Double the Protection: Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Black Screen Protector for HTC U11 – Lifetime Replacement!

Welcome to our product review blog! Today, we want to share our experience with the Mr.Shield⁤ [2-PACK] Designed For⁤ HTC U11 [Tempered Glass] [Full Cover] [Black] Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement. We have had‍ the chance to try out ⁢this screen protector and we are excited to tell you all about it.

First of ‌all, let’s talk about the protection​ offered by this⁣ screen protector. From ⁢scratches to high impact drops, the‍ Mr.Shield HD Clear Ballistic Glass has got you covered. With a ⁤surface hardness ​of 9H, this screen protector is highly durable and scratch-resistant, giving you ‌peace of⁤ mind when it comes to protecting your HTC U11’s screen.

One thing that impressed ⁣us about this screen protector is its precise laser cut tempered glass⁣ with polished, rounded edges. This ‍design not ‌only ensures a perfect fit for​ your device, but also gives it a⁤ sleek and attractive ⁤look. The 99.99% HD clarity and touchscreen accuracy make using your phone a breeze, with no noticeable impact on‌ the quality of your screen’s display.

One ‍of⁢ the standout features of this product ⁤is the‍ lifetime⁤ replacement guarantee offered by Mr.Shield. Should ⁢your ‍screen protector become damaged or unusable, you can easily request a replacement hassle-free. This level of customer care and support gives us the confidence to recommend this product to others.

Overall, our experience with the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Designed ⁢For HTC ‌U11 [Tempered Glass] [Full Cover] [Black] Screen Protector with⁢ Lifetime Replacement has been outstanding. The‍ combination of its strong protection, sleek design, and lifetime ‌replacement guarantee make it a⁤ top choice ​for⁣ anyone looking ⁤to keep their HTC U11’s screen safe and beautiful. ‌Don’t take ‌any⁣ chances with⁣ your‍ valuable device​ – ⁤invest in‌ this screen protector and enjoy peace of mind.

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Overview of the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Designed For HTC U11 Screen Protector

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The Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Designed For HTC U11 [Tempered Glass] [Full Cover] [Black] ‍Screen Protector is a must-have for ⁤anyone looking to protect their HTC U11’s screen. With ​its HD Clear Ballistic Glass, ‌this screen protector provides excellent protection against scratches and high impact⁢ drops. The surface⁤ hardness of 9H ensures that your screen remains highly durable⁤ and scratch resistant, giving you peace of mind ‌when using your device.

One of⁢ the ⁢standout features of this screen ⁤protector is its precise laser cut tempered glass, which is made with polished, rounded edges.⁤ Not only does this give your screen a sleek look, but it also provides 99.99% HD clarity ‍and touchscreen⁤ accuracy.⁤ You⁣ can enjoy crystal clear visuals and smooth ‌touch responsiveness without compromising on protection.

We understand ⁢that accidents happen, which is why the Mr.Shield screen protector is protected by a No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement policy. If your screen protector ever becomes damaged, you can‌ easily get a replacement without any hassle or extra cost. This ensures ⁤that your device⁤ always stays protected, giving you peace of mind for‍ the ⁣lifetime of‌ your⁤ HTC‌ U11.

To get your ​hands on⁣ this reliable and stylish screen⁢ protector, visit our website and order​ the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] ​Designed For⁢ HTC U11 Screen Protector‌ today. Protect your device⁣ and⁢ enjoy ‌a worry-free experience with‌ this high-quality product.

Highlighting the ‍Distinct Features and Aspects of the ⁢Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Screen Protector for HTC U11

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When⁤ it comes ⁣to protecting⁤ your HTC ⁤U11, the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Screen Protector is an absolute must-have. With its ‌sleek and sophisticated design, this screen protector⁢ offers a range of distinct⁣ features and ‍aspects​ that ⁢set it apart from the competition.

First and foremost, the Mr.Shield Screen Protector boasts an impressive surface hardness of‌ 9H, making it highly‍ durable and resistant to scratches. This⁤ means you‌ can ⁤say goodbye to those annoying marks and​ scuffs ⁢that can easily ruin the ⁣look of your ⁣device. ⁣The precise laser cut tempered glass⁢ with polished and rounded ‍edges ‌ensures ‍a perfect fit and a seamless, bubble-free installation every time.

But that’s not all – the ​Mr.Shield Screen Protector also offers exceptional clarity and touchscreen accuracy, with a 99.99% HD clarity that allows you to fully enjoy the vibrant colors and ‍sharp details of your HTC ⁤U11’s⁣ display. Whether you’re browsing the web, watching videos, or playing games, you ⁤can trust that this screen protector won’t compromise the visual experience.

One ⁢of ‍the ⁣standout features of the Mr.Shield‌ Screen Protector is its lifetime replacement guarantee, provided by Mr.Shield. This means that⁣ if your screen protector gets damaged or‍ breaks, ‍you can ​simply contact Mr.Shield for a hassle-free replacement. No need to worry about spending money on a‌ new⁣ screen⁤ protector – Mr.Shield‍ has got you covered.

Overall, the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Screen Protector ⁣for HTC U11 is a top-notch ⁢choice⁤ for anyone⁤ looking to keep their device safe and secure. With its durable construction, crystal-clear clarity, and lifetime replacement guarantee, this screen protector has everything you need. Don’t take any chances with your valuable HTC U11 – get the Mr.Shield Screen Protector today and enjoy peace of mind knowing ‌that your device is fully protected.

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In-depth Review: Our Detailed Insights on the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Designed For HTC ​U11 Screen Protector

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When it comes to protecting our beloved HTC U11, we never compromise.⁣ That’s why we were excited to try ​out the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Designed For HTC⁣ U11 Screen Protector, and boy, were we⁤ impressed!

First off, let’s talk about durability. This⁤ screen protector is ⁤made with a high-quality tempered glass that ​has a surface hardness of 9H. What does that mean? It​ means​ that it ‍can withstand scratches and high impact drops, providing ultimate protection ‌for our device. No more​ worrying‍ about accidental bumps or scratches ruining ‍our pristine⁤ U11 display.

The precision and​ craftsmanship of this screen ⁤protector are truly remarkable. The tempered glass is laser cut with polished and rounded edges, ensuring ⁤a perfect fit on ​the screen. Plus, with 99.99% ⁤HD clarity, we didn’t notice‍ any loss in screen ⁤quality or visibility. The touchscreen accuracy was spot on, allowing us to navigate our ⁣U11 effortlessly.

One of the standout features of the Mr.Shield screen protector‌ is the lifetime replacement guarantee. If your screen protector ⁤gets damaged or shattered, simply contact their customer support, and they⁤ will be happy to send you a ⁢replacement. This peace of mind is priceless, knowing that our‍ investment is protected for the long haul.

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Designed‍ For HTC U11 Screen Protector. It combines top-notch durability, precise fit, and crystal-clear clarity into one package. If you’re looking for⁣ the ⁣ultimate screen protection for⁤ your HTC U11, we highly recommend giving this product ⁢a try. Upgrade your device’s safety today and grab your own ‌Mr.Shield [2-PACK] ‍Designed For HTC U11 Screen Protector on Amazon!

Specific Recommendations on Using the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Screen Protector‌ for HTC U11

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When it comes to protecting your HTC U11, we highly recommend‍ the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] ⁤ Screen Protector. With its advanced features ​and durability, your device will be ‍shielded from scratches and high impact drops. Here are our specific ‌recommendations on ‌how ​to make the most out of⁣ this screen protector:

  1. Clean the screen: ⁣Before applying ⁤the screen protector, make sure ⁤to thoroughly clean your HTC U11 screen. ‍Remove any ​dust, fingerprints, or smudges using a​ microfiber cloth or the cleaning kit provided. A clean surface will ensure proper adhesion and a bubble-free installation.

  2. Precise alignment: Aligning the ⁣Mr.Shield screen protector can be ‍easily done⁣ by referring​ to ⁤the laser-cut⁣ tempered glass.⁣ Take your ⁤time to carefully position the protector onto the screen, making sure it covers the entire display for full ⁤coverage protection.

  3. Smooth ⁢application: Once aligned, gently press down on the center of the screen protector and watch as ⁢it adheres to the screen. Use the provided squeegee or the‍ back ‌of ⁣a credit card to smooth out any ‌air⁢ bubbles that may appear. Start from the center and move towards the edges for a flawless result.

  4. Enjoy the ‌clarity and ⁤accuracy: With its 99.99% HD clarity and touchscreen accuracy,​ the⁣ Mr.Shield ⁣screen ⁢protector ensures that you can experience the full potential of your HTC U11’s display. Enjoy ⁢vibrant colors, sharp‌ details,​ and smooth touch response‍ without compromise.

  5. Lifetime replacement guarantee: In the unlikely ‍event that your Mr.Shield⁢ screen protector gets scratched ​or damaged, rest assured that you are backed ⁣by a hassle-free lifetime replacement. Contact Mr.Shield’s customer service and they will promptly assist you with a ‍replacement.

Protect your HTC U11 with the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Screen Protector and ⁢experience ‌worry-free ‌usage while​ enjoying the device’s ⁢stunning display. Don’t wait, ​get yours ⁤today on Amazon!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer⁢ Reviews Analysis

Here are some ⁤of the customer reviews for the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Designed For HTC U11 [Tempered Glass] [Full Cover] [Black] Screen⁣ Protector with Lifetime Replacement:

  1. This is the ⁤only‌ screen‌ protector I will buy from now ⁤on. It goes on so much easier than other ⁢brands and covers the whole screen‌ of my HTC ‍U11.

  2. I ‍like these a lot. The black ⁤outer edge design ‍is preferable to completely clear screen protectors. ⁤The sticky edges make it easier to ​remove​ if you put it on⁣ wrong. However, it does ⁤not protect well against⁢ dust or fingerprint⁣ smudges.

  3. The screen protector cracked randomly ⁤while putting ⁢on a⁤ tight ‍case, but the seller ⁤replaced it easily under the warranty. However, it is not very ⁢oil-resistant‍ and can make the screen unresponsive.

  4. Not only is the screen protector⁢ at a great price, but⁢ the customer service is excellent. The pack brings two tempered glass screen protectors and everything needed⁤ for installation. The customer service promptly responds to any issues and provides replacements.

  5. This ‍screen protector fits ‌perfectly with the‌ Spigen case and ⁢does not have any halo​ effect.

  6. While⁣ generally a fan of Mr Shield screen protectors, this⁣ one does ​not fit ‍correctly with a case on and is difficult to align. The “rainbow” effect occurs when the protector lifts with the case pushing it away from the glass.

  7. It ‍is the⁣ easiest screen protector to ⁢use, and it ​cracked ⁢instead ⁢of the phone screen when it did its job. The second one, however, failed to ‍save the screen.

  8. This screen protector‌ works wonderfully‌ when applied ‌carefully. It comes with two protectors and a‌ lifetime warranty at a cheaper price compared to similar products.

  9. Some customers⁢ reported a rainbow effect, incomplete screen coverage, and a ⁣dot matrix⁣ on‌ the screen.

Overall, customers appreciate the easy application and full screen ⁣coverage​ of ‌the ‍Mr.Shield screen protector. However, some reviewers ‌experienced issues ‍with oil resistance, screen responsiveness,⁣ and alignment with cases. The excellent customer service and lifetime warranty‍ were praised by many users.‌ While ‌a few had concerns regarding ​the‌ rainbow effect and incomplete ⁤screen coverage, most found it to ⁣be a good purchase.

Pros & Cons


  1. Dual pack: The Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Black Screen Protector comes in a set of two, offering double the protection‍ for your HTC U11.
  2. Tempered glass:‍ Made from high-quality tempered glass, this screen protector⁤ provides excellent protection‌ against scratches and‍ high impact ​drops.
  3. 9H hardness: ​The surface hardness of 9H ensures that your screen is highly‌ durable and scratch ‍resistant, keeping it safe from everyday​ wear and tear.
  4. Precise laser cut: The tempered⁣ glass‍ has been laser cut with ⁤precision, ensuring ⁣a‌ perfect fit for your ⁣HTC U11⁣ and allowing for‌ easy ⁣installation.
  5. HD clarity:⁤ With 99.99% ⁢HD Clarity, ⁣this⁢ screen protector maintains‍ the original display quality of your HTC U11, offering crystal clear visuals.
  6. Touchscreen accuracy: The tempered glass maintains touchscreen⁢ accuracy, allowing for smooth and precise navigation on your device.
  7. Lifetime replacement: The​ Mr.Shield screen ​protector is backed ⁢by ⁤a‌ No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement guarantee, providing peace of mind for your investment.


  • Fingerprint magnet: ‌The black color of the screen protector may attract fingerprints⁤ and smudges, requiring ⁢frequent cleaning.
  • Single color‍ option: ‌The screen protector is only ​available in black, limiting customization options for your ‌HTC U11.
  • No installation kit: The ‍package does not include ⁣an installation ‍kit, so you may need to ​purchase separate tools‍ for a hassle-free installation.
  • Potential halo effect: Some ⁣users have reported a slight halo effect around the edges​ of the screen, although this ‌may vary depending on individual devices and installation technique.


Q:‍ Can I use this screen protector with any other⁤ phone model besides the HTC U11?

A: Unfortunately, this screen protector is​ specifically designed for the HTC U11. It may not fit properly​ on other phone models, so we recommend using it only on the HTC U11 for the best results.

Q: How‍ durable is the Mr.Shield screen protector?

A: The Mr.Shield screen protector is highly‌ durable, with a surface hardness ‍of 9H. This means it can effectively protect ​your phone’s screen from scratches and high-impact⁣ drops.

Q:​ Will the screen‌ protector affect⁢ the⁣ clarity and accuracy of my phone’s touchscreen?

A: Not at all! The Mr.Shield‌ screen protector is made with 99.99% HD clarity ​and touchscreen accuracy, so you can still enjoy a⁢ clear and responsive user experience on your HTC​ U11.

Q:⁤ Can I⁣ get a replacement if the screen protector gets​ damaged?

A: Absolutely! The Mr.Shield screen protector is protected​ by our No-Hassle Lifetime⁣ Replacement policy. If you encounter any issues with your screen protector, ‌simply contact us and we will provide you with a replacement.

Q: Is the screen⁢ protector easy to install?

A: Yes, the Mr.Shield screen protector is designed for‍ easy installation. It is laser cut with precise measurements and comes with detailed instructions to guide‍ you through the process. Rest assured, you’ll have a hassle-free installation experience.

Q: Does ⁢the ⁣screen protector cover the entire screen of the HTC U11?

A:⁤ Yes,⁢ the Mr.Shield screen protector is a full-cover⁤ design, providing maximum protection for the entire screen of your HTC U11. You can enjoy ‌peace of mind‍ knowing⁢ that your⁣ phone’s display is well-protected from scratches and accidental drops.

Q: Can I remove the screen protector without damaging my phone’s screen?

A: Yes, the Mr.Shield ⁣screen protector can be⁢ easily removed without ⁢leaving any⁣ residue or damaging your phone’s screen. However, please note that once removed, the screen protector cannot be reinstalled.

Q: Does the ​black‍ color ⁣of the screen protector affect the visibility⁣ of the screen?

A: ⁢No, the black⁤ color of the screen ⁤protector does not ⁣affect the visibility of the HTC U11’s ⁣screen. The 99.99% HD clarity‌ ensures that you can still enjoy vibrant colors and ​sharp images on your‍ phone’s display.

Q: How many screen protectors⁣ are​ included in⁣ the⁢ package?

A: The package includes⁤ two​ (2) tempered ⁢glass screen protectors. This ‌gives you​ double the protection, as well as a spare in case ⁢you ‌need to replace the‌ first one ⁣in the future.

Q: Can I use this‍ screen protector‌ with a phone ⁢case?

A: ​Yes, the⁣ Mr.Shield screen protector⁣ is designed to be compatible with most phone cases. However, please ‍ensure that the case‍ you use is not excessively tight-fitting,⁢ as it may cause the screen protector to lift⁤ or peel off.

Embody ⁢Excellence

And that ⁣concludes our review of the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] ⁤Black Screen Protector for HTC U11. We have been thoroughly ‌impressed with this ⁣product, ​which offers double the protection for your ​valued device.

With its HD Clear Ballistic Glass, this screen ​protector ensures that your HTC U11 remains safe from scratches and high impact drops. The surface⁢ hardness⁤ of 9H⁢ makes it highly durable and scratch ‍resistant, providing long-lasting protection.

The precise laser-cut tempered glass with polished, rounded edges ensures a perfect fit, while maintaining 99.99% HD clarity​ and touchscreen accuracy. Your viewing ⁤experience will remain crisp and‌ clear,⁤ without compromising the functionality of your device.

What’s even more⁢ impressive is that this screen protector is backed by Mr.Shield’s ‌No-Hassle Lifetime Replacement guarantee. You can rest easy knowing that if anything happens to ​your screen protector, Mr.Shield will replace it without any trouble or additional‍ cost.

In conclusion, the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] ​Black‍ Screen Protector for HTC U11 offers exceptional protection, durability, and clarity. Don’t miss out on ⁢this opportunity to safeguard your HTC U11 by getting your own⁣ set of screen protectors today.

To purchase the Mr.Shield [2-PACK] Black Screen Protector for HTC U11, click ‍here: Buy Now. Your device deserves the best protection, so⁤ don’t wait any longer.

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