We Love: Stellaluna 25th Anniversary Edition Review

Welcome to ⁣our ​review of the ⁢Stellaluna 25th Anniversary ​Edition! As‌ avid readers and collectors of children’s ‌books, we were⁤ thrilled to get our hands on this special ‍edition of a beloved classic. With glowing reviews from Kirkus Reviews and stunning illustrations, we were eager to dive into this timeless story once again.

The‌ 48-page hardcover book is beautifully designed, making it a wonderful⁢ addition to ‌any bookshelf. The engaging narrative, suitable for​ children ages 2-6, is both delightful and informative, capturing the hearts of readers ⁤young and old. The anniversary edition is a‍ true gem, with a lexile measure of AD550L and a grade level of preschool⁢ – 3, ensuring ⁢it can be enjoyed by a wide range of readers.

Join us as we​ explore the world​ of Stellaluna, a story that has captured the imaginations of readers for 25 years. Let’s celebrate this milestone ⁢anniversary ‌together and rediscover​ the magic of this timeless tale.

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Upon diving into ​the 25th Anniversary Edition of this beloved story, we ⁢were captivated by the beautiful illustrations and timeless tale⁢ that has enchanted readers for decades. The anniversary edition maintains its⁤ original charm while also incorporating new‍ features that make it a must-have for any bookshelf.

This hardcover edition is not ‌only‍ visually stunning but also​ offers ​an engaging reading experience for⁣ children aged ‌2 to 6 ‍years. With a ‍Lexile measure of AD550L and a ⁣grade level range from preschool to 3rd grade, this book is perfect for young readers at various stages of development. The dimensions of⁢ 10 x 10 inches and a weight of 1.05 pounds make it easy to handle and enjoy for hours on end. Celebrate the 25th anniversary‍ of this classic‍ story by adding this edition⁢ to your collection⁣ today!

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Unique‌ Features and Benefits

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The ⁢ of ‍this special edition book are truly ⁣remarkable. ⁢One standout aspect is the captivating storytelling ‌that effortlessly blends delight and information without ⁣ever feeling didactic. The beautifully illustrated pages ⁤draw readers in, making it an enjoyable experience for both‌ children and adults alike.

Moreover, the sturdy hardcover construction ensures that this ⁤book will ⁣stand the test of time, making ‌it a valuable addition to any ⁤personal library. With ⁣a reading age range of 2 to 6 years and a grade level suitability for ​preschool to 3rd grade, it’s the ​perfect choice ‍for ‌young readers at various developmental stages. Dive into the magical world of Stellaluna with this anniversary ​edition and rediscover the ⁢joy of storytelling and imagination.

Check out the Stellaluna 25th Anniversary‌ Edition on Amazon to ‌experience the enchanting tale for yourself!

In-depth Analysis and Insights

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With‌ its delightful and informative ​storytelling, the Stellaluna 25th Anniversary Edition ​truly captivates readers, young and old alike. The ‍ never didactic approach ​taken in this classic children’s book ⁤allows⁤ for a ⁢truly immersive reading experience, where the⁣ lessons seamlessly⁣ blend with the entertaining narrative. The Anniversary edition⁢ comes ​in a hardcover format, with 48 pages of ‍beautifully illustrated content that will surely ‌engage readers ​for hours on​ end.

Specifications: Details:
ISBN-10 0544874358
ISBN-13 978-0544874350
Reading Age 2 – 6 ‌years
Lexile Measure AD550L
Grade Level Preschool – 3
Item Weight 1.05​ pounds
Dimensions 10 ⁢x 0.38 x 10 inches

Whether you’re looking for a ​book to read to your ‍preschooler or searching for⁣ an engaging story for early-grade readers, Stellaluna is a ⁤ must-have addition ⁤ to your library. Its⁢ timeless tale of friendship and acceptance ‌is one that resonates with readers of all ages, making it a timeless classic ‍that deserves a spot on your bookshelf.⁤ Grab your copy today and embark ⁣on a journey with Stellaluna‌ here!

Recommendations and Final Thoughts

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After diving⁣ into ⁤the 25th​ Anniversary⁤ Edition⁢ of ​this beloved‍ book,⁣ we can confidently say that it⁢ exceeded our expectations. The combination ⁢of delightful storytelling⁢ and informative content created a truly⁤ captivating reading experience. The ⁢illustrations are‌ not only beautiful but also add depth to the narrative, making ​it a visually stunning book that will surely⁣ capture the imagination of both children and adults alike.

The educational value of this book is evident, catering ​to a wide range of‌ readers from 2 to 6 years old. The engaging storyline is complemented by the book’s lexile measure of AD550L, making‌ it suitable for preschool⁤ to 3rd grade⁢ level readers. Overall, this anniversary edition⁣ is a timeless classic that deserves a spot on every bookshelf, making it a must-have for anyone looking to⁤ expand their collection with a truly‌ remarkable piece of literature.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews‌ Analysis

After‌ reading through numerous customer reviews of the Stellaluna⁤ 25th Anniversary Edition, we are‍ thrilled to see that this timeless children’s book has continued to captivate readers of all ages. Let’s dive into some of the‌ key takeaways from these reviews:

Positive Reviews

1. Every family needs this book⁤ in‌ their children’s collection. Well done!
2. Such ‌a lovely story. I give this book at ‌every baby shower I attend.
3.⁢ Was my favorite⁤ book as a child and now it’s one of my child’s ⁣favorite books.
4. ‍A beautiful‌ story about discovering who you are and finding happiness in being yourself.
5. I get this book and one of her other books for all⁢ of my baby⁣ showers.​ It’s definitely a keepsake.

These positive reviews highlight the enduring‍ appeal of ⁢ Stellaluna, praising its heartwarming ‍story, beautiful illustrations, and valuable⁣ life lessons.

Additional Feedback

Other ⁤customers⁤ also shared their​ thoughts on the‌ book, noting factors such as:

  • The book’s⁢ high quality and satisfaction with the product.
  • Enjoyment ⁤of the bonus⁢ books included⁤ with ​ Stellaluna.
  • Appreciation for the message of inclusivity conveyed in the story.

Overall, it’s clear that Stellaluna continues to ⁣be‍ a beloved ‌classic that resonates with readers across generations. Whether as a cherished childhood memory or a new favorite discovery, this book⁢ has touched the hearts ⁤of many.

Pros & Cons


  • Beautiful illustrations⁢ that bring the story to life
  • Informative content ⁤that educates children‌ about ⁤bats and friendship
  • Sturdy hardcover edition that will ⁢last for years
  • Great for children ages 2-6, making it a versatile read
  • Includes a Lexile measure and grade level information‍ for ​easy selection


Issue Description
Price Slightly more expensive than‌ other picture books
Length Shorter than some children’s ⁢books, may leave readers wanting more

Overall, we highly recommend the Stellaluna ⁢25th Anniversary Edition for ⁣its captivating story, stunning illustrations, and educational value. Though ⁣it may be pricier ‌than other options, the quality and‍ longevity of ⁣this book ‍make it a‍ worthwhile addition ​to any child’s‌ library.


Q: ⁣Is⁣ the 25th Anniversary Edition of⁣ “Stellaluna” different⁤ from the original version?

A: Yes, the 25th Anniversary Edition of “Stellaluna” features a stunning new cover design and ⁢includes‍ a special note from the author,‌ Janell Cannon. It’s ⁣a beautiful collector’s item for fans⁢ of this​ beloved children’s book.

Q: What⁤ age group is this book recommended for?

A:⁢ “Stellaluna”⁤ is recommended for ⁢children ages 2 to ‍6 years old, but it can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. The Lexile ‍measure is AD550L and the grade level ‍is Preschool ‌to 3.

Q: ⁤Is the book only available in English?

A: Yes, ‌the 25th Anniversary Edition of “Stellaluna” is currently only ⁣available in English.

Q: ‌What is the page ‍count ⁤and dimensions of ⁢the book?

A: The hardcover edition of “Stellaluna” has ​48 pages and measures 10 x 0.38 ​x 10 ⁤inches. It’s a beautifully‍ crafted book that will delight readers⁤ of all⁤ ages.

Q: Can you tell me more about the anniversary⁣ edition of “Stellaluna”?

A: The 25th Anniversary‍ Edition of “Stellaluna” is‌ described⁣ as delightful and informative, with beautiful⁤ illustrations that bring‍ the story to life. It’s a timeless classic that has been enjoyed by generations ⁢of readers.⁤

Unlock Your⁤ Potential

As we wrap up ⁣our review of the Stellaluna 25th Anniversary Edition, we can’t help but marvel at the timeless charm ‌and educational value this book offers. With stunning illustrations and a heartwarming story, it’s‍ no wonder why⁢ Stellaluna has ⁤captured the ‍hearts of readers ‍for 25 ⁢years.

If ⁢you’re looking to add a⁢ classic tale to your library that will be enjoyed for generations to come, we highly​ recommend checking out the Stellaluna 25th Anniversary⁢ Edition. You can find it on ​Amazon by clicking here. Happy reading!

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