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Hair makes everyone look attractive, appealing, and impressive especially if you decide to groom them in the best way. Many people love them when they are long, while some love short hair. But despite the fact we like to groom our hair to make them look stylish and fashionable, they sometimes grow in areas which become inconvenient. For example, some people have hair on their faces while others have them all over the body. Therefore, you will need a hair removal machine to get rid of hair in the unwanted parts and make you comfortable.

A variety of women value facial beauty which will be a great hindrance if they will experience growth of hair on the face. As a result, they always work round the clock to ensure they eliminate any trace on their faces so that they look attractive and impressive. Going to the dermatologist frequently to remove your hair may be costly and time-consuming.

This has prompted many people to have their own hair removal machine at home so that they can remove hair at any time they want. With many of these gadgets available in the markets today, getting the best product is difficult. The following is a list of the ten leading hair removal machines to help you in making a purchase decision. They include;’

SaleBestseller No. 1 Braun Epilator Silk-épil 9 9-720, Hair Removal for Women, Wet & Dry, Womens Shaver & Trimmer, Cordless, Rechargeable
SaleBestseller No. 2 Braun IPL Hair Removal for Women, Silk Expert Pro 3 PL3111 with Venus Smooth Razor, FDA Cleared, Permanent Reduction in Hair Regrowth for Body & Face, Corded

1. The Remington IPL6500QFB iLight Ultra Face & Body At-Home IPL Hair Removal Machine

Remington IPL6500QFB iLight Ultra Face & Body At-Home IPL Hair Removal System, Permanent Results w/ Powerful 24Jsper Flash- FDA Cleared for Women & Men

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Have you ever gone to the dermatologist for hair removal only to find that it leaves your skin rough and coarse? Well, this is because some of them use the same machine on many people which may lead to the spread of infections and other conditions that may damage your skin. Therefore, it is advisable to have the Remington iLIGHT Body in your possession because it removes all hair in your body with a difference.

This device comes with an electronic cable that allows you to connect to a power source. This will save you the time you will need to charge the machine before using. Consequently, it has a skin contact sensor that that is important in ensuring you don’t harm your skin. Also, it ensures the headpiece flush is positioned against the skin for a smooth hair removal exercise.

2. Braun Silk-Expert 5 IPL Hair Removal Machine for Women Plus Gillette Razor

Braun Silk-Expert 5 IPL Hair Removal for Women, Bd 5004, White/bronze + Gillette Venus Razor

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When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, many people are tempted to go for weird methods that promise the best results but in the end, deliver nothing at all. This functional product is a unique machine that helps to break the re-growth cycle for enhanced performance. It targets the hair follicles under the surface of the skin to ensure it disturbs the roots and eliminate growth.

The Intense Pulsed Light Braun Gillette IPL 5001 Venus Silk-expert Body and Face Best Hair Removal machine with Razor provides 300,000 flashes which are powerful enough to give you extended soft skin without hair. Additionally, it comes with a versatile model hair removal machine that enhances a smooth and gentle touch that best suits the sensitive parts of the skin.

3. Full Body IPL LumaRx Body and Face Hair Hair Removal Machine

LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device for Face & Body

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When you use this device consistently and effectively, you will get up to 95% reduction of hair in your skin. This device has a state-of-the-art technology that makes it a leader in the industry. It uses light pulses which is an effective technology that guarantees permanent hair removal within a short time. Also, it has comfort filter technology which enhances comfort to the user and eliminates any possibility of skin irritation or burning.

For effective performance in all the parts of the body, this device comes with interchangeable caps which give you a chance to use it in various body parts. One cap is best for the smaller contoured areas while the other one is for the larger body areas. This is very important because it is a great opportunity for you to remove hair in all parts of the body with just one machine. Read More: Best Hair Brushes Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The Remington IPL6000Q iLight Pro plus Quartz At-Home IPL Hair Removal Machine

Remington IPL6000Q iLight Pro plus Quartz At-Home IPL Hair Removal System, Permanent Results w/ Powerful 16Js per Flash – FDA Cleared for Women & Men

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If you need a permanent solution to shaving the hair in your legs or entire body after every two days, you need the best hair removal machine. It is evident that shaving your body each day is not only time consuming but also inconvenient and may render your skin rough and coarse. The Remington Pro iLIGHT Plus Quarts Hair Remover is the best solution for this because it uses the light pulse technology that leaves your skin looking smooth and soft at all times.

This device is coded which means that there is no need to charge it in order to function. Additionally, it comes with a skin tone sensor that helps you to determine whether the texture of your skin is fit for this machine. This will eliminate any possible reaction or damage to your skin in case you have a soft or sensitive one that is not compatible with the device.

5. The Veet Light-Based Infini’Silk Pro IPL Hair Removal Machine for Home

Veet Infini'Silk Pro Light-Based IPL Hair Removal System For Home Use

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If you need a long-lasting solution to your hair and eliminate those trips to the dermatologist, the Veet Light-Based Infini’Silk Pro IPL hair removal machine is your best pick. First of all, this device has a skin tone sensor which helps to determine if your type of kin is compatible with this device or not.

In addition, it has a skin contact sensor which ensures the flush window is against the skin and give a treatment that will not harm your skin in any way. This machine is ideal for removing hair in underarms, stomach, legs, chest, bikini line, and many others. Finally, it has five light energy levels which give you the opportunity to control and manage the energy intensity applied on your skin.

6. The LumarRx Mini Hair Removal Machine

LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Device, Mini

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Coming sixth among the best hair removal devices in the market is the LumarRx Mini which is Amazons bestselling brand. For a long-lasting hair treatment, this machine has IPL technology which gives you permanent removal without harming or damaging your skin in any way. It provides ample light spectrum all thanks to its powerful wavelength of 600 to 1200nm.

The LumaRx Mini is best for small and large body areas and gives a precise treatment to any body part. In addition, it comes with 6000 flashes per every rechargeable cartridge which enhances effective removal before the charge runs out. It is light and has easy to use features including a nice grip that is comfortable to handle and use. The only thing you should know about this product is that it is effective on light to medium skin tones and may not function well on the other types. Read More: Best Electric Shavers Reviews & Buying Guides.

7. The Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal Machine Professional Results at Home

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System, professional results at home

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This is another product that brings a permanent solution to those unwanted hairs in your body. With Philips being a popular brand in the industry, this is a product with numerous positive reviews and good ratings in online stores because of its performance, helpful features, and the best results. It uses pulsed light technology that emits heat and directs it to the hair follicles. This will tamper with the growth and cause them to enter a resting phase.

More often, UV lights emitted by some devices may cause side effects to the skin or even damage them. But the IPL Philips Lumea Comfort Hair Removal Machine has integrated UV filter that will protect your skin from the harmful rays. Moreover, it comes with five adjustable light energy settings which give you the opportunity to select a viable mode to match the type of your skin.

8. Sensilight Permanent Hair Removal Machine for Men. Using IPL Technology

Sensilight Permanent Hair Reduction Device for Men. Using IPL Technology. Great for back, chest and large areas (Blue)

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Occupying the eighth position is the Sensical SensiLight which offers advanced hair removal that will leave no trace of it in your skin after the process. Additionally, it leaves your skin smooth and soft, and you will never notice that there was hair there in the first place. What makes this brand the most soughed-after product is the fact it has the ability to eliminate dark hair that contains more melanin without the need to repeat the process over and over again.

This device uses IPL technology which delivers the best results and gives you a permanent solution. Additionally, it has unique sensors that allow you to determine whether it can do well with your skin or not. Finally, it features an advanced double safety mechanism which best suits the underarms or the face.

9. The MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device – Reliable Body Hair Removal Machine

MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device - Reliable Body Hair Removal System - Uses Intense Pulsed Light Technology for Permanent Hair Removal - Ideal for Men and Women

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If you are still using the old methods of removing hair in your body, you need to embrace the changing technology. This product is an effective hair remover that uses advanced IPL technology that emits heat to the hair follicles to suppress their growth leaving your skin smooth and soft. The pulsed lights in this machine target the melanins that are present in the hair follicles to destroy the re-growth ability and give the best solution to.

This machine has a skin tone sensor to help you establish whether your skin is compatible with this device or not. This will eliminate chances of skin irritation, damage and even sensitive skin for using the wrong methods. In addition, it has AC adaptor that will give you continuous use without compromising its quality or performance. Read More: Best Electric Shaver Razors for Men Reviews & Buying Guides.

10. The Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert Face & Body Hair Removal Machine with Razor

Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001 Intense Pulsed Light, 300,000 Flashes, Face & Body Hair Removal System with Razor

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This is yet another functional hair removal device that uses advanced technology to deliver the best results. It has IPL technology that uses light pulses to prevent re-growth and leave your skin looking smooth and free from unwanted hair. Also, it comes with three mode systems that include gentle, normal, and extra to suit different levels of use. The gentle and extra modes are best for beginners who are still learning to use this device.

This device comes with 300,000 flashes that can eliminate any trace of hair and give you a soft skin. With all the features and the best performance this machine has, it is pocket-friendly which means anyone can afford without much strain. Finally, it is light in weight which is advantageous because you can carry it to any place you want without feeling the weight.

Hair Removal Machine Buying Guide

Before you buy any of this hair removal machine, you need to be careful so that you get a good product that is best for you. Therefore, keep in mind the following factors to help you in making a buying decision:

Skin Tone: Before you decide on what brand best suits you, first consider the tone of your skin because some brands may not be compatible with any skin tone.

Number of Flashes: The number of flashes in every device is important because that will determine the performance and results. For you to get the best results, go for a device with higher flashes for effective hair removal.

Safety: Safety is a crucial consideration you should look out for. Make sure you buy a product that has all the safety features. This will eliminate any accidents, scratches, or damage to your skin which may result in various skin condition and ailments.

Hair Color: The color of your hair is another factor you need to consider for you to get a good product that will function well on your type of hair. Some devices may not be effective on dark hair while others may not work well with brown hair.

Price: Different brands and models come with various costs due to various features, specifications, accessories, and other things. Therefore, just a product within your price range but with all the features you need.


Removing hair in your body is a hard task that requires effective hair removal machine. For a smooth and soft skin free from unwanted hair, select a functional device from the list above and get rid of those unwanted hairs today.

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