Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank: Fast, Convenient, and Compact Charging Solution

Introducing the Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank⁤ with Built-in Cable and AC Wall Plug! We’ve had⁣ the opportunity to try out⁢ this versatile and stylish power bank, and we are excited⁤ to share our first-hand experience with ​you.

The first thing that‌ impressed us about ​this power bank is its compact⁤ size. It’s about the size of two⁤ credit⁣ cards and ⁤weighs just as much​ as a can of coke, making it easy to carry around in your​ pocket or⁤ purse. It’s ​perfect for travel and won’t take up a ton of room in your bag. Plus, we ‍had ⁤no issues bringing it on the plane or going through security checkpoints.

Another feature that we loved is the built-in cables. This‌ power bank​ comes with ⁢both an iOS cable and a USB-C cable, so you don’t have to worry about carrying extra⁤ cords with you. The cables are already attached to the power bank,‌ making it super convenient‌ to charge⁣ your devices.​ And let’s not forget about ‍the AC wall plug that is⁤ also ‍built-in. This means ⁢you​ can charge the power⁢ bank itself directly from the wall outlet, eliminating the need for ‌additional accessories. It’s a⁣ simple and hassle-free charging solution.

Speaking⁢ of charging, the Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank is a fast charger. It has an output current of⁣ 2A for ⁤the cable and 3.0A for the USB-C port, allowing for quick and⁢ efficient ​charging of your devices. Plus, with its 10000mAh capacity,⁤ it can keep your device fully charged for up to 2 to 3⁤ times when you’re on the⁢ go.

We were ‌also ⁣impressed with the⁣ quality of this power ​bank. It​ is made with UL certified battery ‌cells, ensuring your safety​ while using it. The ultra-high density battery ⁤not only makes it slim and sleek but ⁢also contributes to its reliability.

While the majority of⁣ customers have had a ⁤positive ‍experience with this power bank, we should note​ that some‌ customers mentioned concerns ⁤about the charge level. Some mentioned that it​ holds ‌a charge for a long time and eases their mind, while a few others had issues with the charge not lasting or the prongs not⁣ elevating the charge.

In conclusion, the‍ Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank with Built-in Cable and AC Wall Plug is⁤ a compact and convenient charging solution. Its built-in cables and AC wall plug eliminate the need for extra accessories, ⁢making ‌it perfect⁢ for travel. With fast charging capabilities ⁤and a high capacity‍ battery, ‌it can keep your devices powered up on the go. While there have been some concerns about the ⁤charge level, overall, this power bank offers versatility and style in a‍ small and reliable⁤ package.

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Overview of the Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank​ with Built in Cable and AC Wall Plug

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The Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank with Built-in Cable and AC Wall Plug is a⁣ versatile and ‌convenient charging solution. With its slim design and multiple charging options, ⁣this power ​bank makes it easy to⁤ keep ⁤your devices ⁢charged while on ​the go.

One of the standout features of this power‍ bank ⁣is⁣ its speed. Customers rave about how quickly it charges their⁤ phones, making it a great charger for those who are always on the move. The built-in ⁤plug is another feature that customers​ appreciate, as it eliminates the need ‌for additional cords and allows for easy ⁢recharging ‌by simply ‌plugging it into the wall.

The size⁣ of the power bank is also a highlight. It’s small ​enough to fit ⁣into your purse or bag without taking up⁣ much room, making it perfect for travel. Customers have had no⁢ issues bringing it on planes or going through security checkpoints, ⁤and some even mention that it’s the perfect‌ size for sliding into a⁣ small purse.

The convenience of this power ​bank is a major selling point. ‌Customers love that it saves them from carrying around⁢ extra cords,​ and they find the built-in cables‌ to be handy and do the job well.‌ The⁢ power bank’s quality is also ⁤highly praised, with customers saying⁢ that it works great, charges quickly, and‌ does⁣ a beautiful job.

Some customers have ⁣mentioned ⁢that the‌ charge ‌level​ of⁢ the power bank is ⁢a bit inconsistent, with a few reporting ⁣that ⁢it ‍didn’t‍ hold a charge or ⁤lost its charge ⁢quickly. However, the majority of customers have been satisfied with ⁢the power bank’s performance.

Overall, the Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank with‌ Built-in Cable and AC Wall Plug is​ a reliable and convenient option for keeping your devices charged on the go. With its fast​ charging, compact‌ size, and built-in cables,​ it’s a must-have accessory for anyone⁤ who needs⁤ reliable power on the move. Click Here ‌to purchase the Metecsmart Portable Charger ​Power Bank with Built-in Cable​ and‌ AC Wall Plug.

Key Features and Benefits of the‌ Metecsmart Portable Charger Power‌ Bank

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Our Metecsmart ​Portable Charger Power ​Bank‍ offers a wide range of key features and benefits that make ​it a convenient and reliable charging​ solution for all your USB-C devices. Here are some of‍ the standout ⁢features of this​ power bank:

  1. Versatile Recharging: Our‌ power ‍bank supports four kinds of fast output and two kinds of input, ensuring that ‍you have multiple ⁢charging options at your fingertips. With a Micro USB⁢ output port, an AC wall plug, and a Type C ‍input/output port, you can easily charge your devices ⁤in the most convenient way for you.

  2. Compact⁣ and Lightweight: The size of our power bank is ⁤similar to that ⁢of‌ two⁤ credit cards, making it incredibly portable and ​easy to carry around. It weighs just 8.64 ounces,‌ so you can slip it into your ‌bag or pocket without adding ‍any ​bulk. It’s the perfect ​accessory for travel or ⁢when you’re on ⁢the go.

  3. Universal Compatibility: With ‌a‌ capacity of 10000mAh, our ‍power bank can fully charge your device two to three ‌times when you’re away from a power source. It’s compatible ⁤with IOS smartphones ⁢and ‌all USB-C​ devices,‍ including popular⁢ models like iPhone and Samsung. ​The built-in cables ensure hassle-free ⁢charging, and you‌ don’t have to worry about carrying extra ​cords.

  4. Rapid Charging: Our power bank delivers fast charging, thanks to its output current ​of 2A (cable) ⁤and 3.0A (Type C in/output port). You can quickly ⁢charge⁣ your devices, saving you valuable time and keeping you connected.

  5. Safety and Reliability: The Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank is built with UL certified battery cells, ensuring your safety during use. ⁣The ultra-high density battery is not only safe but also slim, making our power bank compact and easy to ‍handle.

With a 60-day full refund Policy and​ a 12-month warranty, we stand behind the quality‍ and performance of ⁣our ⁤power bank. ⁤If you’re ⁤not completely satisfied with your purchase or experience any issues, our ‌customer​ service team is ready to ‍assist you.

In summary, our⁤ Metecsmart Portable Charger⁢ Power Bank offers versatile ⁤recharging options, compact and‍ lightweight design,​ universal ‍compatibility, ‍rapid charging, and safety⁢ and reliability. It’s the perfect ‍charging ⁣solution for all your USB-C devices, providing convenience and peace of mind.

In-depth Analysis and Performance of the Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank

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In our in-depth analysis and performance review of the Metecsmart​ Portable Charger Power Bank, we have​ considered various⁤ factors such as customer reviews, speed, ⁢size, convenience, ‌cords, quality, color, and ⁤charge level.

Speed: Customers rave about the speed of this power bank,‍ stating that it charges their phones quickly and makes ⁣charging ⁤much easier. They appreciate the convenience it brings to their lives.

Size: The​ compact size of the power‍ bank is highly regarded by customers. ‌It is ​portable and does not take up much room in their purse or bag, making it perfect for travel. Customers have no issues bringing it on‍ planes or passing through security ‌checkpoints.

Convenience: ⁤The convenience ⁤factor is greatly emphasized⁣ by customers. They mention‍ that it⁢ saves​ them from carrying⁤ extra cords and clutter in their ‍carry-on. ​The built-in plug makes it easy⁣ to⁣ charge the power bank anywhere there ‌is a ‍household outlet.

Cords: Customers appreciate the handy built-in cords of the ⁤power‍ bank. They mention that ⁣it eliminates the need ⁣to ‍carry additional cords and the cord ‌is always there when they need it.

Quality:‌ The quality of the power bank is highly regarded by customers. They ⁣mention that it is a great product, does the job well,‍ and is handy to have.

Color: ⁢Customers find ‌the color of the ⁣power ⁣bank to be ‍beautiful and ‌stylish. It adds a touch of elegance to their charging experience.

Charge​ Level: Customers have mixed⁢ reviews about the charge level of the ⁣power bank. Some mention that it⁤ holds charge ⁤for a long time, giving them peace of mind. However, ‌there are some ‍who have experienced ‍issues with the‍ charge level, stating that it wouldn’t charge or lost its charge quickly.

Overall, the Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank with‌ Built-in Cable and AC Wall Plug‌ has received positive reviews for its speed, ⁣size, convenience, cords, quality , and​ color. However, there are some concerns regarding the ⁢charge level.

Our Final Verdict: Recommendations for the Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank

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After analyzing customer reviews and considering various factors, we have reached our final ‍verdict on the​ Metecsmart‌ Portable Charger Power Bank with Built-in Cable and AC Wall Plug. Overall, we ‍recommend this power bank for ⁣its ‌speed, convenience,⁤ quality, and versatility. However, there are‌ a few points to consider before making a purchase decision.

One of the ‍notable features customers appreciate‍ is the speed of this power bank. Many users mention that it charges their phone quickly, making it a great charger for their devices.⁢ Additionally, customers find the convenience of this power bank to be a standout feature. The built-in cables eliminate the need for additional cords, and ‌the plug attachment⁣ makes it easy⁤ to ​charge the‌ power bank⁤ itself without ⁢any hassle. The compact ⁣size of this ⁤power bank is also highly praised, with‌ customers mentioning that it fits comfortably in their purses and is perfect for travel. They ‌have also reported⁢ no issues bringing it on planes or passing⁤ through security‌ checkpoints.

While the majority of customers ⁢had positive experiences with ⁢the Metecsmart Portable Charger⁢ Power Bank,‍ a small number of users mentioned some⁤ downsides. Some customers had differing opinions on the ‍charge level,‌ with some praising ​its long-lasting battery life, while others experienced issues such as the power ⁣bank not charging their devices‍ or losing its ⁣charge quickly. It’s important to note these mixed reviews about the charge level and assess your own charging needs before making a decision.

In conclusion, the Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank offers ⁢speed, convenience, and quality, making it a reliable option for charging smartphones and USB-C devices. Its compact size ​and built-in cables make it a convenient choice for travel, and the rapid charging capabilities ⁤ensure your devices⁤ stay powered‌ up. Despite a few negative reviews regarding the charge level, the overall customer feedback is Positive, with many praising its performance and portability. We‍ recommend considering ‌your ‍personal charging needs and assessing the mixed reviews regarding ​the charge level before making a purchase‍ decision. Overall, the Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank ⁢is a versatile and reliable option for on-the-go⁣ charging.

Customer ⁣Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After carefully examining​ the customer ‌reviews for the Metecsmart Portable Charger Power⁢ Bank, ‌we have⁢ gathered useful insights to help you make an informed decision.

Positive Reviews

Here are some ‌positive experiences shared‍ by satisfied customers:

Review Highlights
I have used ⁢the charger several times ‌since I bought ⁤this ​and I find the size perfect⁣ for⁢ sliding it into my small purse.⁤ No addition ‌cords to carry and the charging is quick. Also the convenience of charging ⁣the charger is so handy with the plug attached. Compact‍ size, quick charging, convenient plug
I love not having⁣ to carry an extra phone cord everywhere, ‍this⁢ charger is​ super convenient and holds a​ charge ‌for a long time. Convenient ​built-in cable,‌ long-lasting charge
This was a wonderful purchase. My phone ​dies too fast and I need ‌to carry it around with me ​wherever I go! It is super helpful and charges quickly. Helpful for a ⁤fast-draining phone, quick charging
This ⁢is a great backup power source for iPhone‌ which is⁤ what I wanted. Very stylish (lavender) and holds charge for a long time! ​Like that it is a simple &⁢ pluggable (wall plug is part ‌of the unit) and ⁣the‍ cord is also part of the unit so one little apparatus that has all you need 🙂 Stylish design, long-lasting charge, all-in-one unit
Appreciated the ‍size and built-in cords.⁤ Colors ⁢are lovely as well. Got one for my daughter⁢ and one for me ⁤for a trip to Cozumel,⁣ Mexico. We had no ‌issues bringing them on the plane or going past any security checkpoints. Compact size, built-in cords, travel-friendly
This is exactly⁤ what is needed for travel! I bought 2 for my children and now ⁢plan to ​purchase⁤ one for myself. I used to travel with a charging cord all wrapped up in‌ a rubber band and the box as well as the actual charger. This charger works very well ‍and eliminates everything but this charger. It is about the size of an iPhone and⁤ does have some weight to it, which is expected since it is a powerful charger. Travel-friendly, eliminates the‍ need ⁣for multiple⁣ items, powerful
This is my favorite charger. I love that you just‍ plug it into the wall ​to ‍charge it. ⁣It has ‌the cable right ​there to charge my ​iPhone. I ⁢use it daily!! Convenient wall ‌plug, built-in cable, daily use

Negative Reviews

Although most customers ⁤were satisfied with the Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank, some raised ⁢a few concerns:

Review Concerns
I wish the life of the charger lasted a little longer, was on a flight for 3 hours and the it didn’t last. Also, it would be better if the charge left on the charger ⁤was more visible. The percent‍ of charge left‌ is⁤ not available ⁣only a light ​but I didn’t even​ see it until it was almost dead. It’s ‌a perfect⁣ size, it’s not heavy. Short battery life,​ lack of visible battery indicator

Overall, ​the majority of customers enjoyed the convenience, ‍portability, and functionality of the Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank. ​The positive reviews outweigh the negative ones, making it ‍a recommended choice​ for anyone seeking a fast, convenient, and compact charging solution.

Pros & Cons

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Speed Size Convenience Cords Quality Color Charge Level
Customers‍ like the speed of the power bank. They say it charges their phone​ quickly and makes charging much easier. Customers like the size⁣ of the power bank. They say it’s portable and great for​ travel. Customers find the convenience of‌ the power bank to be a great‌ feature. They mention that it saves them clutter and is handy to use. Customers like the cords of the power bank. They mention that it has ⁢a handy plug built in and eliminates the need⁤ for additional cords. Customers are satisfied with the quality of the power bank. They⁣ say it works well and does⁣ the job. Customers are satisfied ​with ⁢the color of the power bank. They mention⁢ that it has a beautiful ⁢color and is stylish. Customers have mixed opinions about ⁢the charge level of the power bank. Some say⁣ it⁢ holds charge for a long time, while others ‌have experienced issues with it.


  • Some customers⁣ have experienced issues with ⁣the​ charge level​ of the power bank.
  • One ​customer mentioned ‌that ⁤the size and weight of ‌the ⁣power⁣ bank is larger compared to other portable chargers.
  • One customer ‌mentioned ⁢that the percent of charge left is not easily visible.
  • One customer mentioned that the charger didn’t last for a 3-hour flight.
  • One customer mentioned⁤ that‌ the smaller built-in charger didn’t work for their device.


Q: Is the Metecsmart Portable Charger Power Bank compatible with all USB-C devices?

A: Yes, the Metecsmart Portable Charger Power ‌Bank‌ is compatible with all USB-C devices, including smartphones and other smart ​devices.

Q: Does the power bank come ⁢with built-in cables?

A:​ Yes, the power‌ bank comes with⁤ built-in ‍cables. ‍One cable is ‍compatible with iOS smartphones and devices, while the ‌other cable is a USB-C cable.

Q: How fast does the⁢ power bank charge⁣ devices?

A: The power bank has a fast charging capability, with an output current of 2A (for the built-in⁢ cable) and 3.0A (for the Type C in/output port). This⁣ means it can charge your devices quickly.

Q: How long does it ‌take to recharge the power bank?

A: The power bank can‌ be recharged in approximately 3.5 hours with ⁣a USB input port of 5V 3.0A.

Q: Is the‍ power bank portable and ⁤lightweight?

A: Yes, ⁤the power bank is designed⁣ to be⁢ portable ⁢and compact. It is approximately the size of two ⁤credit cards and weighs⁤ about the same as a can of‍ coke. This‍ makes it convenient⁣ to carry around.

Q:⁤ Can I​ charge the power ​bank directly from a wall outlet?

A: Yes, the power bank has a built-in AC wall plug, allowing you to charge it directly from a wall outlet. This eliminates ⁣the‍ need for ⁢additional charging cables.

Q: Is the ⁤power bank safe to use?

A: Yes, the⁢ power bank is built with UL certified battery cells, ⁣ensuring ⁣safety during use.‌ It also has an ultra-high density battery, which makes it both slim‍ and safe.

Q: How many times can ⁣the power bank fully⁢ charge a ​device?

A: The number⁢ of charges depends on the specific device. With a 10000mAh ‌capacity, the‍ power bank can fully charge most devices 2 to 3 times.

Q: Can‍ I bring the ‍power bank ‌on an ‍airplane or pass through security checkpoints?

A: Yes, customers have reported that they had no issues bringing the power bank on the plane or going ⁤past security checkpoints. It is safe and approved⁤ for travel.

Q: Are there any negative aspects of the power bank?

A: Some customers have mentioned that they experienced issues with the ⁢charge level of the power⁢ bank. While some say ‌it holds ‍a charge for‍ a Long time, others have reported that it drains quickly. Additionally, a few⁢ customers have mentioned that⁢ the built-in cables are not very durable and may need to be replaced after extended use.

Experience Innovation

In conclusion, the Metecsmart Portable Charger Power⁢ Bank is ⁤truly a fast, convenient, ‍and compact charging solution⁤ that will revolutionize the way you power up your devices. With its built-in cables and AC wall⁢ plug, you can say goodbye to⁤ tangled cords and cluttered bags. Customers have ⁢raved about⁣ the speed, quality, and⁢ convenience of this power bank, praising its quick⁢ charging capabilities and handy plug. The size of this portable charger is perfect for‌ travel, fitting comfortably in your purse ​or carry-on. It’s also ⁢airline-friendly, making it a⁤ breeze to take with ⁢you wherever‌ you go. The convenience ⁤of ​this ​power ⁤bank is unbeatable, saving you space and time. Customers have also loved the built-in cables, eliminating the need to carry extra cords. The quality⁢ of this product has received high praise, with customers ‍saying ⁢it ⁢does a beautiful job and works great. The color ⁢options⁢ are ​also a hit, with customers loving the stylish and lovely shades. While some customers have mentioned mixed experiences with‌ the charge level, the majority have ⁤found it to be long-lasting and reliable. Overall, the⁢ Metecsmart Portable​ Charger Power Bank is a versatile and⁢ dependable companion ⁣that will keep your devices ⁤powered up wherever you⁤ go. Don’t miss out on this game-changing charging solution – click the link below to ​get yours now!

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Remember, ​never run out of power again ⁣with ‌the Metecsmart ⁣Portable Charger Power Bank!

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