Kids Smart Watch LBS Tracker Review: A Disappointing Purchase

Are you in search ⁤of a smartwatch ⁢for your young‍ one that offers both functionality and peace of⁤ mind? Look no further‍ than the ‍Kids Smart Watch ⁢LBS Tracker! As‍ a parent, ‍we ‍know how important it is to stay connected ​with our children, even when they’re out ​and about. This smartwatch is‍ not just a stylish ‍accessory⁢ but ⁤also a​ reliable way to keep track ‌of your child’s whereabouts ⁤and ensure their safety.

With ⁣features like two-way calling, SOS emergency call button, camera, voice chat, and more,‌ this⁣ smartwatch is designed to cater to the needs ⁣of both‌ kids and parents. The AGPS+LBS Positioning technology allows for real-time ‌location tracking, giving you‍ the peace of mind knowing where ‍your child ⁣is at all times.

However, before you make the purchase, please note that this smartwatch requires a separate SIM card for operation.​ We recommend using a Micro SIM GSM Network like SPEEDTALK MOBILE⁣ for optimal performance. ⁤Despite this⁤ small requirement,‌ the Kids Smart ⁢Watch LBS Tracker is a practical⁤ and durable gadget that​ will surely make a ⁣great birthday gift for your ⁣child.

If you’re looking‌ for‌ a reliable smartwatch ‍for your little one, the⁢ Kids Smart Watch LBS⁢ Tracker is definitely worth considering. Stay connected,⁣ stay informed, and⁢ stay worry-free with this electronic⁤ toy that combines safety and fun in one stylish‍ package. After all, ⁤when⁤ it comes⁢ to our children’s safety and well-being, ‍a reliable ⁤and functional smartwatch can make all the difference.

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In ⁤our‌ experience⁤ with the Kids Smart Watch LBS Tracker, we have found that it offers a range ⁣of functionalities that are ‍sure to delight both kids and parents. The watch allows for two-way​ calling, SOS emergency calls,⁣ location ‍tracking, voice chat,⁤ anti-throw feature, stopwatch, clock, ‌and even math ⁣games to support‍ learning. Parents⁢ can easily ⁢control and monitor the watch through the accompanying app, providing peace of mind and​ keeping kids connected‍ in a fun and engaging way.

While ⁤some customers have reported issues with setup and connectivity, we believe that with⁤ the right ⁣guidance and ​troubleshooting, the Kids Smart ‍Watch LBS Tracker can provide ​a valuable and enjoyable ⁤experience for children. ⁤The combination of safety features, communication options, and entertainment functionalities make this smartwatch a​ thoughtful⁢ and practical birthday gift for‌ kids. For those interested in exploring​ this product further,​ we recommend checking out the‍ product⁤ link for more ​information and to‌ make a purchase.

Impressive ‌Features ⁢and⁢ Functionality

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The ‌Kids⁤ Smart Watch LBS Tracker offers⁣ a plethora of that​ make it a must-have for parents looking to keep track of their children’s ⁣whereabouts and safety. With the ability to make and receive calls, send voice/text messages, and utilize ⁣the one-key SOS emergency call function, parents ‍can stay connected with their kids at all times. The AGPS+LBS ⁢Position technology ensures real-time location​ tracking, providing parents with peace of mind knowing their child’s whereabouts. Additionally,⁢ the watch features a camera, stopwatch, math ⁤game,⁤ and anti-throw function, making it a versatile electronic toy for kids.

Moreover, the smartwatch allows parents to control and set it up through a user-friendly app. While the⁣ setup process may ‍seem daunting to⁤ some,⁣ the customer service⁣ team is ⁤always ready to‍ assist. Although a SIM card is required for the watch⁣ to function, ‌it’s ​a small inconvenience compared to the value and functionality this ​device offers. ​Overall, the⁣ Kids Smart Watch LBS Tracker is a practical ​and durable gadget that provides exceptional⁣ features and functionality for parents looking for a ‍reliable ⁤tracking device for their child. Grab yours now and enjoy a discount by‍ clicking‍ on ‌this link: ​<a Https://⁤

With its sleek design and comfortable strap, this smartwatch is sure to be a ‌hit with kids of all ages. The durable construction means it can withstand​ the wear and tear of everyday ​use, ensuring it lasts for years to come.

In ‌conclusion, the Kids Smart Watch LBS Tracker is a must-have device for parents looking⁤ to keep‌ their children ‌safe and connected. With its , this smartwatch ‍offers peace of mind and‌ convenience for parents while also providing entertainment ‍for kids. Don’t wait any longer, get your hands on this amazing device today!

In-depth Analysis and⁢ Recommendations

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Upon conducting ‌a thorough analysis and taking⁤ into account customer reviews,​ it is evident​ that ‍the Kids Smart Watch LBS Tracker falls short in various⁤ aspects. ⁢The performance of this device ‍seems to be a major concern for many users,‍ as they report issues with the app not functioning⁢ correctly, the‌ watch⁢ failing to send or receive texts, and‍ the location feature barely working. ‌Moreover, customers are dissatisfied with the value ⁣proposition of this ⁢product, labeling it as cheap and essentially useless. The difficulty in ‌setting up and activating⁢ the watch ⁢is another common complaint, with users ‍finding the‌ instructions to be disorganized and the overall process cumbersome. In addition, connectivity ⁢problems have been ​highlighted, with the‍ app frequently failing to ‍sync with ⁢the watch and indicating a lack of network⁢ connection.

Taking into consideration the customer feedback and​ our own analysis, we cannot in good faith recommend the Kids ⁣Smart Watch LBS Tracker to our audience. The issues surrounding performance,⁤ value, ease of use, connectivity, ⁢and time settings raise significant concerns about the functionality and⁢ reliability of this product. ⁤Instead, we advise exploring alternative options that offer ‍superior features​ and a more seamless user experience. ⁤Should you still wish ⁢to explore this particular smartwatch, you May want⁤ to consider reaching out to the manufacturer for potential solutions to the issues mentioned above. Additionally, ⁢seeking out more recent customer reviews or conducting further research to see if any improvements ⁣have been made since ⁣the ⁣initial⁤ feedback⁢ was provided may be beneficial. Ultimately, it is ⁣crucial to prioritize the safety and satisfaction of the user, and choosing ​a reliable and high-quality ⁣smartwatch for your child is essential.

Customer⁢ Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After reviewing multiple customer reviews, it⁢ is clear⁣ that the Kids Smart Watch LBS Tracker has received mixed feedback from​ users. While some customers appreciate the functionality​ and⁣ peace of mind ⁤it offers, others have faced challenges with setting it up‍ and using it ‌effectively.

Review Rating
“If your gunna ⁤get your kid‍ a ⁣reliable⁤ smart ‌watch spend a⁣ lil more because this​ watch hasn’t⁤ allowed me to ‌connect to the watch to⁤ add contacts, set up date ⁢or time, basically the APP is useless the watch can‍ make or receive‌ calls but as far as⁢ the other “features” they do not work.‍ Highly suggest getting a different watch. The reviews on this watch are very accurate.” 1/5
“Instructions not organized beginning​ to end, set up to trouble shooting.⁤ SIM card not recognized⁤ by watch. It keeps ‍saying​ Insert valid SIM card ‍into device. I wasted‌ time on setting up ⁤SIM card as well as money. QR codes on⁢ instruction sheet seem to lead to unrelated​ entertainment app, which I signed up with⁢ credit card. Big mistake!! Buyer Beware!” 1/5
“I cannot⁣ get the app to work which makes ‌the watch useless. All he‍ can do⁢ is ‍call me‍ and I can’t even save‌ my name on his watch. Keeps telling me it’s not connected to a network. I bought a plan with mint mobile that cost me a lot of money now ‌I ​can’t get it work.” 1/5
“Kids Smart Watch LBS Tracker – A great product that offers peace ‍of mind⁣ parents! My only wish is that it came ⁢with its SIM card included.” 4/5
“It‌ doesnt work on any app i cant even track my son ,cant set ‌the time ⁢and date⁣ and ill⁣ been spending 2 days to figure it out how to set the watch i wont buy this again..what a waste of ⁣money and the map is in hongkong and offline service.” 1/5
“You can’t ⁣set the time or date on this watch unless ⁤you connect ⁣to the ap, even‌ with service. I’ve tried both apps, connecting and disconnecting⁤ with⁣ no luck. The app ⁢won’t connect to the watch. I would have returned it ​if I didn’t miss the ⁤cut of date– that’s how long it took to figure out the ap is a ⁤piece ⁤of junk.” 1/5

From the reviews, it is evident that many customers have experienced difficulties with setting up‌ the watch, connecting to the ⁣app, and utilizing‌ its features effectively. Some users have also⁣ expressed frustration with the lack of included SIM card and the overall ‌functionality of the device. ‌While​ a few customers ⁣have‍ found the watch to be a reliable and helpful ⁣tool for‍ monitoring ⁣their child’s location, the majority of reviews highlight significant‍ issues‍ and limitations.

Overall, based on the‌ feedback​ from⁤ customers, we recommend exercising caution when considering ‌purchasing the ⁣Kids Smart Watch LBS Tracker, as it may not meet all⁢ expectations and requirements.

Pros & Cons

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Pros &‌ Cons


1. Waterproof⁢ design
2. Two-way calling feature
3. GPS ‌tracking for added⁤ safety
4. Math games for learning


1. Difficult setup process
2. App connectivity issues
3. ⁣Poor value for the price
4.⁣ Inconsistent time settings

Overall, ​the ⁣Kids Smart Watch LBS Tracker has some ⁣useful features like waterproof design ‌and GPS tracking, but it falls short in terms of Setup process,⁤ app connectivity, value for price, and ⁢time settings. It may⁤ still be a ‌good option for parents looking for a simple and ‍safe way to⁤ stay connected with their children.


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Q&A Section:

Q: Can this smart watch‌ be used to make phone calls?
A: Yes, this kids smart ⁢watch has the capability to make and receive calls‌ via the ‌contacts⁤ set by parents. It ⁢also has an SOS feature that can be set to call 3 ⁤emergency numbers in​ case of danger.

Q: Does​ the smart ⁣watch have GPS tracking?
A: Yes, this‌ smart watch uses AGPS+LBS Position‌ technology for real-time ‍location tracking. Parents ​can check the location of their child anytime using the app.

Q: How difficult is it⁤ to set up⁣ the smart watch?
A: Customers have mentioned that setting up this smart watch⁢ can be challenging and the instructions are not⁢ organized well. Some⁣ customers have also faced issues with the SIM ⁣card ‍not being ⁢recognized⁣ by the watch.

Q: Is this smart watch worth the money?
A: Customers have expressed dissatisfaction ⁢with the ‌value of this ⁤product, mentioning that it is not​ worth the money and that it is essentially useless. Some customers have also mentioned ​that they had to purchase ‌a separate SIM card for⁢ the watch.

Q: Does⁣ the smart watch have connectivity⁤ issues?
A: Some customers have reported connectivity ‍issues‍ with this smart‍ watch, mentioning ⁤that‌ the app ⁤does not sync with the ‌watch and keeps showing messages⁣ about not being connected to​ the⁤ network.

Q: Can ⁤the smart ⁣watch set the ⁣time and date?
A: ⁤Customers⁣ have had issues with the time settings​ of⁤ this smart watch, ⁢mentioning that it does not allow them to set the ⁣time and date properly. Some customers ⁢have also mentioned that the watch⁢ does⁤ not display ​the correct date.

Unlock ​Your Potential

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In conclusion, ‍our review‌ of​ the Kids​ Smart Watch LBS Tracker has ‍shown that it falls short of our expectations in terms of performance, value, ease of use, connectivity, ⁣and time settings.⁣ Customers have expressed​ dissatisfaction with its ⁢functionality and⁣ usefulness.

If⁢ you are‌ considering purchasing this product,⁢ we ​recommend that you ⁣explore other options that may better meet ⁣your needs ⁢and expectations.‌

For those ⁢interested in learning more‌ about the‌ Kids Smart Watch LBS Tracker, you can check it out ​on Amazon‌ by clicking on⁣ the following link: Kids Smart Watch LBS Tracker – Boys Girls Smartwatch Phone for 3-12 Year Old with⁤ SOS ​Camera Alarm Clock Call Camera Weather Stopwatch Voice Chat 1.44” Touch Screen Electronic Toy Birthday (Pink).

Thank you for reading our review and we​ hope you‍ find a product that suits your requirements better!

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