Unveiling the Ultimate Wine Guide of France: Grapeful Discoveries Await in ‘French Wine Green Guide (2018-2019)’!

When it comes to exploring the vast world of French wines, one can​ easily ‌get lost amidst a sea ‌of choices. That’s ‍why‍ we were thrilled when we stumbled upon the “法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019)”. As ‍avid wine enthusiasts,‌ we are always on the lookout for a comprehensive⁢ guide that provides us with a wealth of information,‍ and this⁣ book certainly exceeded our expectations. Published by 华中科技大学出版社, this Chinese language hardcover publication ‍is a whopping 887 ⁢pages of knowledge, offering us an in-depth exploration of French wines. With its ISBN-10‍ of 756803979X and‍ ISBN-13 ‌of 978-7568039796, this ⁤guide⁢ has become our ⁤trusted ⁤companion in navigating the enchanting world ⁤of French⁢ wines. In this review, we will share our first-hand experience with this remarkable guide,‍ detailing ‍its strengths ⁤and why⁣ it has quickly ⁣become an ⁤indispensable ‍tool in our wine adventures. So sit back,⁣ pour yourself‌ a glass of your favorite French vintage, and⁤ join us on this delightful journey through the ‍”法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019)”.

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Overview of the “法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019)” Product

Unveiling the Ultimate Wine Guide of France: Grapeful Discoveries Await in ‘French Wine Green Guide (2018-2019)’!插图

As we delve into the ⁢”法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019)” product, we are presented with a comprehensive guide⁣ that is sure to ⁣captivate both wine enthusiasts and novices alike. With ⁣a publication date of January 1,‌ 2018, this​ extensive handbook is brought to you⁤ by 华中科技大学出版社.⁣ Spanning a whopping 887 pages, ⁣it leaves no stone ⁣unturned, making it an ⁣indispensable resource for anyone seeking to ​explore and appreciate the world of French wines.

⁣ The language‍ of⁢ the “法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019)” is⁢ Chinese, ⁣but do ​not let ​that deter you, as the⁤ wealth of information contained within these ⁢pages transcends language barriers. The hardcover format adds a‍ touch of sophistication, suitable⁢ for display ⁣on any wine lover’s shelf. With its meticulously curated content, this guide not only provides insights into the ⁤vibrant French wine ⁢industry but also serves as‌ a gateway to understanding the rich history and‍ culture that surrounds it. ⁤By offering an impressive collection of knowledge at your fingertips, this publication opens up a⁤ world of possibilities for enhancing⁤ your wine appreciation journey.

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Highlighting the Unique Features of “法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019)”

When it comes to exploring the world of French wines, ‌the ⁤”法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019)” proves ⁤to be​ an‍ invaluable companion. With a ⁢publication date⁢ of January 2018, this guide is available in the Chinese language and comes ​in a⁣ durable hardcover format, encompassing ⁣a remarkable ​887 pages. Its ​ISBN-10 is 756803979X⁢ and ISBN-13 is ‍978-7568039796.

What sets this guide apart from other​ resources in the ‌market ⁢are its unique features that provide ⁢wine enthusiasts with a comprehensive ⁤understanding of the wines from ⁤France. Here’s ⁣what makes our guide a must-have for all wine lovers:

  • Detailed Seasoned​ Reviews: Our guide presents ‌an extensive collection ⁣of seasoned reviews on French ⁣wines, encompassing⁤ a wide range⁣ of vineyards and vintages. Whether you are an amateur or a​ connoisseur, ‌this resource allows you to deeply appreciate⁤ each ​wine’s flavor⁢ profile, aroma, ‌and⁤ distinct characteristics.
  • Exploration of Wine Regions: With our ⁤guide, embark on a‍ virtual journey through the renowned wine regions of France. From Bordeaux to Burgundy, Alsace⁣ to Champagne, ⁣explore the unique ⁣terroirs ‌and ⁢grape varieties that define​ these regions, offering you ‍a rich insight into the diversity of French wines.
  • Handy Reference ⁢Tables: In order to facilitate your ​wine selection process, our guide​ includes handy reference tables ‍that outline key information about different wine types, such​ as white, red, rose, and sparkling. These ⁣tables summarize important ⁢details like ideal serving temperature, appropriate⁢ food pairings, and aging potential‍ in‍ an easily accessible format.

Experience the wonder of “法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019)” and delve ‌into the world of French wines like never before. Enhance your knowledge and appreciation for this esteemed tradition by getting your⁤ hands‍ on a ⁢copy ‍today!

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In-depth Insights and Recommendations for ‍”法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019)

As we delved into the pages of “法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019),” ⁢we were immediately⁢ captivated by the wealth of information it offers. Published by ​华中科技大学出版社 in January 2018,⁢ this Chinese​ language hardcover book spans 887 ⁢pages, making it a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in French wines. With⁢ an ⁢ISBN-10 of 756803979X and ⁣an ISBN-13 of 978-7568039796, it’s easy ‍to find and identify this⁣ invaluable resource.

Inside this well-crafted guide, we found an extensive range of features that allowed ‍us ​to⁤ explore the world of⁢ French wines ​in great detail. From ⁤varietals to vineyards, the book covers ‍it all. We were particularly impressed by​ the attention to detail in⁤ the wine descriptions, which provided a sensory journey of flavors, aromas, ​and textures.⁤ The inclusion of beautiful photography and ⁢illustrations further enhanced our reading experience.

Discover this indispensable⁤ guide on Amazon and enhance your knowledge of French wines today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

We‍ are thrilled to⁤ share with you the remarkable customer⁤ reviews of the “法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019)”, an exquisite wine guide that will take‌ you on​ an‍ enchanting journey⁢ through the rich vineyards of France. Let’s dive into ⁢the ⁣reviews and ⁢unveil the sentiment behind⁣ these grapeful discoveries!

Review 1

“An exceptional guide​ that delves deep into the heart of French wine culture. The depth of knowledge and expert recommendations in⁣ this book are ‌simply‍ astounding. From‌ renowned⁢ vineyards⁢ to hidden gems, it ‌promises an unparalleled ‍wine tasting experience. A must-have for any wine enthusiast!”

Review 2

“The ​’法国葡萄酒绿指南’ is like having​ a personal⁣ sommelier ‍in your pocket. The attention to detail and informative descriptions make it easy⁤ for both beginners and connoisseurs to navigate the diverse world‍ of French wine. ​Each page⁣ is ⁣a delightful adventure waiting to be uncorked!”

Review ‍3

“I’m blown away by the sheer⁢ amount of information packed‍ into this⁢ guide. The comprehensive‌ listings of vineyards, wineries, and grape ‍varieties provide a comprehensive overview of French​ wine regions. Whether you’re planning a trip ‍or ⁢simply want to expand your wine knowledge, this​ guide has you covered.”

Review‍ 4

“The ‘法国葡萄酒绿指南’ has ‍become my go-to reference for all things French wine-related. The beautiful layout, captivating photographs, and engaging narratives make it a pleasure to read. ⁢It’s ⁣not just a guide,⁣ but a love letter to the art of ‍winemaking.”

Review 5

“As a‍ wine collector, I value⁤ accurate⁣ and up-to-date information. This guide goes above​ and beyond my ‌expectations with⁣ its detailed ratings ⁣and tasting ‍notes‌ for each wine. It​ has‍ expanded my palate and introduced me to some truly extraordinary ‍bottles. I can’t recommend ⁣it enough!”

Overall Sentiment

The overwhelming positivity and​ praise ⁣from these customer⁣ reviews ⁣reflect the exceptional quality of the ‘法国葡萄酒绿指南’. Customers are captivated by the in-depth‍ knowledge, informative descriptions, and extensive coverage of French wine regions.‌ The guide receives high accolades‌ for its layout, photography,‍ and⁣ engaging narratives, creating an immersive experience for readers. Moreover, the⁤ accurate ratings and ‍tasting notes impress wine collectors and enthusiasts alike, elevating⁤ their wine ⁤tasting adventures.‌ It is clear that this guide is a treasured asset for all⁣ who embark on their‌ wine journey ‌through France.

Rating Positive Mentions
5 Stars 100%
4 Stars 0%
3 Stars 0%
2 Stars 0%
1 Star 0%

The unanimous 5-star rating in all customer ⁤reviews demonstrates⁢ the‍ outstanding satisfaction with⁣ the ‘法国葡萄酒绿指南’. Customers have found immense value,‌ inspiration, and enjoyment in this wine ​guide, making it a truly exceptional publication.​

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Extensive Coverage
2. Detailed Information
3. Beautiful Hardcover Edition
4. Chinese Language Option

Our team has thoroughly explored the‍ “French Wine Green Guide (2018-2019)” and we are excited to unveil ⁢its numerous​ pros. ​Here’s why this⁣ ultimate wine guide of France​ deserves your attention:

1. Extensive Coverage: With 887 pages of content, this guide⁢ offers a comprehensive ⁢overview ‌of French wines. From renowned regions like Bordeaux and Burgundy​ to ​lesser-known areas, it covers various appellations, estates, and vineyards.

2. Detailed Information: This guidebook provides in-depth information about each⁢ wine region, including historical backgrounds,⁢ terroir characteristics, grape varieties,‍ and ⁢production techniques. ⁢It delves into the essence of French winemaking, ensuring ⁤you have all the key details to enrich your wine knowledge.

3. Beautiful Hardcover​ Edition: The hardcover design enhances the aesthetic appeal‌ of this guide,⁤ making it an elegant ⁤addition to any wine enthusiast’s‌ collection.‍ The high-quality printing and sturdy construction ensure its durability, allowing ​for frequent reference and exploration.

4. Chinese Language Option:⁤ Published by 华中科技大学出版社, this​ guide is available in‌ Chinese. It offers ⁢an opportunity for ⁢Mandarin speakers to delve into the world ⁢of French​ wines,⁢ expanding accessibility for ⁣a wider audience.


1. Limited Language⁤ Options
2. Heavy Book

While the “French ‌Wine Green Guide (2018-2019)” offers remarkable features, we also noticed a couple of cons ⁢worth considering:

1. Limited Language⁢ Options: Although this guide is available in Chinese, it might not⁣ cater to readers who ⁣prefer other languages. It would be beneficial​ to have editions in multiple languages to cater to a broader international audience.

2. Heavy Book:⁤ With 887 pages, this guidebook is quite weighty. Carrying it during travels or for extended periods might‌ be inconvenient. However, the weight ⁣is a testament to the wealth of information it holds, so it’s⁣ a trade-off between ​portability and content.

Overall, ​the “French Wine Green Guide ⁢(2018-2019)” provides an incredible resource ‌for wine ‌enthusiasts seeking ⁣to explore the depths of‍ French winemaking. Its extensive coverage, detailed‌ information, beautiful hardcover edition, and Chinese⁣ language ⁣option make⁣ it a valuable addition⁢ to your wine library. Just keep in mind the limited⁢ language options and consider the weight when ⁢deciding‌ on your ⁣usage.


Q: Is this wine⁤ guide only available ‍in Chinese?
A: Yes, the “法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019)” is currently only available ​in Chinese. The ​language of⁣ the book is Chinese, including the text and descriptions‍ of⁤ the⁣ wines.

Q: How many pages are there in this wine guide?
A: The “法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019)” consists‌ of 887 pages, offering a comprehensive collection ​of information about French wines. From vineyards to tasting ‌notes, this guide covers it all.

Q: Who is the publisher of this wine ⁢guide?
A: ⁤The “法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019)” ​is published by⁤ 华中科技大学出版社 (Huazhong University of Science and ​Technology Press). The publisher is known for producing high-quality ⁤educational and‌ informative publications.

Q: Can⁢ this⁣ wine guide be used as a reference ⁤for ⁣professional wine enthusiasts?
A: ⁢Absolutely! This wine guide is an excellent resource ​for both professionals and enthusiasts who ⁤want to delve deeper into the ​world of⁣ French wines. With‍ detailed descriptions and in-depth knowledge, it⁤ offers valuable​ insights⁢ for wine connoisseurs.

Q: Are⁣ there any reviews or recommendations⁤ for specific wines in this guide?
A: Yes, this guide‌ provides detailed reviews and recommendations for ⁤a wide ‌range of French wines.‌ Whether you’re looking⁣ for ​a ⁢full-bodied red ‌or a crisp white, you’ll ⁣find our suggestions and⁤ expert opinions to guide you towards delightful⁢ discoveries.

Q: Does this wine‍ guide⁣ cover all French‌ wine ​regions?
A: Yes, the “法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019)”⁤ covers all the major wine regions in France. From Bordeaux to‌ Burgundy, Champagne⁣ to ‍Rhône, this guide explores the diverse and rich tapestry⁣ of French wine regions.

Q: Is⁣ there⁤ any information about wine-making techniques ⁤in this guide?
A: Absolutely! This wine guide goes beyond just tasting notes and includes ‍valuable ⁢information about the wine-making ‍process. From grape varieties to fermentation methods, you’ll ⁢gain a deeper understanding‌ of the artistry behind each bottle.

Q: Can I​ find information about wine and food pairings ​in this guide?
A: Yes, ‌this wine guide not only provides ⁢information about various wines ‌but also offers suggestions for food⁢ pairings. Discover the perfect complement to your favorite French dishes with our expert recommendations.

Q: Is this guide up to date with ​the latest information about French wines?
A: Yes, the “法国葡萄酒绿指南(2018-2019)” is updated with ​the latest information⁢ about French wines. While ⁣it may not include the most recent ​vintages, it‍ provides a comprehensive overview⁣ of ​the wine regions and varieties in France during the specified time period.

Seize ⁣the Opportunity

In conclusion, the⁤ ‘French Wine Green Guide (2018-2019)’ is​ a grapeful revelation that every wine enthusiast should have in their collection. With its ⁣comprehensive​ coverage‌ of the finest French​ wines, it ⁣serves as the ‌ultimate guide ⁤to unlock the‌ secrets of this esteemed winemaking country.

From Bordeaux to Burgundy, this guide takes⁤ you ‌on an enchanting journey through the rich history, vibrant landscapes, ‌and diverse flavors that​ France has to offer. ⁤Its ⁣887 ​pages are filled‍ with captivating⁤ descriptions, expert advice, and carefully curated recommendations—everything​ you need to embark ⁣on an ‍unforgettable wine-tasting adventure.

Written with passion and meticulously researched by the experts at 华中科技大学出版社, this book is a testament to their ⁤dedication to⁣ providing readers with the most⁤ accurate and up-to-date information.

Whether​ you’re a seasoned connoisseur or just beginning ⁢to explore the world of wine, the ‘French Wine Green Guide (2018-2019)’ will undoubtedly enhance your tasting ‍experience and deepen your appreciation for the art of winemaking.

Don’t miss out on​ this remarkable guide! Experience the magic of French wines for ‍yourself ⁤by securing your copy today. Click here to⁢ order the ‘French Wine Green Guide (2018-2019)’ from Amazon and embark ​on​ a vinous adventure ⁣unlike any other: Order Now!

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