Premium Healing Crystal Set: Amethyst, Celestite, Selenite

When ​it comes to adding positive energy and good vibes to our home décor, we ⁤are always on the lookout for unique and beautiful crystals. That’s ‌why we were thrilled to come across‌ the Dancing Bear Amethyst Cluster Cut Base, ⁢Celestite, & ‌Selenite Tower 3 Pc Set. This premium‍ grade A healing ​crystal collection⁤ is not only stunning but also thoughtfully curated ⁤for optimal​ crystal healing practices. ⁤As someone⁤ who⁢ values the power of crystals, we were excited‌ to try‍ out this set and ⁣incorporate‌ it into our​ daily routine. Join​ us as we dive into our ⁢experience with this Bohemian home ⁢décor set and explore the metaphysical benefits it has ‍to offer.

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The ​Dancing Bear ​Amethyst Cluster Cut⁢ Base, Celestite, & Selenite Tower 3 Pc Set is a​ beautiful addition to any home decor. ‌The deep purple Amethyst emits peaceful energy, perfect for setting on an altar in your space. Pair it with‌ the Celestite, known for its calming and​ soothing properties, to ⁤create a peaceful ​ambiance. The Selenite Tower⁢ can be used to charge and clear⁢ other crystals, making ⁢this set perfect ⁣for crystal ⁤healing practices.

Hand-sorted for the highest quality, each piece ‍in ‌this ‍set is carefully assembled in‍ the USA by a ​dedicated ‌team in Eugene, Oregon. Not only will you⁣ benefit from the positive vibes these crystals bring, but your purchase also helps to support⁣ charitable causes worldwide. With a ⁤100% satisfaction guarantee, you ⁢can shop confidently ⁢knowing ⁢that if you’re not completely happy,⁢ your money will be refunded plus all shipping ‌costs. Elevate your ⁣space with this premium grade crystal set ​for a boost of good vibes ‍and positive energy. Shop now on Amazon!

Features and Aspects of the Dancing Bear Amethyst Cluster Cut Base

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The Dancing Bear ⁤Amethyst Cluster Cut‌ Base, Celestite, ‍& Selenite Tower set is truly a⁢ stunning collection of healing crystals. The deep​ purple hues of the Grade A amethyst emit ​peaceful ⁤energy, making it perfect for creating a calming atmosphere in your home. The Celestite Cluster and Selenite Tower add a touch of lightness and tranquility, perfect​ for ‌clearing⁤ negative energies and promoting peaceful dreams.

We love that the stones are hand-sorted to⁣ ensure the best quality for crystal ‌healing practices. The variety of shapes and sizes adds a unique touch to each set, ‍making it ⁤a beautiful addition ​to any home décor scheme. Plus, with a 100% satisfaction ‍guarantee, you⁤ can trust that your purchase is backed by a commitment to your happiness. If ‍you’re looking to boost ‍positive vibes and bring beauty ⁤into your surroundings, this 3 Pc‌ Healing Crystal Collection is a must-have. Check it out on Amazon today!

Detailed ‍Insights and Recommendations

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Our experience with the Dancing Bear Amethyst Cluster Cut ​Base, Celestite, and Selenite Tower ​3 Pc‍ Set was truly‍ transformative. The‍ deep purple hue of the Grade⁤ A amethyst‌ emitted ​a sense of peace ‌and tranquility, perfect for ​setting an altar in our home. The selenite’s ability to charge and clear other crystals left us feeling uplifted and light, while the calming and⁤ soothing energy of the celestite made ​for peaceful dreams when placed near our bed.⁢ The variety of shapes ⁢and sizes in the set added a unique ⁣touch to our⁢ home décor⁤ scheme, ⁤boosting positive vibes all around.

We were‌ impressed by the meticulous hand-sorting of ⁣the crystals and ⁣the dedication of the team in Eugene,‍ Oregon who assembled the set with care. The 100% satisfaction guarantee provided us with peace of mind, knowing that we could return ​the product if not completely happy. Overall, ​this Healing Crystal Collection ⁢exceeded our expectations‌ and we highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their surroundings with natural good vibes.

Enhancing Your Home Décor‍ with Good Vibes

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Enhancing⁢ our home​ décor with natural good vibes ⁤has‌ never been easier⁣ thanks ‌to this premium grade A crystal set⁢ from ⁤Dancing⁤ Bear. The ⁤Amethyst⁤ Cluster, Celestite, and Selenite⁢ Tower are carefully hand-sorted for the best healing practices, ensuring that we‌ receive top-quality⁣ stones to bring positive energy⁢ into ‌our space. ‍Each piece is ⁤unique in shape and size, ‌adding ⁣a touch ‌of ​bohemian charm to ‌our home.

With the Amethyst emitting peaceful​ energy, the Selenite charging and clearing other crystals, and the Celestite bringing ​soothing vibes for peaceful dreams, this ⁣3-piece set is perfect for creating a ⁤serene atmosphere in any room. By incorporating these healing⁣ crystals into our⁣ home décor scheme, we ⁢not only⁣ boost positive vibes but ⁢also support a charitable cause, as Dancing Bear donates 10% of profits to those in need worldwide. Experience‌ the power of crystal healing and elevate your living space with this beautiful set.

Are you​ ready‍ to⁣ enhance your home décor⁣ and surround yourself with good‍ vibes? Elevate your space with this premium crystal set from⁣ Dancing Bear. ​Add‌ beauty and‍ positive energy to your‍ surroundings with Amethyst, Celestite, and​ Selenite⁣ crystals carefully⁤ hand-sorted for the best​ healing practices. Transform your space into a ‍sanctuary of peace and ⁢tranquility while also supporting a charitable cause with every purchase. Bring ‍the power of crystal healing into your home today! Check it out here.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer​ Reviews Analysis

We are thrilled to see such positive⁢ feedback‌ from our customers ‌regarding the Dancing Bear‍ Amethyst Cluster Cut Base, Celestite, ‍& Selenite Tower 3 Piece Set. ‌Let’s dive into the⁢ reviews:

Positive⁤ Reviews:

  • “This is my 3rd time buying crystals from Dancing Bear. They⁢ are my⁤ go to place for‍ crystals‍ now. Everything I’ve received from ‌them has been beautiful and high quality. Their prices are unbeatable for what you get! The crystals in ​this 3⁣ piece set were for a⁣ gift and they were hard to give away! ⁣The amethyst ⁤was⁣ incredible! I will buy myself 1 someday ‍and it ​will ‌be from ⁤dancing bear⁢ for sure.” – A satisfied repeat customer
  • <li>"Best stones, very rich colors! Packaged with care! 10 stars easy! Thank-you!" - Another happy customer</li>

    <li>"I have purchased items before from Dancing Bear and have always been satisfied with their items. This 3 piece set of Amethyst, Selenite and Aragonite are far the most impressive set I have received. Thank You, Dancing Bear...I'm doing a Happy "Birthday" Dance!!" - A delighted customer</li>

Negative ‌Reviews:

  • “I bought this kit for the Amethyst thinking it was 1.2lb ⁤(544grams!) and 7.6cm tall but in reality ⁤it is 5.5cm tall and ‌3.5cm ⁣wide and almost 2/3 of it is ⁤It’s⁣ rock/earth-like! As for its ‍weight, it is no more than 250 grams (with the rock/earth!) which is 2 times less than what was stated in the poster of this article! The advertising statement and photos are very misleading! Very very ​disappointed! ⁤Be careful, save your money!” – A customer disappointed with product size
  • <li>"This is a lovely set but a bit overpriced for what you get. The pieces are smaller than expected for what I paid and the amethyst does not stand up well for display. The rose quartz has brown imperfections that have to be hidden in such a way that this piece looks awkward. The selenite tower is cute but smaller than another one purchased elsewhere for a fraction of the cost. I just wish a little more effort had gone into quality control. Three stars for an average purchase." - A disappointed customer</li>

Overall,​ the​ Dancing Bear Amethyst ‍Cluster Cut ⁣Base, Celestite, & Selenite Tower ‍3 Piece Set seems to be a hit with customers,⁢ providing beautiful crystals at unbeatable prices. We appreciate all feedback and will continue to strive for​ excellence in our​ products.

Pros & Cons

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Pros &⁤ Cons


✅⁣ Premium Grade A Quality
✅ Hand-sorted,⁢ highest-quality gemstones
✅ Beautiful and calming energy
✅ A variety of ‍uses for ⁢healing and positive vibes
✅ 100%‍ Satisfaction Guarantee


❌ Stones ‌may vary in sizes and shapes due ​to natural variations
❌⁢ Celestite may be⁣ fragile ‍and⁣ require gentle ⁢handling


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Q: Can the size ⁣and shape of the crystals in the set⁢ vary?

A: Yes, since all our stones are natural, there ⁢will‍ be a⁤ variety of shapes and sizes. The average sizes for the ⁣Amethyst Cluster are 3-4″ H x 2-3″ wide,⁤ Celestite ​is about 1.5 x⁢ 2.25″W, and the ⁢Selenite Tower is 3″ tall.

Q: What are the primary uses for each ​crystal ​in the set?

A: Amethyst emits peaceful ⁢energy and can be placed on an altar in your home. Selenite charges other crystals and clears them of negative ‍energy. Celestite⁣ is‍ calming and soothing, perfect to place near your⁢ bed for peaceful dreams.

Q: How are the crystals⁤ in the set sourced and assembled?

A:⁣ We mindfully hand-sort our⁤ crystals to ensure you ⁤receive⁢ the very best ⁤for crystal healing practices. Our products are assembled in the USA by our​ dedicated ⁢team in⁤ Eugene,​ Oregon.

Q: How does the set contribute to a positive home environment?

A: Crystals add​ beauty and positive vibes to⁤ your surroundings, uplifting⁣ your spirits. Including them in your⁣ home décor scheme can help boost‍ positive energy.

Q: What is Dancing ⁢Bear’s policy on customer satisfaction?

A:​ We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not⁣ completely satisfied with your ‍purchase, we will gladly refund your money plus all shipping costs.

Q: How does​ Dancing ⁢Bear⁢ give back to the community?

A: We donate 10% of all our profits to charities near ​and ‌far, ‌so your purchase helps⁣ people in need worldwide.​

Experience the Difference

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As we come to the ⁣end of our review on the Premium Healing Crystal Set featuring Amethyst, Celestite, and Selenite, we ​want to remind you of the powerful healing properties⁢ and positive ⁤vibes‌ these⁢ crystals can bring ⁤into ‌your life. Whether ‍you’re‍ looking ⁤to purify your mind with⁢ Amethyst, find ‍peace and lightness with Selenite, or seek guidance from ‌your⁤ guardian angels⁢ with⁤ Celestite, these crystals ‌are⁣ sure to elevate⁤ your​ spiritual practice.

Remember, when you purchase from Dancing Bear, you’re not only bringing​ these beautiful⁤ crystals into your home but also supporting ‍charitable⁣ causes worldwide with our 10% donation commitment.

If you’re⁢ ready to experience the transformative energy of these‌ premium-grade crystals for yourself,‌ click here to get⁢ your very own set: Get your Premium ‌Healing Crystal Set now.

Thank you for joining us on this crystal healing journey. ⁣Wishing⁤ you nothing but good vibes ⁢and positive energy ahead!

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