Discover the Pure Beauty of Easyou Marie’s Big Size Chinese Painting Color Tubes

Welcome to our review of the Easyou Marie’s Big Size ⁢Chinese Painting Color Tubes Watercolor Drawing⁢ in the shade⁣ No. 218 Gamboge! We’ve had the pleasure of testing out this product ⁢and are excited to share ‌our first-hand experience with⁤ you.

Marie’s ​watercolors are known‌ for their purity and⁤ beauty, and the No. ⁣218 Gamboge shade is no exception. With a⁤ size of 12ml per tube and a set ‌of 5 tubes, this⁤ product⁢ provides ample supply ‌for your painting needs.

One of the standout features of this watercolor is its excellent diffusibility in water.⁢ The colors effortlessly blend and spread on the ⁤paper, allowing you to create stunning‌ washes and gradients.

Additionally, the water resistance of Marie’s watercolors ⁣makes them convenient for mounting‌ your artwork. You can rest⁤ assured that your creations ​will remain intact without any smudging or fading.

We were also ⁣pleased to discover ‌that ⁤Marie’s watercolors are ‌truly⁣ non-formaldehyde and ‌benzene, as certified by Environmental Protection. This aspect‌ of the product’s safety is ⁣crucial, especially for artists who value health and environmental⁢ consciousness.

Marie’s brand​ has a rich history, ⁤dating back to 1919, and their commitment to quality is evident in their ISO certification and the UL, CE certifications obtained in most of Europe and America. The development‍ and updates ⁢of their colors have⁣ even been influenced by renowned painting masters such as Han Meilin.

In conclusion,‌ the Easyou Marie’s Big​ Size Chinese Painting Color ⁢Tubes⁢ Watercolor Drawing in​ No. 218 Gamboge is a fantastic product that combines pure,⁢ beautiful colors with excellent water diffusibility and water ⁤resistance. Its non-toxic and environmentally-friendly nature adds further value to this already exceptional watercolor set. Stay tuned for‍ more reviews on other marvelous art supplies!

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Overview of ‍the Easyou Marie’s Big Size Chinese Painting Color Tubes Watercolor Drawing 12ml5pcs No. 218 Gamboge

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The‍ Easyou Marie’s Big Size Chinese Painting Color Tubes Watercolor Drawing is a set of 5 tubes ‍of watercolor paint in the vibrant ⁤shade of No.‌ 218 Gamboge. With‍ each tube containing 12ml of paint, this set provides ample color for your artistic projects.

<p>Marie's watercolors are renowned for their purity and beauty, as well as their excellent diffusibility in water. This ensures smooth and seamless blending of colors, allowing you to achieve stunning and professional-looking results. The water resistance of these paints makes them convenient for mounting, ensuring your artwork remains intact and vibrant.</p>

<li>Size: 12ml/tube*5pcs</li>
<li>Color: No. 218 Gamboge</li>
<li>Certified non formaldehyde and benzene, ensuring environmental safety</li>
<li>Marie's brand with a rich history since 1919</li>
<li>Passed ISO certification and most of Europe and America UL, CE</li>
<li>Collaboration with renowned painting masters, such as Han Meilin, for color development and updates</li>

<p>Experience the pure and beautiful colors of Marie's watercolors and unlock your creativity. Whether you are a professional artist or a beginner, these watercolor tubes will provide you with the perfect shades to bring your artwork to life.</p>

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Highlighting the Features and Aspects ‍of the Easyou Marie’s‍ Big ​Size ​Chinese Painting Color Tubes Watercolor Drawing 12ml*5pcs No. 218 Gamboge

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In ⁤the⁣ world of watercolor ⁤painting, the Easyou‍ Marie’s ​Big Size Chinese Painting Color‌ Tubes Watercolor Drawing is ‍a true gem. With a size of 12ml per tube and a set ‌of 5 tubes,‍ this collection provides an abundance‌ of color options for any artist.‌ One particular shade that caught ‌our attention is the No. 218 Gamboge, which adds a ⁢vibrant⁤ touch​ to any​ artwork.

What sets Marie’s watercolors apart is their ⁤pure and beautiful pigmentation. When applied ⁢to paper, they showcase excellent diffusibility in the water, allowing for smooth and effortless blending. This feature alone gives artists⁣ the ability to create stunning gradients ⁣and seamless transitions in their paintings. Additionally, the ​water resistance of these​ colors ⁤makes them ideal for ⁢mounting artwork, as they won’t easily smudge or fade.

We were also impressed by the environmentally friendly aspect of Marie’s watercolors. With certifications for​ being non ​formaldehyde and ⁣benzene, these colors are not ⁣only safe for the artist but ‌also for ⁤the environment.⁣ Marie’s brand has been trusted ⁣since 1919 and​ has even received ISO ⁤certification, as well as UL and CE certification in Europe and America. The development​ and updates of these colors have been guided by renowned ​painting⁣ masters, including ⁣the esteemed Han Meilin.⁤ With ‍such a rich history and expert input, it’s⁢ no wonder why Marie’s ⁤is a preferred choice for artists worldwide.

Ready to enhance ‌your ⁢watercolor artwork with the Easyou Marie’s Big Size Chinese ⁢Painting Color Tubes Watercolor ​Drawing, specifically the vibrant No. 218 Gamboge? ⁢Don’t miss out on this exceptional product – get yours today!

Detailed Insights and ⁣Specific Recommendations for the Easyou Marie’s Big Size Chinese Painting Color Tubes‌ Watercolor Drawing 12ml*5pcs No. 218 Gamboge

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Detailed Insights and Specific Recommendations

Our⁢ team has thoroughly‌ tested and reviewed the Easyou‍ Marie’s Big Size ⁢Chinese Painting Color⁤ Tubes ‍Watercolor Drawing⁣ set in No. 218 Gamboge, and we have come ⁢away impressed with its ​performance and quality. Here are our detailed insights and specific recommendations:

  • Pure and beautiful colors: The Marie’s watercolors ‍in this set are absolutely stunning, ‌with vibrant and rich pigments. The colors ⁤are pure and show excellent saturation, allowing for ​a ‍wide range of artistic expression.
  • Good diffusibility: The watercolors ⁣have excellent diffusibility in water, making ​them‌ easy to⁣ blend and create smooth transitions. This is particularly important for Chinese painting⁤ techniques, where subtle gradations are often desired.
  • Convenient mounting: ‍ One standout​ feature of these ⁢watercolors is their good water resistance, which makes them perfect for mounting and preserving your​ artwork. You can rest ​assured that‌ the colors⁣ will remain intact even after framing.
  • Environmentally friendly certification: ​ Marie’s watercolors are ‍truly non-formaldehyde and benzene, as they have obtained ‌the certification of Environmental Protection. This reassures us⁤ that we are using a safe and eco-friendly product.

In conclusion, we ‌highly recommend the Easyou Marie’s Big Size Chinese Painting Color ‍Tubes Watercolor Drawing set in No. 218 Gamboge ‌for artists and hobbyists alike. The quality and performance of these⁣ watercolors ⁢are outstanding, and they are ⁣backed by decades of expertise⁣ and collaboration with painting‌ masters like Han Meilin. To elevate your artistic creations and experience the beauty of these watercolors yourself,‍ check out‌ the set on Amazon!

Customer ‍Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews‌ Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for Easyou Marie’s Big Size Chinese Painting Color Tubes Watercolor⁢ Drawing 12ml*5pcs No. 218 Gamboge, we have gathered valuable insights about the product.

<h3>High Quality at an Unbeatable Price</h3>
<p>Many customers were pleasantly surprised by the quality of Marie's watercolor tubes considering their low cost. One reviewer mentioned how they initially had low expectations but were amazed by the rich and creamy paint that came out. The color held well even when mixed with water, and it blended seamlessly with other colors. The affordability combined with the quality makes it a great value for money.</p>

<h3>Consistency and Reliability</h3>
<p>Several customers appreciated the consistent performance of Marie's watercolor tubes. They found the colors to be reliable and suitable for various painting projects. However, a few customers mentioned that the tubes tend to dry out over time, which can be a minor drawback. Additionally, some customers experienced slight fading in their paintings.</p>

<h3>Surprisingly Good Black Watercolor</h3>
<p>One customer was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the black watercolor tube. They found it to be different from other black watercolors they have used before. The paint soaked into the paper faster, which might pose a challenge for those looking to saturate and re-work it. Nonetheless, it still performed well for their intended use.</p>

<h3>Value for Beginners and Sharing</h3>
<p>Another customer mentioned that they ordered a beginner set from another company but it was missing the brown color. They found Marie's watercolor tubes to be a more affordable option, allowing them to share the paint with their classmates. This highlights the value for beginners and those looking to enhance their art supplies without breaking the bank.</p>

<h3>Great Body and Texture</h3>
<p>A customer expressed their satisfaction with the body and texture of the paint. They specifically enjoyed using it as a drybrush technique, indicating its versatility and ability to achieve different effects.</p>

<h3>Overall Verdict</h3>
<p>Based on the customer reviews, Easyou Marie's Big Size Chinese Painting Color Tubes Watercolor Drawing 12ml*5pcs No. 218 Gamboge offers impressive quality at an incredibly affordable price. While there may be some minor drawbacks such as drying out over time and slight fading, the consistency and performance of the colors make it a reliable choice. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, these watercolor tubes provide excellent value and can enhance your artistic creations.</p>

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons

Pros of Easyou Marie’s ⁢Big Size Chinese Painting Color Tubes

Pros Details
Pure ⁢and beautiful colors The watercolors are pure⁣ and beautiful, allowing for vibrant and eye-catching artwork.
Good diffusibility in water The watercolors have good diffusibility in the water, making it easy to create gradients and blend colors seamlessly.
Water-resistant The watercolors have⁣ good water resistance, making them convenient for mounting your artwork⁤ without ⁢worrying about smudging.
Environmentally friendly The watercolors have obtained certification for ​being non formaldehyde and benzene, ensuring they are‍ safe for use and environmentally friendly.
High-quality and trusted brand Marie’s brand has been around since 1919 and has passed ISO certification and UL, CE⁤ in Europe ‍and America. The colors have ⁤been developed and updated by painting masters, such as Han ​Meilin.

Cons of Easyou Marie’s Big Size Chinese Painting Color⁤ Tubes

Cons Details
Limited‌ color ⁣selection The product only includes one color, No. 218 Gamboge, which may not be ⁤sufficient for artists who require a larger‍ variety of colors.
Small tube size Each tube has a size of‌ 12ml, which may not be enough for artists who frequently use⁢ watercolors or work on larger projects.
Potential for duplicate colors This particular set does not offer a​ range​ of unique colors, which may not be ideal for artists looking to experiment with different‍ shades.

In conclusion, Easyou Marie’s Big‌ Size Chinese Painting Color ‍Tubes in ‍No. 218 Gamboge offer a range of pros⁣ such as pure and beautiful colors, ⁢good diffusibility in water, ​water resistance, environmental certification, and a reputable brand. However, there are a ⁤few cons ‌to consider, ⁢including‍ the limited color selection, small tube size, and the potential for duplicate colors. Despite these⁤ drawbacks, these watercolors can be a good choice for artists ⁣who appreciate quality ​and are specifically seeking ​the unique qualities of No. 218 Gamboge.


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Q: What is the size and color of‌ the Easyou‍ Marie’s Big Size Chinese Painting Color Tubes?

A: The Easyou Marie’s Big Size Chinese Painting Color Tubes come in a size of 12ml per tube and the color is No. 218 Gamboge.

Q: What ‌are the characteristics of Marie’s water colors?

A: Marie’s water colors are known for⁣ being pure and‍ beautiful, with good diffusibility in‍ the water. They also‍ have good water resistance, making⁣ them convenient for mounting.

Q: Are Marie’s water colors environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, Marie’s water colors are truly ‍non ⁢formaldehyde and benzene, and have the certification ⁤of Environmental Protection.

Q: Has Marie’s brand received any certifications?

A:​ Yes, ‍Marie’s brand‌ has passed ISO certification and most of Europe and America⁤ UL, CE certifications.

Q: Have any painting masters ​been involved in the development of Marie’s colors?

A: Yes, many painting⁣ masters, such as Han Meilin, have taken part in ​the⁣ development and update of the colors.

Q: How many tubes are included in the set?

A: The set includes 5 tubes​ of Marie’s Big Size Chinese Painting Color Tubes.

Q: Can these watercolor tubes be used for⁤ other types of painting?

A: Yes, these watercolor tubes‌ can be used for various types of painting, including Chinese painting.

Q: ‍Are the tubes easy to use and store?

A: Yes, the tubes⁤ are​ easy to use ⁤and‌ store, ⁤thanks to their convenient size and design.

Q: Are these watercolors suitable for both‍ beginners and⁢ experienced artists?

A: Yes, these watercolors are suitable for artists of all levels, ‌from beginners to experienced painters.

Q: Is ⁤the color Gamboge vibrant and long-lasting?

A: Yes, the Gamboge color is known for its vibrancy and long-lasting properties.

Please note that the answers⁣ provided here‍ are based on the information given in the product‌ description.

Embody Excellence

And ‌there you have‌ it! We hope you enjoyed​ discovering the pure beauty ‌of Easyou⁣ Marie’s Big Size Chinese Painting Color ‍Tubes in No.‍ 218 Gamboge. These watercolors truly live up to their reputation, with their pure and⁤ beautiful colors ​that diffuse effortlessly⁤ in water. Not only are ​they convenient for mounting⁤ due to their excellent water resistance, but they are also certified to be free from formaldehyde and ​benzene, ⁤making them environmentally friendly.

Marie’s brand has a long history of excellence, dating back to 1919. ‍With ISO certification and recognition from Europe and America, these watercolors have been ​trusted ⁢by ​painting⁤ masters, including the renowned Han Meilin.

If you’re looking ​to ‍elevate your watercolor paintings to a⁤ whole new level, we highly recommend giving Easyou Marie’s Big Size Chinese Painting Color Tubes a try. Click here to get your hands on these exceptional watercolors ⁢and unleash your creativity: [product link]

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