need to first determine what you need the camera for. For example, you need a spy camera to monitor your children at home, for security purposes or the nanny cams. This is because they come with different features depending on the purpose you are buying it for.

Motion Sensors: Not all security cameras come with motion sensors making it an important feature that you need to consider. When buying it for security reasons, you need to ensure it is motion sensitive so that it alerts you every time it spots any kind of movement.


Security is paramount in every homestead or business making wireless security cameras a necessary gadget in every homestead. Ensure you keep the bad guys away using this amazing product that is fun to use. Choose one from the list of ten brands above and ensure the security of your home and other properties all the time.