Top 10 Best Wooden Crates

Wooden Crates

Wooden crates play a very big role in our homes, companies, schools, restaurants, and other places because it helps to contain some products and equipment during transportation or storing. Most companies nowadays use it to ship some of their items from one country to another due to their flexibility, durability, and the fact that they are light and simple to carry.

Also, they are popular in homes where they act as storage facilities for a number of items including vegetables, small farm equipment, containing pets, or even putting dirty clothes before taking them to the laundry for washing. It is popular in all sectors of our lives making them among the must-have products at home.

Despite wooden crates being simple it is very important to have it at home or in your business premises because it is helpful in many ways. They are eco-friendly, resistance to rust and corrosion which ensures you use it for a very long time. What many people should be aware of about this product is the fact that not all the brands you will come across in the market will offer you the benefit you want. Some models might not have the right features you need and therefore you have to be careful when choosing them.

To help you make the right purchase decision, here is a list of the ten best brands that are currently in the market with all their features and specifications for you to select the right one for you. They include:

10. Home Pet Casual Wooden Crates

 Casual home pet wooden crates

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This is a high-quality brand of wooden crates which performs many functions at home or anywhere you want to use it. Coming from high-quality wood material, it is the strongest brand compared to the others that are in the market which best suits pets and other things that need strong containment. You will use it for a long period of time without any breakage no matter how vigorous your pets are. Moreover, it has a design that looks great on your compound making it a perfect decoration that many people will love staring at all the time.

The Home Pet Casual Wooden Crates is very comfortable for all pets because it is soft without any protruding edges that may be harmful to your pet. Also, it is warm and conducive which is the reason why you will find pets entering this unit most of the time the weather changes in order to stay in a conducive environment. When it comes to cleaning you will not spend much of your effort or bucks because it does not stain and you can simply sweep the floor of the crate to make it clean.

9. White Wash Wald Import Decorative Wooden Crates

Wald imports white wash wood decorative crates

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Just as the name suggests, this is a type of wooden crates with numerous attractive decorations that will no doubt excite you when you see it for the first time. Its design is appealing to the eye which will make you order the moment you come across it in online stores or even when you spot it on any store. This product features three sets of highly crafted crates which all have different sizes giving you the opportunity to use it for different purposes.

What makes this brand a choice of many users is the fact that the three pieces that this brand has do not come at an extra cost. This means that you get three crates at a price of one which is not only economical but also convenient for those people who needs more than one crate without spending much. If you have this product in your possession you will not need to scan the market for another one any time soon because it is strong and durable. The material on the crate is of high quality where it can endure all the elements without wearing off easily.

8. House Works Wooden Crates and Pallet

House works, crates, and pallet

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This is another brand of wood crates with an attractive design that best suits home use because it will also act as a decoration value to every room at home. It comes in a rectangle shape which is large enough so that it will be able to carry a large number of items at any given time. Therefore, if you buy this product for home use you will not need many crates because one will be enough to store many items. For example, when you put it in the kid’s rooms it will accommodate all the clothes without taking up much space.

There is no complicated maintenance when it comes to this wooden crate because it is resistant to rust, corrosion, can repel dust and many other features. Even if it comes in contact with water or you accidentally left it outside during the rainy season, you should not worry so much about it. This product is very strong and attractive where you can use it for both indoor and outdoor use. All the environmental elements like harsh weather, direct sunlight or cold will not affect this brand because of the high-quality material it has. Read More: Best Chest Freezers Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. The Pure City Mount Bicycle Classic Rare Wooden Crates

Pure city classic rare mount bicycle wooden crates

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At the seventh position among the leading wooden crates in the market currently is this amazing brand which has all the features you are looking for in a good crate. First, it comes from natural wood which means that it is friendly to the environment and will not emit any unwanted gases or odors if you are using it for indoor purposes. Also, it will not be toxic to the pets but will create a nice and cool environment that will give them a chance to grow well and play all the time.

You can use it for various functions that include storing clothes, keeping pets, for transporting vegetables and other groceries, keeping books, and other items you will find at home. Despite coming from high-quality wood material, the Pure City Mount Bicycle Classic Rare Wooden Crates is light in weight which makes it a perfect choice for transporting items. This is because it will not exert any pressure or add any unnecessary weight while carrying. Furthermore, to make it convenient while carrying, the wooden crate features handles on both sides. You can decide to paint it to the perfect color you want in order to look attractive and appealing.

6. Timeline Dry Brush Wooden Crates

Timeline dry brush crate

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If you are looking for a strong and long lasting brand of wooden crates without spending so much, this is the best choice for you. It is crafted from hardwood which is quality and of a high standard to ensure you get a classic product which is strong and durable for you to use for an extended period of time. For those people who are living in small apartments with little space, this is the best brand to buy. It allows you to stack several of them together which will substantially save a lot of space.

With the quality wood material on this wooden crate, it makes it shiny, attractive, and eye-catchy which makes it a good choice for indoor use. It will create a nice view that will act as a decoration in your room. Boasting of flexibility and versatile nature, you can use this brand for many purposes that include storing clothes, keeping household items, food items, storing books, and many other functions that you see it fit.

5. Wald Imports Decorative Whitewash Storage Wooden Crates

Wald imports whitewash wood decorative storage crates

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Do not leave your clothes to scatter everywhere in your room or in the kid’s room because you cannot find the best way or means to store them. Wald Imports Decorative Whitewash Storage Wooden Crates gives you the opportunity to make your house neat and attractive without spending so much of your bucks. The crates come from hard and strong wood which means that you will be getting a quality product that you will use for an extended period of time without easily wearing off or breaking.

It is attractive all thanks to its decorative features that make it perfect for indoor use so that it will create a conducive environment in your room. Furthermore, if you intend to put this crate in your children’s room they will love the design and the decoration which will lure them to keep their clothes in it all the time. In return, they will be cleaning their room and making it neat all the time. This brand comes in a pair of three sets of different sizes so that you can use it for different functions without having to spend more to buy another crate. Read More: Best Coffee Tables Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. Country Rustic Finish Mygift Set of 2 Storage Wooden Crates

Mygift set of 2 country rustic finish storage wood crates

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What other better gift to offer a mother who recently gave birth to a baby than to give her a present that will ensure she keeps the baby’s items safe and secure all the time. The Country Rustic Finish Mygift Set of 2 Storage Wood Crates features two sets giving you the benefit of keeping most of your stuff without running out of space. It is a strong and durable product all thanks to the high-quality natural wood that makes you use it for a long period of time without easily wearing off or breaking.

You should not be afraid to keep all your baby’s items in this brand because it is friendly to the environment and does not contain any chemicals or elements that may cause contamination. Most importantly, this brand boasts of a very attractive design that makes it best for a number of functions which include storing decorations or even using it to serve your guests. This will make it unique and exciting making your visitors to admire your style and taste.

3. Large Decorative Household Essential Wooden Crates for Storage

Household essential large decorative wood crates for storage

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The best way to make your house neat and attractive is obviously to buy a good and spacious storage product that will contain all your items without leaving them to scatter everywhere in the room. If you are looking for the best storage facility, then this brand of wooden crates will offer nothing short of a perfect storage space that you will definitely love.

This crate features metallic handles which makes carrying and transporting to be easy so that you don’t have to struggle so much when you have to move. This is a large and spacious wooden crate that ensures you get the opportunity to store or carry large amounts of items at once. Moreover, it has a good appearance making it the best brand for indoor use because you can comfortably carry it without feeling out of place or without embarrassment.

2. Vintage Style Chalkboard Front Red co. Produce Wooden Crates

Red co. vintage style produce chalkboard front wooden crates

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For those people who deal in groceries and other products that don’t want any contamination, this is the best choice for you. It boasts of high-quality natural Paulownia wood which is not only strong and durable but is also stylish and attractive. You will definitely admire the design and make of this brand the minute you spot it on the shelves or in any online store.

The crate is best for farm produce because your vegetables, fruits, or other yields will get enough ventilation and air circulation to keep them fresh for a long time. Also, it will not contaminate the produce ensuring they are always safe for human consumption. It has handles on both sides making it easy to carry your items from one place to another without feeling exhausted or using much effort. What is more, it comes in four sets of different sizes allowing you to carry more fruits and vegetables at once. Read More: Get Quality Repair Truck Experience With The Ten Best Truck Tool Boxes Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The 7gypsies Vintage Photo Crate

7gypsies vintage photo crate

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This is the number one brand of wooden crates that have a lot of positive reviews and good ratings on Amazon which explains the reason why it is a leader in the industry. It is best for home use where you can use to store items like books, documents, papers, old magazines, photos, and many other things so that you can access them easily when you need. Featuring a high-quality wood material, this is a strong and durable crate that will give you a chance to enjoy its benefits for an extended period of time.

If you have limited space in your room or at home this is the right crate for you to buy. It comes in a small size that will fit the little space you have but will ensure you get the opportunity to store all the items you want. Furthermore, you can stack more crates so that it does not take up much space but ensure you store more items. With all these high-end features and specifications that the brand has, you will think it is a luxurious and expensive product that will drain your bank account. On the contrary, it is cheap and affordable giving you the opportunity to acquire it without straining your finances.

Wooden Crates Buying Guide

Wooden crates are currently very popular in the market because they are functional and you can acquire without spending a fortune. That is why there are many brands available and which will greatly confuse you when looking for one that will suit your needs. To ensure you buy the right product follow this buying guide:

Quality of the Material: Ensure you check the quality of the wood material to be sure that you will get a brand that will suit your taste and style. Most companies will advertise their products claiming that they are quality but upon closer look, you will realize that they are not the quality they claim but are just marketing their wares.

Strength and Durability: For you to benefit from a good product and use it for a long time, it is important to select a strong model that will not easily break or lose strength after using it for some time. Make sure the brand is from a quality wood that will endure all the factors and abuse and will not break easily so that you use for a long period of time.

Purpose of the Wooden Crate: Before choosing the type of crate you want to buy, first, establish the purpose or the function you intend to use it for. This will give you an idea of what type or brand you will buy. For example, some crates are good for storing clothes while others are best for farm produce, storing stationery and other things.

Easy to Carry: If you are buying wooden crates so that you will use it to carry your items, it is advisable to consider one with handles to make it convenient while carrying your stuff. In addition, you can decide the type of handle the brand has so that you get the best one that will suit your needs.


Wooden crates improve storage, organization, packaging, and even transportation which is why it is a must-have product for your home or business. For you to get the best product select one of the ten brands above and you will enjoy the best storage you can’t find anywhere else.

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