Top 10 Best Remote Thermostats

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Gone are the days when you have to rush home in the evening so that you can switch on your heating system for your family to enjoy entering a warm room even if the temperatures outside are freezing. With the recent change in technology, you can now relax wherever you are knowing that your house will be heating at the right time. This is because there is a new gadget on the market which uses sensors to estimate the right time to start warming the house and when to switch off.

Remote thermostats are advantageous in many ways because it saves you on time and energy consumption. It is a great transformation in the heating industry with automatic thermostats that present the best house heating means without necessarily having to monitor it every other time.

Having this gadget in your home is the best way to reduce the cost of electricity due to the fact that it will not heat your home when it is not necessary. With the many benefits that remote thermostat has, there are currently many brands of remote thermostats which become a great challenge when choosing the best one for your home needs.

If you are looking for one, here is a list of the ten best remote thermostats to give you a heads up on which brand has the features and specifications that best suits you. They include:

SaleBestseller No. 1 Introducing Amazon Smart Thermostat – ENERGY STAR certified, DIY install, Works with Alexa – C-wire required
SaleBestseller No. 3 Google Nest Learning Thermostat - Programmable Smart Thermostat for Home - 3rd Generation Nest Thermostat - Works with Alexa - Stainless Steel

10. The 2nd Generation ecobee Remote Thermostat

ecobee 2nd Gen Smart Thermostat

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Whether you need to warm your office, sitting room, or children’s room, it is important to find a perfect brand that will give you the best functionality and deliver good results. The 2nd Generation ecobee remote thermostats allow you to save up to 23 percent of energy costs because it uses less energy but emits a substantial amount of heat that will create a good environment in your home. In addition, you can decide to use it in the garage, office, business units, or even in the small café so that you and your visitors can enjoy a conducive environment.

If you think you might be late to go home, there is nothing to worry about because you can easily control this brand from wherever you are. You can set it to start heating your home at a certain time and will automatically switch on when it reaches that time. Also, it can sense the room temperature and when it is below a certain degree it will start to warm your house. This is one of the best remote thermostat brands that you need to buy because it is cheap and affordable but performs the intended function without any failure.

9. The 3rd Generation Nest Learning Remote Thermostat

Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat – Smart Thermostats

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In case you want to improve technology and how you control your gadgets at home or in office, there is no other better way apart from the use of this remote thermostat. It is compatible with the Amazon Alexa application which means that you will be able to control it using your voice. It might seem like a fairy tale but this is how technology can make work easy without straining or exhausting yourself having to be there all the time or calling an expert who knows how to operate it.

What you need to do with this brand is that you just have to command it to set temperatures to the degree that will best suit your needs. For example, if it becomes chilly in your room the best way is to command it to automatically switch off when temperatures fall up to a certain level and it will exactly do that. This is the most intelligent remote thermostat that delivers the best results according to your expectation. For enhanced convenience, this brand allows you to connect to Wi-Fi giving you the opportunity to control the temperatures in your room or office by using your Smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

8. The RCHT8610WF2006 Programmable Honeywell Remote Thermostat

The RCHT8610WF2006 Programmable Honeywell Remote Thermostat

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It is now possible to relax at home with total confidence knowing that you can achieve favorable temperatures without having to struggle so much. This remote thermostat brand comes in an attractive and impressive design that brings a nice decoration to your home. Moreover, it is compact and small in size which means that it will not occupy a large space in your home. This is a good feature because you will not have to forego an important gadget like this due to lack of space which will in turn subject your home to unfavorable conditions.

The RCHT8610WF2006 Programmable Honeywell remote thermostat is the only way to save those unmanageable electricity bills which are a result of faulty heating systems that do not regulate the amount of energy they use. This thermostat works in a unique way where it is able to sense the presence of a person in the room. This means that when the machine will not detect anyone, it will not start heating your home which is a step in reducing energy costs. Installing and operating this gadget is easy and simple where you just have to follow the instructions on the manual and keep the machine functioning. Read More: Best Thermometers Reviews – Buyer’s Guide 

7. The RTH9580WF Programmable Honeywell Remote Thermostat

Honeywell Programmable Thermostat (RTH9580WF)

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This is yet another amazing brand of remote thermostats from Honeywell which gives you the opportunity to control the temperatures of your room remotely from any place you are. What you only need to do is log into your computer, Smartphone, tablet or any other android gadget and control this thermostat. For example, if you know that you want to get home in the next one hour you can simply use your phone to switch it on so that you reach home to a favorable condition where you will not have the need to struggle to stabilize the condition of your room.

Equipped with a Smart Response Technology, the RTH9580WF Programmable Honeywell remote thermostat will learn your heating cycles and store the data so that the next time it will know that you need to heat your room at a certain time. This is an important feature because there will be no need to switch it on again but will start the heating automatically it reaches the exact time you always switch it on. Also, it will be able to ascertain the specific amount of time it takes to reach your preferred temperature. By so doing, it helps to greatly save energy and enhance comfort.

6. Honeywell Programmable RTH6580WF Remote Thermostat

Honeywell RTH6580WF Programmable Thermostat

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At the sixth position among the leading remote thermostats in the market today is this Honeywell brand which is one of the bestselling products on Amazon at the moment. It comes with a number of awesome features which gives you the opportunity to sit and unwind your day in a conducive environment without feeling any cold or freeze. Most importantly, the thermostat boasts of seven programmable days that makes this gadget save the settings for a whole week. This includes morning, evening, daytime, and night making sure that you enjoy full functionality at any given time.

Featuring a large backlit display with easy to read information, this is among the easy to use models that allow everybody at home to operate. Even young children will get a chance to cool their rooms without any supervision because this brand is simple and easy to use. Moreover, it uses Wi-Fi connectivity where you can remotely control it using your computer, Android device, tablet or any other gadget that is compatible with it.

5. The UP500W Emerson Remote Thermostat

Emerson Sensi - Termostato Wi-Fi para Smart Home, ST55

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This is the most flexible brand of remote thermostats available in the market today which can perfectly work with all types of air conditioner systems that are present in a variety of homes. Therefore, if you have these two gadgets at home you don’t have to worry because they will function together giving you a conducive environment that you will definitely love. Another important feature of this brand is the Wi-Fi connectivity that offers you a chance to control it wherever you are by using your Android device or laptop.

Installing this brand is quite simple and will not take more than twenty minutes before it starts to function. You will not need any complicated tools or any intensive knowledge but you can just follow the simple and easy to read instructions on the user manual and your thermostat will be in place within the shortest time possible. Another outstanding feature of this brand is the ability to use voice commands to set its functions. Instead of struggling with the settings which might be more complex than you expect, you have to command it with your voice and it will do exactly as you say. Read More: Best Fire Extinguishers Reviews & Buying Guides.

4. The 2nd Generation ecobee Remote Thermostat With Sensor

ecobee3 2nd Generation Thermostat with Sensor

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If you are after a thermostat that will substantially reduce energy consumption and save you on electricity bills, this is the right product to purchase. It has a powerful sensor which detects whether there is someone in the room or not. When there is no one, it will not operate even if the temperatures are down until it senses a presence. In addition, it is able to sense the temperature in the room and start heating when it is too low. This is the best way to save energy and reduce electricity bills because it will not warm an empty room and also when the outside weather is very hot.

The 2nd Generation ecobee Thermostat with Sensor allows hands-free control which means that you don’t have to be present there in order to adjust your thermostat. It uses a remote control mechanism that includes voice commands to make it functional. Furthermore, it is compatible with Wi-Fi connectivity so that you get the opportunity to control it at any place you are by just using a tablet, laptop, IOS, or any android device.

3. The 2nd Generation VINE Remote Thermostat

VINE 2nd Generation Smart Thermostat

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This is another remote thermostat brand that is fully compatible with nearly all the HVAC systems that are available in the market which means that it is convenient and functional. With its small and compact design, this brand will not take up a lot of space in your home or office which makes it fit for those places with a space challenge. You can fix it in one of the corners in your living room and will give you the comfort and relaxation you deserve.

It supports Wi-Fi connectivity ensuring you get a chance to control its functioning anywhere you are without having to wait to get home so that you can manually switch it on. What stands out from this device is the fact that it can sense the degree of temperature in the room. When it falls below the required level, it will automatically switch on the heating which is fundamental in saving energy. Most importantly, this remote thermostat is cheap and affordable despite all the state-of-the-art features and specifications it has.

2. Electric Wiser Schneider Remote Thermostat

Schneider Electric Wiser Smart Thermostat

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Before concluding the list of the leading remote thermostats that are available in the market currently, let’s look at this Schneider brand which promises the best results that no other brand can. It comes with a simple and sleek design that is a great addition to any home or office. Your visitors will definitely love the look of this device not to mention the conducive warm environment they will get even if the temperature outside is too low.

This remote thermostat brand is compatible with Amazon Alexa allowing you to use voice commands to control its functions. You can simply ask it to set the temperatures at 30 degrees and the next thing you will feel is the rising warmth in your room. Fixing and installing this thermostat at home is easy and simple without the need for expert or professional help. You can undertake the installation alone by only following the instructions on the user manual which will be cost-effective. Read More: Best Bathroom Scales Reviews & Buying Guides.

1. Ecobee SI Remote Thermostat

ecobee Si Thermostat

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It is time to change the conditions of your home and do away with the chilly surrounding by acquiring this Amazon’s bestselling brand of remote thermostats. This is the best way to improve the automation of your home and give your children and visitors the reason to stay indoors because of convenience and comfort. This brand supports Wi-Fi functionality ensuring you get the chance to adjust the settings remotely from anywhere you are using your Android phone or laptop.

Ecobee SI Thermostat features a simple and easy to understand user interface where you can personalize and program it to function according to your need. Additionally, it has built-in Live Weather functions which are important in saving energy and reducing electricity expenses. The moment you install this remote thermostat in your home or office you will notice a difference in your energy consumption because they will substantially drop compare to using the old models. Lastly, it is easy to fix this brand in your home due to the fact that you will only need the basic tools that are readily available at home to make the installation complete.

Remote Thermostats Buying Guide

Due to the popularity of these gadgets, many people are scanning the market for it but most of them do not know how to get the right product. This is the reason why a number of users end up with the wrong thermostat that will not function optimally. For you to get value for your money, follow this buying guide to know exactly what to look for in a good brand:

Sensors: Most remote thermostats come with sensors that ascertain different aspects in your home but you should be extra careful because not all of them have the exact type of sensors you need. There are those that sense the presence of anybody in the room before functioning and also those that sense the degree of temperatures in the room. Hence, choose the type of sensors that will suit your needs.

Easy Installation: Remote thermostats should not be complex gadgets that will require intensive skills on how to install and fix. Ensure you choose a brand that is easy and simple to install so that you save on installation cost because you will not have to call an expert. You may first ask if the model you intend to buy comes with a user manual or not for you to know which brand to settle on.

Wi-Fi Functionality: When looking for remote thermostats to buy you will find those that allow remote control by just connecting them to your Smartphone or laptop so that you can adjust the settings wherever you are. Therefore, look if it allows Wi-Fi connectivity before making a purchase decision.

Compatibility with HVAC Systems: You will find out that not all remote thermostats are compatible with HVAC systems. If you want to use your thermostat with these air conditioners it is advisable to find a brand that will work well with the type of system you have to ensure it functions optimally.

Price: Scan the market for all the thermostats that will capture your attention and compare their prices and the features they have so that you get the opportunity to purchase a cheap model but with the features you need.


The above list contains the leading remote thermostats in the market with all the features and specifications of each brand. it is now your turn to select the best that impresses you considering all the factors and the above buying guide.

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