The Perfect Mix of Comfort and Style: EDOW Throw Pillow Insert Review

Welcome to our review of the EDOW Throw Pillow Insert! We’re excited to share our experience with this lightweight and soft polyester down​ alternative decorative⁢ pillow. With ⁢its 18×18 inch size ⁢and white color, it adds a touch of elegance to any room decor.

When it comes to comfort, this pillow exceeded our expectations. The filler ⁣material is made of 100% polyester fiber, providing a plush and cozy feel. It ⁣has just the right amount of support, thanks to its great spring back ability.⁣ Whether you’re using it for lumbar‌ support or simply for decorative purposes, this ⁢pillow does⁣ not disappoint.

One of ⁤the standout features of this pillow insert is its ​machine washability. With a gentle cycle wash, ⁤it comes out looking as good as new. No need to worry about stains or spills ruining ⁣its pristine white ​look. Just toss it in the machine and let⁤ it do its‍ magic. We also found that⁢ drying it in a dryer or​ basking it in sunlight helped to restore its fluffy shape.

Upon receiving the pillow, we were impressed‌ by its packaging. It is compressed ⁤and vacuum sealed in a plastic bag for shipping purposes. This not ⁣only ensures its safety during transit but also saves space. Once opened, the pillow quickly regains‍ its ⁢shape and fluffiness.

In terms of customer satisfaction, EDOW provides exceptional⁣ after-sale service. They offer a 12-month warranty and are always ready to assist with any quality issues. If you’re not completely satisfied ⁣with your purchase, they provide replacements or ​refunds to ensure your utmost‌ satisfaction.

Overall, the EDOW Throw Pillow Insert is a fantastic‍ addition ⁢to any ⁤home decor. ⁤Its lightweight and soft nature make it perfect for snuggling up⁣ on⁣ the couch or adding a pop of‌ color to your living space. And with its easy care instructions, maintenance⁢ is a breeze. Don’t settle for less when⁤ it comes to comfort and style – give this pillow⁢ insert a try and you won’t be disappointed.

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Overview of the EDOW Throw‌ Pillow⁤ Insert

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Overview of the EDOW Throw Pillow Insert

The EDOW Throw Pillow Insert ⁢is a ⁢great addition to any home decor. It features a lightweight and soft polyester down alternative filler, ‍providing ultimate comfort and support. With a ⁤unit weight of⁣ about 0.66lb/300g, this pillow insert is​ designed‌ to be easy ⁤to⁢ handle and ⁢move around.

Not ‍only is‍ the ​EDOW Throw ​Pillow Insert cozy, but it is also easy to clean.⁣ You can simply toss it in the washing machine on a gentle⁣ cycle, ensuring it ‍stays fresh and hygienic. For best results, avoid bleach and ironing, ‍and⁢ instead, allow ‍the pillow to air dry or put it ​in the dryer for a quick recovery of its fluffy shape.

At EDOW, customer satisfaction is‍ our top priority.⁤ We offer a 12-month warranty ⁢and friendly after-sale customer ⁣service, ensuring that you are ⁣completely⁤ satisfied with your purchase. If you encounter any quality issues, please⁣ don’t ‌hesitate to contact us for a replacement or refund.

The EDOW‍ Throw​ Pillow Insert is the perfect solution for adding a⁣ touch ​of luxury and comfort to your space. Don’t⁤ miss​ out on the opportunity to enhance your home decor⁢ with this high-quality ⁣pillow insert. Shop now ​and experience the ultimate relaxation and support!

Highlighting the softness and lightweight design⁢ of ⁣the ⁣EDOW Throw Pillow Insert

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is essential when discussing this ‌product’s outstanding features. Made ‌with 100% polyester fiber, the​ pillow insert offers unparalleled softness that adds⁣ an extra touch of comfort⁣ to any space​ you place it in. This incredible softness is achieved through the use of upgraded microfiber polyester filler, which provides ⁢great⁣ spring back ⁢ability and medium support. Whether you’re ‌using it to enhance your⁢ living room ​decor ⁤or to elevate the comfort of your bedroom, the softness of this throw pillow insert is⁢ sure to impress.

In addition to⁢ its incredible softness, the EDOW Throw Pillow Insert ‍is designed to be lightweight, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a pillow that ​is easy⁤ to handle and move around.⁣ With a unit weight of just 0.66lb (300g), this‍ pillow ⁣insert feels light as a feather, yet still provides the perfect amount of‍ cushioning⁢ and support. ⁤Whether you prefer a fluffier pillow or a more‌ solid ⁣one, the lightweight design of this insert allows you‍ to customize your comfort by choosing the version that suits your preferences best. Don’t miss out on experiencing the‍ luxurious softness ​and lightweight design of the EDOW Throw Pillow‌ Insert ​– get yours today and elevate ⁢your home decor to new levels of comfort and style.

Visit Amazon to purchase the EDOW Throw⁢ Pillow Insert ⁤and‍ discover ⁤the perfect combination of softness, lightweight design, and comfort.

Detailed insights into the machine washable and durable features of the EDOW Throw Pillow Insert

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Detailed insights into ⁤the‍ machine ‍washable and durable features of the EDOW Throw Pillow Insert:

The ​EDOW Throw Pillow Insert is designed⁢ with convenience and durability in mind. One of its standout features is ⁤its ⁢machine washable design, making ⁢it⁣ easy to care for and keep clean. Simply toss ⁢it in the washing machine on ⁢a ​gentle cycle, and it will come out​ looking fresh and clean⁢ every time. This feature is particularly beneficial for ‍those who like to keep their pillows clean and free ​from allergens.

The pillow insert is made with a high-quality polyester fiber filler that not ⁢only provides great spring back ability but also offers medium ‌support. This ensures that the pillow‌ maintains its shape and provides a comfortable and supportive surface for resting or sleeping. The⁣ cover of the pillow is also made of polyester, adding to⁤ its durability and‍ longevity.

Another ⁣great feature of the EDOW Throw Pillow⁢ Insert⁤ is its lightweight and soft construction. This makes the pillow perfect for‌ those who prefer a softer and more⁢ comfortable pillow. However, if you prefer⁢ a thicker and more substantial pillow, there are other versions available for you to choose from.

Additionally, this pillow insert ⁣is compressed and vacuum sealed in a plastic bag for shipping purposes. This not only helps to ⁢protect the ​pillow insert during transit but also allows for easy and convenient storage.‌ Once the‌ pillow insert is removed from its packaging, it will quickly regain its fluffy shape, especially if dried in‌ a dryer or exposed to sunlight.

In summary, the EDOW Throw Pillow Insert is⁣ a truly versatile and ‍convenient pillow insert that offers machine washable and durable features.​ Its ⁢lightweight and soft⁢ construction⁢ make⁢ it perfect for those who⁣ prefer a softer​ pillow, and its high-quality polyester fiber filler ensures great spring​ back ability and medium support. With its compressed and vacuum-sealed ⁣packaging, this⁢ pillow insert is not only easy to store but also rebounds quickly to its fluffy shape. Experience the comfort and convenience‌ of ‌the EDOW Throw Pillow Insert for yourself by clicking here⁢ to ⁣make a purchase.

Specific recommendations for ‍enhancing home decor with ⁤the white ‌18×18 ​EDOW Throw Pillow Insert

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  1. Mix ​and match: The EDOW Throw Pillow Insert in white is a versatile addition to any home decor. Experiment with different colors and patterns by ​pairing this pillow insert with contrasting pillow covers. Playful combinations of stripes, florals, or geometric patterns ​can instantly refresh the look of your living room or bedroom.

  2. Layer ⁤it up: Create a cozy⁤ and inviting space by‍ layering pillows of different sizes and shapes. The lightweight and soft polyester fiber filling of the EDOW Throw Pillow Insert ensures that it doesn’t feel bulky when piled up with other pillows. ⁢Mix and match different sizes, ⁢such as pairing the 18×18 insert with smaller or larger pillows to add dimension and depth‍ to your decor.

  3. Add⁤ texture: Elevate the style of your ​home ‌decor by introducing different textures.⁣ The smooth polyester cover of the EDOW⁢ Throw Pillow Insert provides a sleek and polished look.‌ Pair it with textured pillow covers, such as faux fur, velvet, or‌ woven fabrics, to add visual interest and tactile appeal to ⁣your space.

  4. Switch ‌it up seasonally: ‍The⁤ EDOW pillow insert is suitable for all seasons. Embrace the changing seasons by switching out pillow covers in different colors ⁢and patterns. In the‍ spring and summer,⁤ opt ‍for light and ⁣bright covers that create a fresh and airy​ atmosphere. Transition⁣ into fall and winter⁢ with cozy and warm colors, such‍ as deep reds and rich​ blues, to create a snug ‍and inviting ambiance.

Enhance your home ​decor effortlessly with the⁤ white 18×18 ⁢EDOW ⁤Throw Pillow Insert. Its lightweight and‌ soft polyester fiber filling, along with its⁤ versatile size,⁣ make it a ⁢perfect choice for⁢ any room in⁢ your home. Whether you’re looking to refresh your existing decor or mix and match with ‌other pillows, ​this pillow insert‌ effortlessly adds style and⁣ comfort ⁤to your living space. ‍Upgrade your home decor today by getting your own EDOW Throw Pillow Insert from our⁢ Amazon store.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews ⁣Analysis

We have gathered a variety⁤ of customer reviews for the EDOW Throw⁢ Pillow Insert, and it’s time to ‍analyze them. Let’s take a closer look at what customers have to say:

Review 1:

“It’s a decent, ⁤soft throw pillow. The stuffing is better than the usual cheap polyester ‍stuffing you get at the ‌crafts stores. The stuffing isn’t in little bunches and seems like it ‍will hold its shape. We’ll see how long it lasts.​ Just be aware that this item comes⁢ vacuum sealed. It’s a bear ⁣to open the sealed⁣ bag. I ⁤had ​to use scissors and even then it⁣ was hard. I ended ‍up⁣ nicking the pillow and had to add a few stitches before ​putting a case over ⁤it.”

Review 2:

“Good pillow for craft projects or to ⁣just have extra decorated pillows in‌ the house.. ‌not ⁤too good with support but it does ⁤its job and it delivered fast.”

Review 3:

“It is perfect. Soft and surprisingly soft!!!”

Review 4:

“It started out like any other rainy⁣ day….ahem…I mean Amazon Purchase. I was just ‍looking‍ for one thing. A simple, ⁤single, fluffy 18×18 insert for my pillow ‍cover. You know‍ I’d overspent on the overpriced cover,‌ so I ‌turned to the ⁣only place ⁤I could for the​ best prices and ‍reasonable quality…Amazon, and their endless ⁣supply of suppliers. EDOW was in this fight​ for real. At‌ $9.99 and ‍a description like ‍“medium hold” and “sprint back ability” but also ⁢“microfiber polyester⁣ filler” and “lightweight”.

So the day⁤ came,⁢ Amazon Day, and my ‍delivery arrived. But my joy deflated like the pillow ⁣you see in picture. It was folded in 1/2 ​in the packaging and at first I ​thought⁢ I ordered the ⁣wrong size or they sent me the⁣ wrong item.⁢ Then I thought⁣ maybe it’s like‌ those rolled up mattresses you have to let “expand”. So I waited, but my pillow did not expand, or “spring back.” I didn’t ‌need much, but medium support would’ve been nice. A filled pillow that was still lightweight would’ve been nice.

So the only thing I can ‌figure ⁣is, on its way over here, some of the stuffing went missing. Maybe it ‍was stuffnapped, such a believable ‌possibility. I mean if ‍it’s truly microfiber and springs map, someone could’ve seen it and taken it to nap on.⁣ Thinking I won’t​ miss just a little bit. 🕵️ So ‌if ‍you ⁢can help me find ‌it I’d appreciate it.⁤ Otherwise, until they catch the stuffnapped, I recommend not getting this particular pillow.”

Review 5:

“Nice pillow‍ if you are placing on display… kind of flimsy though, would not use for a bed or ​to sleep on.”

Review ⁣6:

“Pillow is not ​fluffy and the fill​ is uneven, and no amount ‍of “fluffing” puffs up the pillow.⁤ If you are looking ⁤for a full insert, ​this isn’t your pillow. ​It’s very flat.”

Review 7:

“Perfect size and‍ very fluffy.”

Review 8:

“Arrived in good condition was vacuum sealed but after a little fluffing up the pillow was perfect!”

Review 9:

“If⁣ you have the choice between setting your money on fire⁢ or buying this‌ pillow, just‍ set​ your money on⁢ fire.”

Review 10:

“I ⁣thought these were ⁤literally a down alternative e.g. ‌stuffed with little pieces of polyester that can ‍be moved around, and that ⁢the pillow retains the ‘cushion chop’. Not so. Whilst⁣ the stuffing ‍is somewhat malleable, ​it’s not as malleable as Down. It’s ⁢effectively a square piece of polyester that doesn’t retain the chop. It is soft and quite fluffy when fitted to a smaller cushion cover (I put it into a cover​ 1‌ inch smaller).‍ Quality seems ‌OK – no holes, poor sewing/material, etc.”


After‍ analyzing the customer reviews, we can draw several conclusions about the EDOW Throw Pillow Insert:

  • Many⁤ customers appreciate the softness and quality of the⁣ pillow stuffing, considering it superior to cheap alternatives.
  • Some customers mention difficulties in ‌opening the vacuum-sealed packaging, requiring extra effort and even resulting ​in accidental damage to‍ the pillow.
  • There ‌are mixed opinions regarding⁣ the pillow’s support. ⁤While‍ some find it lacking, ⁣others appreciate it for decorative purposes or as additional pillows.
  • Some customers ⁢express disappointment in the pillow’s shape and fluffiness, mentioning that⁤ it ⁣appears flat or uneven.

Overall, the EDOW Throw⁣ Pillow Insert seems to​ be suitable for craft projects or decorative purposes. However, it may not meet the expectations of those⁣ seeking a highly supportive or extremely fluffy pillow.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight and soft, perfect for those who prefer a plush pillow.
  • Made of 100% polyester fiber, providing great spring back ability and medium support.
  • 18×18⁣ inch size ⁣fits‍ well in standard throw pillow covers.
  • Gentle cycle machine washable,⁤ making⁣ it easy to clean ⁤and⁤ maintain.
  • Compressed ⁣and vacuum sealed for shipping, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition.
  • Comes⁢ with a 12-month warranty and friendly after-sale customer service.


  • If ‌you prefer ⁤a thicker and firmer pillow,⁢ this might not be the best choice for ‍you.
  • The pillow cover is made of polyester, which might not be as breathable as cotton‌ or other materials.


The EDOW Throw Pillow Insert offers a lightweight and soft option for those looking to add comfort and style to ⁤their living​ space. With its ‍100% ⁣polyester fiber filling and medium support, it provides great spring back ability. The 18×18 inch size fits well in standard throw pillow covers, making it versatile for various decor styles. The pillow is⁢ easy to maintain with its machine washable feature, and it arrives‌ in perfect condition due to its compressed and vacuum sealed ‌packaging. Additionally, the ‌product ‌comes with a 12-month warranty and ⁤friendly after-sale customer service, providing ⁢peace⁣ of mind to customers.

However, keep in mind that if you prefer a thicker and ⁤firmer pillow, or ‌if you prioritize breathability, this might not be the best choice for you. The polyester cover may ⁤not be ⁤as breathable as other materials, and the pillow’s lightweight nature may⁣ not ⁣provide‌ the desired firmness for some individuals.


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Q: What are​ the dimensions of the EDOW Throw Pillow Insert?
A: ‍The EDOW Throw Pillow Insert⁣ measures ​18″ x 18″⁢ (45cm x ⁣45cm).

Q: What is the weight of the pillow insert?
A: The pillow insert weighs about 0.66lb (300g).

Q:‌ Can you tell me ⁤what the filler material is made of?
A: The filler material is ‍made of 100% polyester fiber.

Q: Is the cover ⁣material also made of polyester?
A: Yes, the cover material is also made of polyester.

Q: Can you⁢ please clarify the seasons in which this pillow insert is suitable for use?
A:​ The EDOW Throw⁣ Pillow Insert is suitable for use in spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Q: What are ‍the washing instructions for the pillow insert?
A: ⁢You can machine​ wash⁢ the pillow insert on ⁤a gentle cycle. Please avoid using‍ bleach and ironing it. ⁣Additionally,‍ it should not be dry-cleaned.

Q: What should I do if I encounter any quality issues with the pillow ​insert?
A: Please don’t‍ hesitate to​ contact us if you experience any quality issues. We offer replacement and refund options for our‍ customers.

Q: Can you provide some details about the‍ fluffiness and support of this pillow insert?
A: The pillow insert ‍features upgraded​ microfiber polyester filler, ⁢which offers great⁣ spring​ back ‌ability and medium support.

Q: Is this pillow insert lightweight and soft?
A: Yes, the EDOW Throw Pillow Insert is designed ​to be lightweight and soft. However, if you prefer a​ thicker and sturdier pillow, we ⁤offer other​ versions of throw pillows for sale.

Q: Is this pillow‍ insert ‌machine washable?
A: Yes, it is.⁤ You can put it ⁤in the washing machine on a gentle cycle to clean it.

Q: How can I restore the fluffy shape of the pillow insert?
A: To restore the fluffy shape of the pillow insert, we recommend either drying it in⁢ a dryer or letting it bask in sunlight.

Q: How is the pillow insert packaged for shipping?
A: The pillow insert is ‍compressed and vacuum sealed in a plastic bag for shipping purposes.

Q:⁤ What is included in the purchase?
A: With your purchase, you ‍will receive 1 ⁢x pillow ​insert ⁣(18″ ⁣x 18″) and a 12-month warranty. Plus, our friendly after-sale customer service is available‍ to assist you.

Achieve New Heights

In conclusion, the EDOW Throw Pillow Insert is the perfect combination⁣ of comfort and style. With its lightweight​ and soft polyester down alternative material, this decorative pillow⁤ provides the ultimate cozy experience. The 18×18 size⁣ makes it suitable for any room⁤ in your home, and its spring back ability offers just the right amount of support.

Not only is this pillow insert easy to care ‌for with its gentle cycle machine washable feature,⁣ but it also recovers its fluffy shape beautifully when​ dried in ‌a dryer or under sunlight. It comes compressed‌ and vacuum-sealed in a plastic bag ⁢for shipping⁤ purposes, ‍ensuring its pristine condition upon arrival.

With a 12-month warranty and friendly after-sale customer service, you can buy with ⁢confidence knowing​ that‌ any quality issues will be promptly addressed. Our team is dedicated ⁣to providing replacement or refund⁢ options for our valued⁢ customers.

For those who prefer a thicker⁤ and more solid pillow, we offer‍ other versions of throw pillows ​that cater to different preferences. Please browse our selection to find the perfect fit for your⁤ needs.

Experience the ultimate⁤ comfort and style with the ⁢EDOW⁢ Throw Pillow Insert.⁣ Click the link ⁢below ‍to get yours now:

Get the EDOW Throw ​Pillow Insert now!

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