The Ultimate PL8 Professional Chopper: A Cut Above the Rest!

Welcome to‍ our ‌product review blog‌ post featuring​ the ⁢Onion/Vegetable and Garlic Chopper with Progressive Stand White/Grey! We were absolutely blown away‍ by the​ strength and versatility of this PL8 Professional ⁤Chopper.

This chopper includes boards with three different sizes for slicing: 1/8″ (mini), 1/4″ (small), and 1/2″ (medium), allowing you to chop your vegetables and garlic exactly ⁣the⁤ way you want. The collecting base has a capacity of approximately 3 cups (720 ml), giving ‌you plenty of room to ‍chop⁤ a variety of ingredients.

One of⁤ our favorite features of this⁣ chopper is the integrated cleaning grill and tool, which makes it easy to remove any excess food ⁤from the blades and lid. And when ⁢you’re done chopping, all the parts can be neatly stored inside the ⁤collecting base ⁢for easy⁤ cleanup and storage.

Whether you’re chopping fresh greens, vegetables, garlic, or more, this chopper is a game changer. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into our first-hand‌ experience with this amazing kitchen tool.

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When⁤ it⁤ comes to⁤ chopping onions, vegetables, and garlic, we have found the ​perfect solution in this PL8 Professional Chopper. The ‌versatility of this chopper sets it apart from the rest, allowing us to chop our ⁤ingredients with precision ‌using boards in different ⁢sizes – 1/8″ (mini), 1/4 (small), and 1/2″ ⁢(medium). The collecting base ⁤has a capacity ⁣of approximately 3 ​cups (720 ml), giving⁢ us enough space to ‍conveniently ⁢chop and ⁣collect our ingredients.

We love the integrated cleaning grill and tool that comes with this⁣ chopper. It makes cleaning up‌ a breeze, allowing us to remove excess food from ‍the laminas and lid effortlessly. Plus, the parts are neatly stored inside the collecting base, keeping our kitchen organized and​ clutter-free. Chop fresh greens, vegetables, garlic, and more with ease using this ‍innovative‍ chopper,⁣ either directly into⁣ the removable reservoir or onto a cutting board. With its ​practical design and efficiency, this chopper has become an⁣ essential tool in our kitchen.

Get your PL8 Professional Chopper now!Innovative Design and Features
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When it comes to , the Onion/Vegetable and Garlic Chopper with Progressive Stand truly stands out from‍ the crowd. This chopper has ‍a unique integrated cleaning grill and tool, making it easy to remove‍ excess food from the blades and lid. The parts of this chopper are cleverly stored inside the collecting⁢ base, keeping ⁢everything neat and organized.

One of the most impressive features of ⁢this chopper is the‌ included ⁤cutting boards with different thickness ‍options: ⁣1/8″ (mini),​ 1/4 (small), and 1/2″ (medium). This allows‌ for precise chopping of ​a variety of ingredients, from fresh‌ greens and vegetables to garlic and more. The collecting base has a capacity of​ approximately 3 cups (720 ml), providing plenty of space for chopped​ ingredients. ‌With its smart design and⁣ practical ‍features, this chopper is a must-have tool for any kitchen. Check it ⁢out on Amazon to⁤ see‌ for ​yourself!User Experience and Performance
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When it comes to , this⁤ Onion/Vegetable and Garlic Chopper with Progressive Stand is‍ truly a cut above the rest. The versatility of this ​chopper is unmatched, with boards that offer three different cutting sizes to suit your specific needs. ‌The integrated cleaning grill and tool make it‍ easy​ to ‌remove excess food from the blades and lid, keeping your chopping sessions efficient‌ and mess-free.

One of ⁤the standout features of this chopper is the collecting⁤ base that can hold up to approximately 3 cups of chopped ingredients. This makes it convenient to chop a large quantity of vegetables or garlic without needing ⁤to constantly empty the base. Additionally, ⁤the ⁤parts of the chopper are neatly stored inside the collecting base,‌ making it easy to keep⁢ your kitchen organized. With ​the ability⁣ to chop fresh greens, vegetables,‍ garlic, and more directly into the removable⁣ reservoir⁢ or onto a cutting board, this chopper offers⁤ a seamless chopping‌ experience that is sure to elevate your cooking game. Experience the difference ⁣for yourself by purchasing ⁤this Onion/Vegetable and Garlic Chopper with Progressive Stand today!Recommendations and Final Thoughts
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After using the Onion/Vegetable and Garlic Chopper with Progressive Stand White/Grey, we are ⁢thoroughly⁣ impressed with its performance and efficiency. The PL8 Professional Chopper‌ truly stands out above the rest due⁢ to its strength and versatility. The chopper includes boards with various thickness options,‌ allowing us to ‌customize our chopping needs. ⁢The collecting base has ⁢a capacity of approximately 3 cups, giving us plenty of space to‍ work with. We also ‍love the integrated ⁣cleaning grill and ​tool, making cleanup a ⁤breeze.

We found the design of this chopper to be exceptionally convenient, with parts neatly stored⁢ inside the collecting‍ base. Whether we’re chopping fresh greens, vegetables, garlic, or more, ‍this chopper gets the job done with ‌ease. The removable reservoir allows for easy transfer of chopped‍ ingredients, and we appreciate the option to chop directly onto a cutting board. Overall, we highly recommend the Onion/Vegetable and Garlic Chopper with Progressive Stand White/Grey for anyone looking for a reliable and ⁣efficient chopping tool.

Check out‍ the⁣ Onion/Vegetable and Garlic ⁤Chopper on Amazon Customer Reviews Analysis
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Customer Reviews Analysis

We have ⁢compiled the following customer reviews to ⁣help you make an informed decision about the ⁢PL8⁢ Professional Chopper:

I⁢ have great ⁤knife ​skills except for onions (when I inevitably ‍cut myself) and garlic (when I‍ inevitably either schmear it or⁤ leave chunks), so ‍I was ⁣most ⁢curious about this ⁣great ⁣little chopper for those ‍two vegetables specifically. I could not be ‌happier! The garlic were the tiniest, most perfect dice, ⁤three big⁤ cloves at a time, so that was‌ by far the fastest and easiest way ‍I’ve ⁣ever chopped my garlic. I cut a large yellow onion into quarters and BAM! One after another, the most perfect ‌dice. I just stared in disbelief at the wonderful pile of chopped ‌onions, and my uncut fingers. The chopped vegetables‍ collect perfectly in a sliding container underneath. SO HAPPY with the way this chopper worked.

I ⁢was curious about how ⁤well it would clean….all those little squares holding all ⁣the left over bits.⁤ They provide a little poking tool to help get any sticky bits out, but it was clean enough with a rinse under the strong faucet‍ and then the dishwasher did​ the ⁣rest. ⁢The top comes off and the two pieces (plus the container) fit easily in the dishwasher and it’s as clean as new. No bits stuck anywhere. The design is so clever; the grid in the lid that pushes the vegetable through the cutting blade⁣ comes with a flexible plastic grid frame ⁢that you simply ‍pull off ‌and it cleans⁤ the pushing grid completely. The ⁢device reassembles simply ⁣and easily.

All⁣ in all, it’s a very clever design,⁤ as I expect from this company, and it works very well. I’ll never cut an onion any other way, unless I need ⁤to ‍chop a dozen onions in which case I’d pull out my‌ food processor. ​But if you’re cooking an ordinary meal, and you ⁤want⁣ chopped or ‌diced fruits ⁣or vegetables, this is your tool. My ⁣only complaint is⁢ that I wish the legs folded under for simpler storage ⁢so I‍ could keep it next to my ‌mandoline. Instead, it ​won’t go in my expected drawer but⁢ instead ‍in a cabinet, where I don’t automatically reach ⁢for such a tool.

I recommend this tool without reservation! So ⁣glad I bought it.

After buying⁣ a highly reviewed ⁢inexpensive chopper from Amazon, which was thin plastic, but worked well, I sliced my finger open ‌when the⁤ sliding cutter lock popped ‍off. I glued the slider back on, but then the plastic retaining clips⁤ on ‌the⁢ top ‌pusher block broke off, I decided it was time to find ⁤a new chopper.

I looked at several different choppers with mixed reviews, and‌ this⁢ chopper also ⁢had several ⁣poor reviews, and it was ‌more expensive. I continued looking, and I went to William Sonoma, which ⁣sells high ‍quality products, to⁤ see if they sold choppers, and this was the model ⁢that they sell. So I​ decided to give it ‍a try, despite the‌ bad reviews. ‌This chopper is truly a professional product. It is built to Excess, with thick plastic and a heavy duty stand. ‍I believe you would have ⁢to try to break this piece.

They designed this with attention to every part of ‍it for durability and function.‍ A slide on container, to​ catch what is chopped, or you can put your own small bowl or plate below⁤ it, if you want. I’ve never used the garlic mincer‍ cutter, it’s just more⁢ convenient to grab my garlic press. But it’s there, if you ⁤choose. And it ‍chops⁣ great, no matter what I put in it.

I⁣ know I’ve been gushing on about this Chopper, but⁣ I am the kind​ of person who gets satisfaction from buying a ⁢product, at any price point, that actually works, and looks like it will be with me for many years.

Everyone is entitled to ⁤their opinion, ⁢but I truly do ‌not understand how anyone can give ⁢this chopper a 1 or 2 star rating. Especially if you’ve ever owned one of these ⁢before this one.

Solid and easy to ​use. Sharp blades. No ⁢concern of plastic breaking like others
I have tried three different brands before this one. First, cheap no name junk that the post broke off ⁣of, second was ⁢OXO,​ sturdy but only had a half‌ inch grid and the last​ was aVidalia⁣ Chop Wizard Pro.⁤ The lid on it⁢ had ⁤too much play so the pusher would not clear the ​grids every time, plus a big pain ⁣cleaning the pusher grid. I think ‍the Pl8 will work much better.⁢ The posts on the base and the ‌lid hing are‌ thick and⁢ robust. The quarter, half‍ inch ‍ and mince grids are the sizes I need. Minimal play in the hinge allows the‍ pusher to clear the grids nicely. The cleaning grid on‍ the presser is a nice touch for cleaning.⁤ Much better ‌than the Visalia which comes with a rake type tool.
This chopper has clean lines and sharp slicers for clean chopping. It even dices tomatoes without making tomato‍ sauce. ⁣It folds down and stores nicely. And its designers thought of everything. You know when you watch Facebook videos⁢ that‌ show how you ⁢should use something or the “did you know ⁢what these were for” clips…this chopper has those things. A‌ snap out picker to push the last ‍bits ‌of stuff out ‍of the blades, an​ added chopper size (mince, dice, chop), and cleaning grids. Just when you start to think how am I going to get the bits out ‍of ⁣the pusher, you realize ⁢the gray grid comes out and sweeps stuff out ​of the pusher ​as it does. Easy to disassemble ​and clean too!
The⁣ cutting grates, ‌for‍ lack‌ of a better ‌word, are so dull it takes a lot of force to get them through whatever you are chopping. You end up with chunks of ‌the vegetable uncut that you then have‍ to chop by hand. It’s useless, I can chop ‍a lot faster⁣ by hand.‍ It⁣ is⁢ also hard to⁢ remove the particles‍ that attach to the grates. It comes with a ⁣plastic tool⁤ to remove them but you have to do one little hole ‌at a time. Very time consuming. I returned⁣ it.
If you like Mediterranean-style salads or chopping anything so it looks like it was ⁣”diced at the store”, then this is the⁣ gizmo to have. I really like⁣ the way​ it processes cucumbers, onions, garlic, peppers, apples, pears, etc. When I’m done, my salads look like they took hours to make when it really only took ⁤10 minutes. I’m a bit concerned about the lasting sharpness of⁢ the blades.
Overall, this is ‌the best ⁢chopper in the market‌ but it is not perfect. I don’t believe a perfect ⁢chopper exists!
There are three blades that comes with this unit,⁤ a non-removable 1/8” (mini) blade for garlic, a removable 1/4” (small) blade⁢ for​ onion/bell peppers/celery and, a removable 1/2″ (medium) blade for apples/potatoes/tomatoes/carrot.
The harder the produce, the better this chopper performs. Sometimes small pieces are stuck in the blades and you have to use the cleaning tool that comes with the ‍unit ⁢to push them down.
I use it when I⁢ have a lot different produce ⁢to chop. For one person, it​ may be too much work (cleaning after chopping).
Tinha um aparelho mais completo que este, ele tinha ‍mais opções de lâminas para corte. Era um aparelho vendido pela Polishop, mas saiu de linha e depois⁤ de quase 6 anos as lâminas ⁣ficaram sem corte.
Tentei alguns ⁢modelos mais baratos, mas foi comprar e jogar fora.​ Logo no primeiro teste, não cortava, e alguns inclusive quebrava.
Decidi tentar esse, normalmente corto as coisas cruas mesmo, e ele ​cortou muito⁢ bem:Batata, pimentão, tomate, abobrinha e cenoura.
Produto forte, ⁣resistente e muito bom.
Peguei uma promoção e paguei algo próximo a 320,00 em dezembro de 2022, e‍ valeu muito a pena.
Good Quality
Works as advertised. Good ‍to use if you’re not trying to prep ‌food quietly
O cortador é‍ realmente⁣ muito bom. Já​ tive outros e esse é muito superior.

Pros & ‌Cons
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Pros &⁢ Cons:


1. Efficiency
2. Versatility
3.⁤ Compact Storage
4. Easy to Clean
5. Multiple Cutting Options


1. ‌Limited capacity
2. Not suitable for​ large quantities
3. Requires‌ manual operation

Overall, the PL8 Professional Chopper offers⁢ great efficiency and versatility⁢ in​ chopping vegetables and garlic. It is compact⁢ and easy to clean,‌ with ‌multiple cutting options. However, it‍ has a limited capacity and is not ideal for processing large ‍quantities. Additionally, it⁣ requires manual⁢ operation, which may ⁤be a drawback ⁣for some users.

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Q1: How​ sharp are ​the blades of the PL8 Professional Chopper?

A: The blades of our PL8 Professional Chopper are extremely sharp, making chopping vegetables, garlic, and other foods a breeze. Just be sure to ‍handle them ⁤with care!

Q2: How easy is it to clean the chopper?

A: Cleaning the PL8 Professional ‌Chopper is a piece of cake! It ‌comes with an integrated⁣ cleaning ‍grill and tool to easily remove ⁢excess food from⁢ the blades ‌and lid. Plus, all the ⁤parts can be neatly stored inside the collecting base for convenience.

Q3: Can I chop different ‌sizes of vegetables with this chopper?

A: Absolutely! The ​PL8 Professional Chopper includes boards with⁤ 1/8″ (mini), 1/4 (small),⁢ and 1/2″ (medium) sizes, so you can customize your chopping to your liking. Whether you need finely minced ⁢garlic or chunky vegetables, this chopper has you covered.

Q4: How much food can‌ the ‍collecting ​base hold?

A: The collecting base‌ of the PL8 Professional Chopper has a capacity of approximately 3 cups (720 ml), so⁤ you can chop a generous amount ⁤of food without having to empty it frequently. It’s perfect for meal ⁤prep or cooking for a crowd! Achieve New Heights
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As we wrap up our review of the PL8 Professional Chopper, we can confidently say that this kitchen tool is truly a cut above the⁣ rest. Its strength, versatility,⁢ and thoughtful ​design make it ⁣a must-have for anyone who loves⁢ to cook.

With multiple cutting‍ boards, a generous collecting​ base, and convenient storage for all its parts, the PL8‍ Professional Chopper makes chopping onions, ⁤garlic, ⁣and vegetables a breeze. And with​ the integrated cleaning‌ grill and tool, cleanup is a snap too.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity ⁢to elevate ⁣your cooking game⁣ with the PL8 Professional‌ Chopper. Click here to get ‍your hands on this amazing tool now: Buy Now!

Happy‌ chopping!

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