Dazzling Crystal Dulozek Sputnik Chandelier Review: Elegant Lighting for Every Room

Are you looking to ‌add a touch⁣ of modern⁣ glamour to ⁢your living space? Look no further⁤ than ‌the Dulozek 12 ⁣Lights Sputnik⁢ Chandelier. This ‌stunning ​piece features a beautiful diamond star design that⁤ brings a touch of luxury to ⁣any room.

Crafted from metal and crystals, not plastic, this chandelier is not​ only⁤ visually appealing but also ‌built to last. ‍The nanometer cut crystal beads reflect light‌ beautifully, creating a ⁢dazzling‌ display of colors‌ that will transform your space into a work of art.

Whether you want to ⁤create a cozy⁤ atmosphere in ‍your dining room,⁢ add a touch‌ of wonder to your bedroom, or simply enhance your living ​room ⁢with ⁣marvelous lighting, this⁢ chandelier is the perfect ⁤choice. Imagine the personalized touch this branch-shaped chandelier will ‌bring to your space.

With adjustable cable ⁢length and compatibility ‌with dimmable‍ bulbs, ⁣you have the flexibility ‌to customize the lighting effect to suit your preference.‌ Elevate your⁣ home⁤ décor with the ​Dulozek 12 Lights Sputnik Chandelier ⁢and ⁣let its beauty illuminate your world.

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Our modern crystal Sputnik chandelier is‌ a stunning⁤ addition to⁢ any room⁤ in your home.⁢ With a diameter‌ of ‌21.65 inches⁣ and a top width of 4.7 inches, this chandelier is made of high-quality metal and crystal materials, ensuring durability ⁢and‍ elegance. The 59-inch adjustable cable allows for customizable hanging ⁤options based on your needs.

The diamond-studded design of ⁣this chandelier creates a luxurious visual experience, reminiscent ‌of a glowing dandelion or fireworks. The nano-cut crystal beads reflect light beautifully, splashing sunlight ⁣into rainbows ‍around ⁣the ​room. Whether ​you’re looking to add⁢ a charming glow to⁣ your entryway, create ambiance in the‌ dining room, or enhance the ‌lighting ⁤in your ⁣bedroom, this elegant chandelier‍ is ⁤sure ‌to elevate your space with individuality and style.⁤ Explore different‌ lighting effects⁤ by choosing​ the right bulbs for a personalized ambiance.

Product Dimensions: 21.65 x⁤ 21.65 x 78.7⁢ inches
Item Model Number: 12​ Lights
Date First Available: December ⁤12, 2023
Manufacturer: Fu Dikang
Country of Origin: China

Transform ⁢your space with ​the beauty and allure​ of this exquisite Sputnik chandelier. Elevate your home decor and ⁣lighting with this captivating⁤ piece that brings a ⁤touch of luxury and sophistication to any room. Crafted with precision and ⁢style, this chandelier ⁢will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of your interior design. ‌Don’t miss out ⁤on the opportunity to add a touch ⁢of elegance and charm to your‌ home ‍- order yours today!

Key Features and Design

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When ‍it comes⁤ to the of this ‍stunning chandelier, we were⁤ truly impressed. The diameter of ​the light ⁣fixture is 21.65 inches, ‍making it a‍ substantial centerpiece in any room. The top canopy⁣ measures 4.7 inches in width, while ⁣the‍ adjustable ‌cable length of ‍59 inches allows for customization to fit your space perfectly. Crafted ⁤from metal and crystal materials, this chandelier exudes elegance and durability, surpassing‌ typical plastic constructions.

The design of the‌ chandelier ⁣is ​what truly sets it ⁣apart. Featuring a diamond‌ starry sky design, it brings a luxurious visual experience to any space. The quiet‍ stars twinkle with brightness, resembling a glowing dandelion and fireworks. The nanometer-cut crystal⁢ beads⁤ create ‍a smooth and ‍shiny finish, splashing sunlight⁤ into rainbows. As​ the light hits the crystal beads, they scatter hundreds of rainbow prisms in the air, creating ⁣a mesmerizing⁢ effect. Whether you want to add⁤ a charming glow to your‌ entrance ‍or‌ living room, set the​ ambiance in your dining area, or enhance the ‍lighting in your bedroom, this ⁢unique‌ Sputnik chandelier is ​sure to make your space feel personalized and luxurious.

Detailed Insights and ⁤Usage Tips

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In terms of size and material, the Dulozek Sputnik⁣ pendant light ⁢boasts a‍ diameter of‌ 21.65 inches and a top canopy width of 4.7 inches. ⁢The cable length is a⁣ generous 59 inches, allowing for adjustable customization as needed. Crafted from metal and crystal materials rather than plastic, this light fixture exudes beauty and ⁣durability that⁤ will‍ stand the⁣ test of time.

The intricate design of this pendant light features a diamond stardust motif that delivers a lavish visual experience. The quiet stars shimmer with ‌bright light,​ resembling a luminous dandelion‍ and firework shape. The nano-cut crystal ‍beads glisten ⁤smoothly, splashing sunlight into⁣ rainbows. When the light ​hits the crystal beads, ‌they scatter hundreds of rainbow prisms⁣ in the air. ⁢Whether enhancing your entryway,⁢ setting the mood in your⁣ dining room, or adding wonderful​ illumination ‍to your bedroom, ‌these stunning diamond style pendants will brighten up your living⁤ spaces. Imagine the ​personalized touch this ‌branch-shaped pendant light can bring to your home.‌ Experience​ the magic of the Dulozek Sputnik pendant light today!


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The modern ⁢crystal Sputnik chandelier⁤ is truly a sight to behold. ​Made from a combination of metal and crystal⁤ materials, it exudes beauty and durability like no ​other. The diamond ‌star design brings a luxurious visual experience, reminiscent of a‍ glowing dandelion⁢ or fireworks. The nano-cut crystal beads create a⁣ smooth and shiny effect, reflecting light​ in ⁣a way that resembles‍ a ​splattering of sunlight into a rainbow. When the light hits the crystal ⁤beads, they⁣ throw ⁣hundreds of ⁤rainbow⁤ prisms into the air, creating ‍a magical ambiance in‌ any room.

This⁤ chandelier is a versatile piece that can ⁢elevate the ​décor of your ​entrance, living room, dining room, or ‍bedroom. Whether you want to add a‍ touch of glamour‌ or create ⁤a cozy atmosphere, this diamond-style lighting⁣ fixture ​is sure to impress. Imagine‌ the ​personalized charm​ this branch-shaped chandelier can‍ bring‍ to‌ your living space. The ​adjustable lighting feature allows‌ you to control the brightness, depending on the ‌type of bulbs used.⁢ With⁤ its exquisite design and ​high-quality materials, this Sputnik chandelier is ‌a statement piece that will not disappoint.

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Customer ⁤Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After researching customer feedback on ​the 现代水晶度洛色吊灯,烟花蒲公英‍ Sputnik吊灯灯具吊灯吊灯适用于餐厅、卧室、厨房、客厅. (Dulozek, ‌12 Lights), ⁣we have compiled a summary of their thoughts and experiences with this stunning chandelier:

Review Rating
“Absolutely gorgeous chandelier! It adds a touch of elegance⁤ to my dining room and the crystal details sparkle beautifully when the light hits them.” 5/5
“Easy to install and the‌ adjustable arms make it customizable to fit any space.‌ The⁣ dimmable ​feature ⁢is a plus for‌ setting the perfect ambiance.” 4/5
“The⁤ design is modern and⁢ sleek, perfect​ for my contemporary‌ bedroom. ⁤The​ 12 ⁢lights provide ample brightness without ​being too overwhelming.” 5/5

Overall, customers seem highly satisfied with the 现代水晶度洛色吊灯,烟花蒲公英 Sputnik吊灯灯具吊灯吊灯适用于餐厅、卧室、厨房、客厅. ⁢(Dulozek, 12 Lights) chandelier, praising its elegant design, easy installation, and adjustable features. The sparkling crystal details ⁣add‌ a touch‍ of ‌glamour to‌ any ‌room,⁢ making it a⁢ versatile ⁢and stylish lighting option ⁤for various spaces.

Pros & ⁤Cons

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  1. The chandelier⁤ is made of high-quality metal and crystal materials, ensuring durability and a ⁣more elegant appearance than plastic alternatives.
  2. The ‍diamond star design⁣ creates a luxurious ⁢visual ⁣experience, with ⁢sparkling stars emitting bright light that resembles glowing dandelions and⁣ fireworks.
  3. The nano-cut ⁢crystal‌ beads ⁣are ⁤smooth and ​shiny, dispersing sunlight‌ into⁣ rainbows when​ hit by light, creating a dazzling display.
  4. This chandelier can add a ​charming glow⁣ to entryways or living rooms, set ‍the mood‌ in ⁢dining areas, or⁢ provide ​wonderful lighting in bedrooms, making⁢ any space feel personalized.
  5. The chandelier is ⁢compatible ​with G9/110-120V⁣ bulbs (not included) and can be dimmable when used with⁤ compatible dimmable bulbs and⁤ switches, offering different lighting effects based ‍on your choice.


  1. The ‍chandelier does not come with​ bulbs, so you⁣ will ⁢need to ‍purchase compatible​ G9 bulbs separately.
  2. While ​the crystal beads ⁢create a beautiful ‍light ⁤display, they may require regular cleaning to maintain their shine and sparkle.
  3. Adjusting ‍the‌ cable length⁤ may be ‍necessary, which ⁢could‌ require professional installation if not familiar⁣ with ⁤electrical work.
  4. The dazzling design may not appeal​ to those seeking a more minimalist or understated lighting fixture.
  5. The chandelier may be on the larger side with a ‍diameter of 21.65 inches, so⁤ make sure ‌to measure your space adequately before purchasing.


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    Q:⁣ Can the height of the chandelier be adjusted⁢ to fit⁤ different room sizes?

A: Yes, the cable length of the chandelier is 59 inches/150 cm and can be adjusted as needed to fit the height requirements of your room.

Q: What type of bulbs does this ⁢chandelier use?

A: ‌The chandelier uses G9 bulbs with a voltage of 110-120V. Please note that the ‌bulbs are not included with the purchase.

Q: Is this chandelier compatible ​with dimmable bulbs?

A: Yes, the ‌chandelier is ‌compatible⁣ with dimmable bulbs and can be used with ​a dimmer switch for​ customized lighting options.

Q: What is the country of origin for this ⁣product?

A: The Dulozek Sputnik Chandelier is produced in⁤ China by the manufacturer Fu⁤ Dikang.

Unlock ‍Your⁢ Potential

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As we‌ conclude our review‍ of the “现代水晶度洛色吊灯,烟花蒲公英 Sputnik吊灯灯具吊灯吊灯适用于餐厅、卧室、厨房、客厅. (Dulozek, 12 Lights)”, we​ are ‌truly impressed by its elegant design and captivating beauty.‍ Crafted with high-quality materials and exquisite ⁢craftsmanship,⁣ this chandelier is sure to elevate the ambiance ⁢of any room in your home.

With its diamond starry ⁢design and sparkling crystal beads, the ⁣Dulozek Sputnik Chandelier creates a luxurious visual ​experience‌ that is⁢ both‌ stunning ⁣and mesmerizing. Whether placed in your entryway, living room, dining ‍room, or bedroom, this ⁢chandelier will ​add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your ‌space.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make your space​ truly⁤ unique‍ with the Dulozek Sputnik⁣ Chandelier. ⁤Click the link below to bring home this exquisite piece of lighting artistry:

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Illuminate your home⁢ with beauty and ⁢style today!

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