Top 7 Best Buy Wooden High Chairs

Wooden High Chairs

Parents who have toddlers or young children understand the challenge and the anguish of feeding them because they tend to be uncomfortable when it comes to eating. They will start moving up and down which may prove to be impossible to let them sit and eat. But if you are a concerned parent and you need your child to be comfortable all the time, you will realize the effectiveness of wooden high chairs in keeping them on the seat all the time. The chairs will lift the child high above the ground giving you the opportunity to easily control them.

Wooden high chairs can support babies as well as toddlers so that they get to enjoy being above the ground just like their parents. This will give parents the best chance to control movement while feeding or just when relaxing on the seat. With a quality seat, you will find that the baby will love it ensuring he/she grows well. With the benefits it offers toddlers and babies, you should not buy any high chair you come across at the store because not all brands you see will deliver the exact results you want.

You need to find the best model that will suit the needs of your toddler and eliminate the chances of buying a chair that they will not use at all. To help you in this, we will outline the seven leading wooden high chair brands that will excite your toddler to assist you in making a purchase decision. They include:

SaleBestseller No. 1 Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair with Tray. The Perfect Adjustable Baby Highchair Solution for Your Babies and Toddlers or as a Dining Chair. (6 Months up to 250 Lb) (Natural Wood - Black Cushion)
Bestseller No. 2 HAN-MM Baby High Chair, Wooden High Chair with Removable Tray and Adjustable Legs for Baby/Infants/Toddlers

7. Children’s Commercial Wooden High Chair

Children’s Commercial Wooden High Chair

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Just like you enjoy seating on a comfortable high chair every time you are relaxing at the courtyard or at the balcony, your toddler also needs the best relaxation for them to grow into healthy teens and adults. This will only be possible if you buy the Children’s Commercial Wooden High Chairs that will ensure they are always comfortable. When you position this chair in the kid’s room or in the balcony, your baby will not go outside because he will spend all the time enjoying the comfort that comes with seating on this quality wooden high chair.

When your toddler wants to change the eating position this will be easy and simple for her because this chair is portable and light in weigh where they will be able to carry from one place to another with ease. With dimensions of 38 inches in height, 19.7 inches in length and 19.7 inches width, these measurements are perfect for babies and toddlers because they will be able to climb in and out of the chair without any difficulty. This is important because it will eliminate any chances of suffering injuries and bruises from falling.

This wooden high chair brand is spacious and will work well even with toddlers with large body size because it will not squeeze them but instead will accommodate them well. For the comfort of the baby at any given time, the chair comes with adjustable footrest and seating position giving you a chance to determine the right position that will suit your toddler.

6. The Natural Height Right Keekaroo Wooden High Chair with Tray

Keekaroo Height Right High Chair with Tray, Natural

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Keeping in mind that toddlers may sometimes prove to be violent even towards the toys they love most, it is possible that they may try to break their chairs at some point. This will be devastating especially if it is a new chair that costs a good number of bucks. But when it comes to the Natural Height Right Keekaroo Wooden High Chair with Tray this will not happen because this brand comes from high-quality wood that is strong and durable.

No matter how they try to hit this chair with other objects or hit it against the ground, it will not break or cause joints to detach but will remain intact for as long as they will use. This is the most important feature in the sense that they will get to use this brand for a long period of time. Having a quality material that can withstand extreme weather conditions, this seat is best for both indoor and outdoor use. Your children will enjoy spending their time outside while enjoying the sunlight and the breeze without any problem.

This wooden high chair brand is resistant to the UV rays and also the rains ensuring the quality remains the same no matter the type of weather you subject it to. Most importantly, the chair provides a firm and sturdy seating surface that ensures the toddler is safe and secure all the time. It has a unique style that matches different home decors and comes with a decent size that will fit most of the kid’s rooms as well as the living room without taking up much space. Read More: Best Baby high Chairs Reviews & Buying Guides.

5. Excellante Walnut Wooden High Chairs

Excellante’ Wooden High Chair, Walnut

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For the best comfort of your child while eating or just playing with her toys, trust this functional brand of wooden high chairs to give your toddler the enjoyment they deserve. To start with, the chair boasts of a smooth surface that will not scratch or injure your child in any way. This chair will offer the right support while feeding your child which also make you bond well with the newborn. The most outstanding feature that many users praise about this brand is the fact that it is able to accommodate children of different heights and weight without losing stability or strength.

The base is wide enough with skid-free legs that will hold the child in position without falling no matter how vigorous they will get while playing on the chair. If you don’t want to be scanning the market all the time for wooden high chairs for your kids, the best thing is to buy this brand which comes from premium quality wood that will not easily break. The heavy-duty wood is expertly constructed to withstand the heavy toddlers as well as an ergonomic design that will keep the baby comfortable all the time.

For easy cleaning and maintenance, the chair comes with a smooth finish that repels dirt and other stains. You should know that kids will smear the chair with anything they come across including food and other drinks which may cause permanent stains. But the smooth finish on this wooden high chair allows you to easily wipe with a wet cloth to make it clean and remove stains.

4. The CHH-3 Winco 3-Piece Wooden High Chairs

Winco CHH-3 3-Piece Wooden High Chair

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This is among the best selling brands of wooden high chairs on Amazon all thanks to its amazing features that enhance comfort and relaxation to every child. It is ideal for infants and toddlers who are growing and developing fast because this brand has a high weight capacity. Even if your kid is heavy enough, this chair will be able to sustain their weight without breaking or shaking a bit. On the other hand, for those parents with kids of different ages, size, and height, this is a perfect choice of high chairs because it gives you the opportunity to adjust in order to suit individual need of every child.

With the unique style and design that this wooden high chair brand has, it is best for different types of decors because it will blend with any decoration you have at home. One thing about this chair is that it is strong and sturdy where it can accommodate several kids without affecting its strength or stability.

Coming in a waterproof material, you will have a versatile chair that you can use indoors and outdoors without the fear of the changing weather patterns. It is resistant to bacteria, rot, microbes and even extreme weather conditions. If you leave this wooden high chair brand accidentally in direct sunlight or in heavy rain its quality will remain the same without traces of fading or chipping that you might experience in other chairs. Read More: Best Bean Bag Chairs for Kids Reviews & Buying Guides.

3. The Brown Walnut Stokke Tripp Trapp Wooden High Chair

Tripp Trapp by Stokke Adjustable Wooden Walnut Baby High Chair (Includes Baby Seat with Harness, Grey Star Cushion and White Tray)

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Safety and security of your toddler while enjoying the comfort of wooden high chairs is very crucial and you should ensure they are always seating on the right chair. There is no better way to guarantee the security of your kids than with the Brown Walnut Stokke Tripp Trapp Wooden High Chair. This brand comes with all the safety features that ensure you never subject your kid to any danger or risk. It has spacious seating and straps that will firmly hold the kid in place to eliminate chances of falling or dripping which may lead to serious injuries.

With this wooden high chair, you will get peace of mind knowing that nothing will ever happen to your little bundle of joy. The quality and premium-rate wood material in this chair make it strong and durable which mean that you will get to enjoy its benefits for a long period of time. This is because it will not break easily and the joints will not detach at all even if your children start playing with it.

Also, it has a smooth finish that makes the chair resistant to certain elements including stains, dirt, rust, rot, and many others. Cleaning this wooden high chair does not demand a lot of attention or effort but instead, you only need to wipe it with a wet cloth and it will achieve that showroom shine that will leave everybody admiring it. Finally, it is spacious with a nice platform that you can place food, drinks and other meals to be easy for you while feeding.

2. Beyond Adjustable Abiie Wooden High Chair with Tray

Abiie Beyond Adjustable Wooden High Chair with Tray

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Coming from high quality and strong wood, the Beyond Adjustable Abiie Wooden High Chair with Tray is a perfect choice for those children who are growing so fast because it will be able to sustain their ever increasing weight without any problem. Due to the fact that some kids may try to play with their chairs when tired, this brand will withstand all the hitting and abuse to ensure it does not affect its quality or strength at all. This is due to the heavy-duty wood material that is strong enough to counter any improper use by the child.

With its ability to support up to 250 pounds, this is a unique brand of wooden high chairs that have the ability to accommodate the heavy kids without breaking or even shaking a bit. The Beyond Adjustable Abiie Wooden High Chair with Tray has a stable and sturdy structure that will never fall while your kid is seating on it. This is to mean that the brand is safe and secure and you should not worry about your child while on this seat because nothing will ever happen to them.

The chair has a smooth finish that successfully prevents dirt build-up, rotting, effects of water on the surface, and other elements that may scratch or scorch it. Other features that make this wooden high chair brand stand out from the rest to include easy to clean, good stability, easy to assemble, and many others. Read More: Best Infant Car Seats Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. The Winco CHH-103 Mahogany Unassembled Wooden High Chair

Winco CHH-103 Unassembled Wooden High Chair, Mahogany

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Apart from being the number one brand of wooden high chairs in the market currently, it is also among the affordable models that you can acquire without straining your finances much. It offers good support to every child who wants comfort and relaxation. In addition, parents will get the opportunity to feed and wean their newborns easily because the child will love the comfort and soothing feeling that comes with using this chair.

For instance, what parents should know about this model is that it comes in separate parts, and you will have to install it yourself to make it functional. But this should not be your worry in that you will require the essential tools and simple skills to assemble this wooden high chair brand without any needed complicated knowledge. The seat features high-quality and robust wood that enhances durability and extended use for your toddler to get comfort and relaxation for an extended period. Moreover, it is a portable brand which is light in weight so that your kid will not struggle to move it from one place to another.

When you decide to go out on the beach or to the woods for a holiday, the young one will also need to feel the comfort and relaxation wherever you go. Therefore, this is a perfect brand that you can collapse so that it fits the trunk of your car for easy transportation. Finally, this is a flexible seat that suits both boys and girls, is resistant to water, and also easy to clean. If you care properly for this wooden high chair it will last for many years which will eliminate the chances of you buying a new brand every time you get a newborn baby.

Wooden High Chairs Buying Guide

Laying your hands on the right and functional wooden high chairs is very easy if you have an idea of what you are looking for. But due to the fact that there are many brands and models in the market with nearly the same features and specifications, making the right buying decision is very difficult. Follow this buying guide to ensure you get the opportunity to choose a good chair:

Available Space: High Chairs come in different sizes which mean that there are those that will occupy a large space and those which will only take a little space. Before deciding on which model to settle for, you need to first look at the available space at home so that you will not buy a chair that is too big and will occupy all the space you have. This will bring a lot of inconveniences because you will not be able to put other important furniture or items in that room.

Age and Weight of the Child: The wooden chair you are buying should be able to perfectly accommodate the weight of your child to eliminate chances of the chair breaking or collapsing under high weight. An older child will need a stronger brand that will withstand the weight and height whereas an infant will need a smaller unit that is not too high.

Safety and Security: The safety and security of your newborn while seating on the chair is a very important factor that should be on top of your list when deciding the perfect brand to buy. It should be able to support the child well without chances of falling or hurting your kid in any way. Additionally, it should not contain sharp edges, protruding ends or anything else that may be harmful to the child.

Stability: The wooden chair you intend to buy should be strong and sturdy so that it is able to support the weight of your kid without falling. Ensure the chair has a wide base and if possible, it should have non-skid legs that will not slide even if the child starts playing while seating. This will help to get rid of accidents that may cause injuries.


After reading this article of the seven leading wooden high chairs that are available in the market today, you now have an idea on what brand and model will suit your kid. Select the best one from the list above and give your toddler a reason to relax and be comfortable.

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